Information on FM6 inside!

If you guys want information on Forza 6 where would you go for it?

Even our own forum?
Maybe Twitter or Facebook?

Well, well, if you guessed any of those areas you would be dead wrong! I know I was!

Information on FM6, from your community team and one of it’s leaders can be found at the one and only Neogaf!

Answered by Helios: Some people might not know you can select a female driver now as your in-game avatar? Obviously I can’t reveal any unannounced stuff, but you’d never ask me to do that right :slight_smile:

Answered by Helios: “The career has showcase events now, I believe there’s a couple of interviews that mention them briefly. We’ll be diving more into the career in the future though.”

Answered by Helios: “Being worked on now :)”

Helios: “Drivatars also have a “Pro” mode now, in case you find the default a bit too bumpy for your tastes.”

That is just the last two pages of a 56 and counting page thread at Neogaf. I don’t want to get in trouble for linking to profanity as there is a lot of it there but figured you guys would want to know where to find the latest and greatest from one of your community managers…not doing a good job managing his community at home. Sweet huh!


Awesome! I can’t wait till release day! It sounds like a real return-to-form from T10 (not that they needed to do much to return-to-form anyway).

I wish there was some information on the status of custom public lobbies with a lobby browser though. I can’t find anything on it, and I greatly miss that feature.

It has been confirmed by Dan G in at least one interview that, NO — FM6 will NOT have searchable custom public lobbies.

As to Turn-10 staff posting elsewhere (such as neogaf), yeah, it bugs me too. Although, they are trying to get NEW players to buy the game. Whether it’s valid or not, I’m sure they (as is the case with many companies producing many different products in many different industries) assume current players - particularly anyone reading this forum - are already FM6 “buyers.”


Thank you Don Ente.

Bugger… No searchable custom public lobbies.

Well I’m now looking forward to the backwards compatibility update to arrive on Xbox One. I need me some online endurance racing!

That is rather disappointing. The location of the source’s info, that is.


Well, this shows I can still just use the forums for this information since you provided it here worm :slight_smile:

It’s ridiculous is what it is. Helios has made 5 posts on this forum in the last 24 hours and does that in seemingly an hour there. Engaging the community, even if it’s both places, would be nice.


Helios is actually posting a little in the E3 thread here on the forums now.

That’s interesting… lol being pointed towards gaf from the official Forza forums, where we are all logged in.

I browse there anyways, but I would prefer to be able to comment, or have questions…

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Is there off road driving in Forza 6

Unless Turn 10 adds, lets say, the Baja 1000 or some offroad course, I would venture to say no, but that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be. We know we are getting the new Raptor.

Agreed Don, I don’t care that it’s posted there at all. I just think the flow of information would also be nice at home.


I think info from everywhere else usually ends up here anyway before too long


Hi all,

First of all I’d just like to say that it’s part of my remit as a community manager to do my best to engage with Forza fans in places where Forza is being actively discussed. As you mentioned yourself Worm the Forza 6 E3 thread is now up to 56 pages so the game is obviously a hot topic of discussion on that particular forum.

All of the info that I’m meant to have “revealed” over at NeoGAF is in fact mentioned on various other gaming media websites that have posted Forza Motorsport 6 news from E3. Referring to the pieces of info referenced in the first post of the thread, the news about female driver avatars appearing in FM6 was first revealed in this Eurogamer article which was out on Monday - Forza Motorsport 6's weather and night racing aren't dynamic | The “Pro” setting for Drivatars was also revealed a few days ago in this article over at Ars Technica - Forza Motorsport 6: Getting dark and wet in a world-first hands-on | Ars Technica . Finally news about showcase events is actually revealed on in the FM6 E3 features article by Mechberg - News - Forza

Regarding the comment I made about 60fps footage being worked on right now, you can see my post here on the forums about the news which was made just before my post over at NeoGAF -

Due to our excellent mod team who do a great job keeping up to date on all the latest Forza news, many of the simpler questions from forum members about Forza 6 which I am able to answer at this moment in time are answered directly by them before I’m able to respond. On other occasions our forum mods will refer other forum members to external sources where they can find the information they seek (case in point this superb post that ManteoMax has just made summarising many of the key pieces of FM6 info to come out of E3 -

Something else to take into account is that many of the people posting here on are big fans of the Forza series and consequently very up to speed with the latest Forza news and game info released. This tends to have a knock on effect of meaning that many of the questions they might ask about the game are things that I simply cannot reveal at this point in time. In closing I just want to assure you that I am personally reviewing our forums on a very frequent basis and trying to answer things where I can.


Thank you Ian. :slight_smile:

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This is a good step towards the transparency that (I’ll assume) everyone’s been wanting to see. : )

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Ian, how can you even imply that neogaf is more actively discussing this game than the official forums?

This time.

This is certainly not the case with the previous E3’s at all, where you were once again actively discussing the upcoming game(s) and its features on neogaf and not at all on
The only time you ‘actively engage’ with the community is when you post in a competition thread. Your post history shows this.
The fact that neogaf is a private community excluding the majority of the active members of the community, one would assume that you would place a higher priority towards here, instead of there.

Even though questions may be answered by another forum member or mod, its not an excuse to ‘oh well, I dont have to participate’.
Many forums have questions answered and the devs or community team will still interact after the fact.


Whilst a lot of what you say makes sense the paragraph I quote is off mark in my opinion for a few reasons.

  1. We are fans because of things we have liked in the past and in one way or other a lot of those things involved the community. For me it was bounty hunter events, for others it was the community features in game and then for others it was the overall package - the game plus FM.Net. Each of these 3 elements have been watered down and to be honest the forums and your reply are part of the problem.

  2. Some fans overstep the mark and make comments that people can take as gospel when it is not officially released information. To stop people jumping to conclusions or turning rumours into promises it would be better for official information about the game to come from official sources on the official website.

  3. Some fans only come here and are busy playing Horizon 2 and not going to sites like NeoGaf. Quite frankly they deserve better.

Will I preorder FM6 and enjoy it? Sure. But to be honest the way things are going are starting to wear down my love affair with the franchise.


This is, of course, only my opinion based on my observations over the years: Turn 10 has a habit of coming to conclusions based on skewed data, and this is (may be) a prime example.

The first time it seemed obvious to me was when FM3 launched, and we were introduced to the “Hoppers.” The LOWEST class hopper was A-Class. This meant, firstly, that every new player who jumped online had no choice but to choose a car he/she was not yet capable of handling. And secondly, FM1 & FM2 “veterans” who *preferred" C- and D-Class cars were left out in the cold - use A-Class or higher or don’t bother with multiplayer. After a time, Turn 10 announced the “resounding success” of the Hopper system (well, there was no alternative, so pretty easy to claim success). Turn 10 also announced that, since the A-Class Hoppers were far and away the most popular, they were adding a couple new Hopper variations for A-Class cars. Well, gee… it apparently did not occur to anyone that perhaps the fact that it was the slowest Class Hopper available had something to do with it, and were they to have started out with B- C- and D-Class hoppers those may have proven to be just as popular.

(Oh, and never mind that the forums were filled with hate for the Hopper system — the Hoppers were a Success!!!)

This method of “analyzing big data” (as Dan G is fond of saying) repeats itself in a number of areas… “We see how players are playing the game…” Well, when the game design pushes or restricts gameplay in a particular direction, it’s no surprise to find out that is how they play the game!

FM5 was the worst example so far… Turn 10 brought in game designers who had no Racing game backgrounds - and were particularly unfamiliar with Forza and its history. Turn 10 then looks at the way the game is being played and deduces this is what the players want.

So, how does this relate to this topic?

Turn 10 staff have repeatedly shown the same pattern with forum members. The “community team” has been out-of-touch with the community for a long time now. It may have begun with the release of FM3… The massive change to multiplayer was never mentioned - let alone, promoted - prior to launch. Evidently Turn 10 didn’t feel the FM1 and FM2 fanbase had any need to know about it. During that time, Che began posting prolifically on neogaf, and that was pretty much where any new information first appeared. Here on the official FM forum, he posted less and less, eventually resorting to a “just play our game and shut up” attitude toward the fans. As time went on, the “community team” seemed to show less and less interest in what the “forum community” had to say, and have had almost non-existent engagement.

“…do my best to engage with Forza fans in places where Forza is being actively discussed…”

Well, gee guys… Any possibility that’s where the discussion is because that’s where Turn 10 Staff have discussed it over the years, so that’s where people head to ask questions (and get answers)???

56 page thread at neo??? Really??? Wow… Of course, combine the FM6 threads here into one thread… How many “pages” do you think it would get to? According to the forum stats, the FM6 section has just over 8,000 posts!!! Take out the 2,400 or so wishlist posts, and we’re still at 5,600!!! But… “the game is obviously a hot topic of discussion on [neogaf]” so that’s where Turn 10 staff goes to engage.

“…do my best to engage with Forza fans in places where Forza is being actively discussed…”

Heck - even when we try to discuss the game here, the moderators shut it down.

  • “As far as Im concerned there should only be 3 or 4 threads in the FM6 section…”
  • [Turn 10 should say] “Yes, we’ve announced the next version far too early, but please don’t bother getting over excited about it…yet”
    Yes, Helios… the volunteer moderators (and one specifically, quoted here) were actively DISCOURAGING discussion about FM6!!!

“…do my best to engage with Forza fans in places where Forza is being actively discussed…”

Really, Helios? Is this what we have to look forward to between now and the launch of FM6 (and thereafter)? “Enough people copy/paste from our engagement elsewhere, so we don’t need to bother engaging with our actual fans”???

Should I head on over to neogaf for your answer?

  • Don Ente

Ill respond to that bit seeing as its me your quoting. Id like to say im sorry as I was wrong, but as far as im concerned I wasnt, I stick by what I said and it WAS too early. They were MY opinions and not T10s or any of its staff.

A bit earlier in your blurb you say there are 1000s of posts discussing FM6, so dont make out your not allowed to talk about it and please dont attempt to quote me out of context.

Now that we have reached a point in development where news is forthcoming, if anything I would encourage discussion … as long as its pertinent, abides by the TOS and COC and is in the correct place … I would also continue to encourage people to continue to discuss earlier/current games.