I just smashed my TV (pics)

After miserable luck I started taking screenshots of my wheelspins, and it is really eye opening. Here they are in all of their glory. I feel like im on a hidden camera show, no one deserves all of… THIS. T10, I swear to God, this is infuriating and unforgivable torture of your fan base.

These super wheel spins didnt come easy for a casual player. out of 12 super wheel spins all I got was 3 absolutely worthless cars. Dont even get me started on the regular wheel spins.

I did not pay $100 to double my chances of la cucaracha, golden cowboy, body wop, and lily leggings!!! WHERE ARE MY CARS T10??? THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!


Yeah lets ignore all the good wheelspins and lets just rant how i get two legendary on same wheelspin. Welcome to high levels when you have get all of those cosmetic stuff and super wheelspins like that first one would be 5k cr x3. And that point of the game, game throw you wheelspins and super wheelspins all the time when play more only super wheelspins that get it’s those 2 vip super wheelspin per week.


Do you hear yourself? Two legendary in one spin? You’re referring to the 80’s dance and bicycle spandex t-shirt? Bejdgsndmd!!!

I don’t want to dance, dress up, or hear anything but honks from my horn!!!

When’s the last time you heard someone say “man look at that sweet VW bus” 1965?!


That you dont want dress up or dance dont remove the fact you get two legendary in one wheelspin. People mind is weird that is only focus those bad wheelspins even tho you can win cars that you couldnt win in fh3. Or that peoples ignore that they get 3m credits on 100 wheelspin. I can tell you wheelspins feel even more worst when you have all those cosmetic. Btw you was able to get capture evidence to getting duplicate horns that shouldt be possible.

Edit: i have hear many times somebody saying something good abaout vw bus not everybody is fan of hypercars.

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Yeah, well, I was promised pics of a smashed TV. Disappointment abounds.


Okay, so you smashed your TV metaphorically, but I do appreciate your point.
I too, find the bling absolutely nauseating. I try not to claim any of that rubbish and let it all pile up like dirty washing in the corner of my bathroom.

Sometimes it feels like Foza is a punishment rather than a game.


You have a dozen millions of credits and I’m sure that a lot of cars. I think you can even buy any car you want at this point, so why are you complaining so much? Do you really need more?


Sure, he can buy the Crown Vic if he grinds a highway race for 24 hours and then updates the auction house for ten hours. I wonder why people are complaining…


Crown Vic is an exclusive car, so it’s hard to get - this is how the devs meant it. But you have so many other cars in this game which are also fun to drive. Do you really that badly need to have this Crown Vic or any other exclusive car?

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And we all know what a crazy, game breaking car the Crown Vic is, right?


And how only way to get that is paying 20m cr after 10 hour search even tho there is many of those sale every hour in less than 100k.

And how would we know that you are telling the truth? I don’t want to sit down pressing buttons in the auction house for even an hour, especially when I have no idea if it’s going yield in anything or not. I have never seen a Crown Vic in the auction house, so for all i know you could be sitting there for 1000 hours without getting anything.

Well i have spent lots more time in auction house than you then. And i just test this, 62 minutes i saw 5 crown vics and i also get one even tho i was watching stream in same time and any of those didint have even 20m cr prize tag.

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Forza Horizon did not have any wheelspins, it was added in horizon 2.

Looks like it was a developmental mistake because its created a great deal of sentiment of entitlement that somehow forgets that this is a game about driving, racing, modding and oogling lovingly rendered automobiles through gorgeous locations based on real world locales. Its not a game about wheelspins.

Wheel spins are probably 1 or 2 percent of your activity in this game. Stop ignoring everything fantastic just to focus on such a small and quite unimportant part of a game about racing.

EDIT: oops I guess Original Horizon did have wheelspins, it has been a while since replaying, but the point remains that its a bonus on top of the game. You get what you get and don’t throw a fit. I get wheelspins because I love driving, I don’t drive because I want to get ridiculous amounts of wheelspins.

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Damn bro I feel you

I’m not a fan of the wheelspins in FH4. Before FH3, wheelspins were simply a nice windfall that only awarded credits and cars that could be purchased with credits. They were not a major part of the game progression and the economy was tuned around most of the credits being awarded from races.

FH3 was the beginning of the problem with the HE cars that could only be obtained via wheelspins. Wheelspins became more common with the ability to purchase them with credits, and as a result a lot more lowball rewards were added.

FH4 went all-in on the bad wheelspin ideas from FH3 and then some. Now wheelspins are one of the major pillars of the in-game economy with how many credits they award, but at the same time there’s also a lot more wheelspin exclusive cars (most of which are regular, easily obtainable cars in previous Horizon games). To add insult to injury, these wheelspin exclusive cars are competing with cosmetic items that once obtained, are replaced with lowball cash prizes instead of being removed from the wheelspin to increase the chances to actually get the rare cars so wheelspins feel like they’re getting worse over time.

Overall, I feel like the devs made a huge mistake in making wheelspins such a big part of the game progression. They were fine as a nice little extra in earlier games, but this sort of gambling/lootbox randomness has no place in the main progression path or as the exclusive source for so many vehicles.



I am completely disregarding your rant as irrelevant to the wheelspin rewards conversation. You have obviously manipulated the images you present as proof of broken wheelspins. One look at your level in the corner of those images obviously shows that you have cherry-picked a handful of bad-result wheelspins from at least 70 levels of game progression. Which means that there are many many more wheelspin results over all of that gameplay that you’re not showing us. We all know that facts can be manipulated to show what you want them to show … which is obviously what you’ve done here.

The point you’re trying to argue may be a valid one … but the fact that you’ve manipulated how you’re trying to get your point across makes it almost completely irrelevant … at least in my opinion.


In fairness I got a Vulcan, Bentley and 250GTO not pictured, but eve still, cmon. And please keep in mind while I didn’t screenshot those (my little daughters like to do Daddy’s wheelspins) I also didn’t screenshot a slew of other garbage. These are a solid sampling and true to what I said about finally starting to screenshot many of my most recent spins. You have to admit, they are aweful. Add the mundane forzathon and car pass offerings and one can certainly see why rewards and progression seem so disappointing. As far as my credits go, keep in mind half of that is fresh in from fortune mountain, and I’ve yet to spend hardly ANY credits since launch. After this recent load of wheelspins I splurged on a F40 and F50 like ice cream after a break up, otherwise I’ve not purchased much of anything. A few houses, the necessary ones for progression.

Look, there’s a lot locked behind spins and I’m literally not having any luck after months of this now, meanwhile proof positive that horns, etc… duplicate.