[INVESTIGATING] * HELP! * It appears that I have lost everything and driver level has been reset.

Hello, I am really hoping that someone within T10 can help me out as soon as possible. I recently started to have issues saving and sharing tunes. The last one was the new Honda Civic Type R. I would go in to save and share the tune after testing and as it was saving the game would freeze, the game would quit and I would find myself out on the XBOX home page. I would start the game back up and repeat the exact same issue.

I then started to try and complete the very first Forzathon event for the 69 Mustang. While in Freeplay to set up the required races I could not adjust the number of AI racers. The option looked like it was there but it was not available to adjust the number of AI racers. So I did the 5 laps at Maple Valley and the 5 laps at Dubai alone. So I was halfway through the first event for the first Forzathon in FM7.

I then thought after playing a little bit that this may help the game along and I tried to save and share my tune for the Civic Type R again. Same thing as described above, the game froze and I found myself back out on the XBOX home page. I then did a hard reset on my XBOX to try and clear all of this up. I restarted the game (it is a digital copy) and the game started up as if it was the first time that I have ever played it.

Now my driver level is reset to 1, I have no cars, my driver was not selected (male or female), no credits etc-. As if I never played. However, I had messages regarding rewards for my shared tunes and their uses. Specialty dealer showed that I had already owned all three cars, Ferrari 458, Subaru Legacy and the TVR. All of my achievements exist in the system as well as my stats. (I have screenshots of this.) I have also uninstalled the game and extras (7 in total) and reinstalled them with no luck.

I have played the game for a total of 4d 11h 10m, my collector tier is 14, my driver level is 85 and I owned 154 total cars. In the game itself, I have nothing. For additional information, please see my screenshots and clips of the game crashing within my captures.

I hope that I have provided a thorough explanation of events, my actions, and the results. All I want is to have my cars, credits and driver level restored to where it should be. I had the first three championships 100% completed as well.

I have been a loyal and positive influence on the game and the community since Forza started. Thank you for reading this, I will patiently wait for the reply.

Don’t play the game anymore, and send an email with your gamertag to forzafb@microsoft.com who should be able to help you with restoring our game save :0)

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the email adress is wrong:


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whoops, thanks for the heads up. Fingers working too fast. Edited now :0)


I have the same Problem since yesterday, only difference my game didn´t Crash, i quit regular and at the next gamestart there was nothing

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Same here. As of 20\11 every time i load the game the opening credits roll as though it’s the first time I’ve played

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Had exactly the same thing happen to me yesterday morning… was Level 162, with Level 22 collection (250+ cars). Lost all my cars, mod cards, driver outfits (100+), and all my VIP cars. And my championship progress was completely reset. Ugh.

Weirdly enough, despite having 0 cars in my garage - I had finished the 3 Forzathon events last week and they still showed up as ‘Complete’. A few minutes later, the 2 cars you could win from the Forzathon showed up in my garage. My Rivals times all appeared to be intact, and present. Achievements and Forza Rewards progress also remained correct. Even my in-game cash appeared to be correct under this ‘reset’.

I emailed forzafb@microsoft.com earlier today, and I’ll share anything they let me know going forward.


Thank you all for replying. I am glad but not at all happy to hear that this has also happened to others. I have since emailed the address that you have all provided me with. I really hope for all of those that have been affected by this get everything restored as soon as possible. Please keep in touch either through the forums or the XBOX Live messaging. I want to know how this goes down and gets corrected. Take care everyone.

I’ve had a response from telling me they’ll look into my account and get back to me, fingers crossed they can sort this.

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Same here, let’s see what they can do


Ditto. I’ll wait nervously… If my progress is gone for good, I may have to take a Forza hiatus for a while before I feel like running through all those championships again…

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Same as all of you. I have heard from them and that alone made me feel a lot more positive about the situation. Also, I am glad to know that it was not just me, I am not happy about all of you losing your time in the game. Let’s hope that we all get sorted out and that we get our Forza progress, cars, tiers, credits, driver suits, championships etc- restored to where they were. Fingers crossed. Take care everyone and keep updating us in regards to your situation.

Happened to me also, looks like the game rolled back about 2 weeks! I went from collection tier level 11-13 to 5…! So many cars gone.
Have sent email also to forzafb@microsoft.com

Anyone else had a resolution yet?

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I got a message 7 hours ago ( 00.17 German time Zone) where the want to know the exact date and time when the Problem come first (i forgot in my email the time Zone) so i think they are serious on the problem

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I had this problem with forza horizon 2. Some people had the same problem in fm5 and 6. But as we know, turn10 doesnt fix anything


Oh dear that isn’t good! However that is 3 years ago! You’d think they would have some rollback feature. I am pretty sure what happened is that occasionally play on my xbox one (well mostly) until about a month ago I got an 34" ultra wide monitor. My son turned on the xbox yesterday and went to play a game and it may have rolled back a 2-3 week old save over my current one.
I estimate I have lost approx. 20M worth of credits/cars.

But it shouldn’t happen anyway! This happened for me probably between 12 and 24 hours ago now. I have had no reply from forzazb@microsoft.com!
I am about to do a MS support chat request to see if there is anything they can do or know about it.

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This problem has always been in Forza, even on the 360. That’s why i ran the CRS to help people get back into the game.
Sadly turn 10 removed gifting from the game, so we couldn’t do it anymore.
So don’t think this is recent. I lost all my progress on Forza 3 & 4.
Forza 3 was the worst as i was one achievement away from a perfect 1000 and couldn’t face doing it all again.


Bless you, Mitchy. CRS was the best :slight_smile:

Same here lost everything, went from 31 to 2 today… what a mess if only i visited technical section of that board before i bought it i would never bought that trash.

Got another email last night from customer support, asking me the approximate time this happened for me (around 8:30 am CST on 11/20).

Haven’t heard back yet, since I replied, but I’m confident they are trying to figure it out at this point.