Will not purchase another Forza

This series clearly peaked at FM4. The series is in a steady decline. I’ve noticed how most of the topics on here that are stating the same thing and list all of the reasons as to why FM 6 is such a poor game keep getting locked. This is a very telling sign that they don’t intend (or care) to change the game or direction of their franchise. The game isn’t even finished or fully functional. The issues have been listed on here many many times so I will not waste my time repeating them. Just letting you know you have lost all of my future sales and obviously will not try to get anybody else to get them and in fact will steer people away. I’ll play it here and there for cars and tracks not on FM4 but, I’m going to go back to playing FM 4 primarily. Once I get bored of the new cars and tracks (another month or so) I’ll stop playing FM 6 for good. What a shame Forza has become. Please reply if you also are done with Forza.


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I find it to be the best console driving game to date. It has a few things that seem incredibly short sighted (single player is ridiculous without there being some sort of reasonable way to play against similar cars/classes/generation - so short sighted that it must be an agenda as fm4 was superior on this front).

Project cars has a lot going for it, but was less complete when it released and took a lot of weird experimentation to even be able to play reasonably and has to few cars that I care about (maybe 4?). I like stock street cars.

But fm6 is certainly better than fm5 in every way. I will pause before buying fm7 and wait to see if it has a legit single player and a few of the things I find important.

I have stopped playing forza 6, back in my pc.

It wouldn’t be the first time someone has said they’ll never play another Forza again, and then they turn around and buy the latest iteraton. Will you be any different? Only time will tell.


I completey agree with you, but I still play it because of all the friends and people I know on there. If they were not there I would most likely not be playing.

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We don’t need a thread in the FM6 discussion forum for users who aren’t playing FM6. The FM4 discussion forum is available for users who are primarily playing that game.