I've had 327 wheelspins...

…and if I see one more 5500 CR (or lower!) spin come up I’m going to scream!

I swear I almost dread these things rather than look forward to them now.

(And don’t tell me you haven’t wanted to vent about them, too. You may have had more self-control than me, you didn’t actually break down and post a thread about it like I finally did, but you’ve wanted to.)


No I have not, Just glad to get a chance of free cars now and again

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My poor friend has had the game since day one and still haven’t bought himself a Lexus LFA even though he loves that car…mainly because i told him i got it for free in a wheelspin

how low can you go…LOL…yeah that’s right…KEEP WAITING.

I did the same thing, took my over 230 levels to finally get it, lol

I got so annoyed today. I got a 2nd Ultima GTR from the wheelspin. How dare they give me a 2nd one.


Thanks for rubbing it in like that.

Well at least your Horizon 2 and FM5 games are playable. I tried to play h2 and it started to sync data. then it made me restart the game. It did it on both FM5 and H2. Im lost and dont know what to do for a fix. i was a level 180ish on h2 and now back to lvl 1

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OP, it’s too bad we can’t gift wheel spins, I haven’t used any in almost two months so they’ve just been piling up. I would give them away if I could :wink:

I’d like to have the option of turning them off

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People complaining about free stuff. SMH.

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I think what people miss is that the devs aim for a certain game balance. This includes all money earning options.

Now should part timers expect to own every car?

Should those who plough hours into the game expect to be loaded with credits quite early on.

If you race you earn credits and the wheelspins add to that earning capacity.

I am now at the point where the credits are just going to pile up so I don’t think the overall game balance is that bad.

I have no desire to own every car and hate getting lousy cars via wheelspin. When I got the 175-car achievement I removed about 60 cars just because they were clutter.

I thought the wheel spins were random? Would not matter if you played 1 hr or a 100 if its random.

Hmm … and, yet, I bet if you were to average out your wheelspin rewards, you probably aren’t too far off from everybody else in your bracket (VIP or non-VIPs). Anyhow, it’s just a game.

Intellectually, I’m quite aware of this. And I’ve already bought most of the cars and some of them twice, so I’m not seriously complaining. I’m sure it’s all quite balanced and thought-out. But there is, too, a continual anticipation / disappointment cycle, knowing you could get 100,000 or 200,000 and getting 3300, that drives me a little nuts. In the long run I like Forza 5’s regular payouts somewhat better, I think.

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Could have fooled me by the tone of your original post. Best of luck to you in future Wheelspins.

Ugh, I went out of my way in my original post to mock myself for even making it, thinking that that would convey the tone I intended. No, I’m not seriously complaining about a randomized bonus. No, I’m not the type to play the game for 327 levels and then complain seriously about anything in it. But it seems not even a follow-up post where I expressly make clear that I was fooling can fool you — I’m just a shrill internet troll and don’t let me tell you any different.

Don’t buy too many real life lottery tickets then. They often pay zero lol


You should look at wheel spins this way (if you are a VIP) the worst you can get is only 6k, so what if you get a second Ultima GTR you get the car value as well. I’ve got 4 Lamborghini Huracans just from wheel spins, but every time I get one, I also get the car value. So don’t go complaining about the wheel spin system. It is good, free cars and credits or both just for earning xp while playing the game.

It’s a lottery.