Wheelspin Issues....

Leading up the Final Showcase and since completing it, my wheelspins no longer contain HE cars. Afterwards, probable outcome but even before, I just keep getting cars I already own and zero HE opportunities.

Am I doing something wrong? I know my game updated last week sometime and that’s mostly when I noticed this change. I’ve been just grinding it out in races to raise money just to buy them (or attempt to) from the AH but some of those cars are astronomical (or nonexistent).

I just don’t know why I don’t get them as potential prizes anymore. Just as someone else posted, I’m pretty sure my overall money values have decreased, too. Almost makes that VIP perk obsolete.


I seem to have some good runs and some bad. It all evens out in the end.


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My experience since the last October update is very different from my experience before it. Good opportunities before, nearly none after. The RNG completely dried up on me, just like you’re experiencing. If it was a few days of lousy spins and no HE cars even possible, or even 2 weeks, I might say it’s just bad luck. But after this many spins over 6 weeks or more, nah; the dice are now loaded a different way.

Somebody posted that he got 2 HE cars soon after the December update. I’m hoping it reversed the stinginess of the past month and a half. No evidence of that yet, but I’m saving most of my spins now (for a new batch of HEs). So I haven’t given it a chance.

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I think that’s a good idea. I’m just going to start saving them, too because it’s being super stingy. I’ll wait a few days and test it again. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I don’t think anything will change with those spins. From my experience with save files I know that if you load an older save and use the same spin again, you’ll get the same result.
So even if they are based on pseudo-RNG, it actually spins before you see it.
BTW in pseudo-RNG game designers CAN change probability of receiving certain prizes (I have experience in gamedev).

Well, I wasn’t going to do it in an attempt to change anything. I figure AI will be AI no matter which way you go about it (unless you’re a PC gamer or modder). I was just going to do them in “clusters” so I feel like I’m taking a better gamble lol. Plus, people keep mentioning new HE cars so one never knows… :slight_smile:

I had 12 wheelpsins to do after the last update out of which I got two HE cars, another car, plus some credits. That’s the best luck I’ve ever had re the HE cars, but I know the credit wins were all low. Overall I feel the same as Eduardo… good runs and bad runs.

It is all completely RNG, there is no way to change it with a patch, it’s not pre-determined. You’ll have good runs and bad runs, just like everyone else. Several of my friends got most of the new HE cars on the first few days, either from earning or purchasing wheelspins, I wasn’t so lucky.

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I had 2 HE cars in 3 spins the other day post update… I have been saving wheelspins ready for the next batch of HE cars but in the last two days I am getting regular wheelspin available messages even when I haven’t levelled up… I used a few and the messages stopped for a while but after levelling up a few times again they have started reappearing at frequent intervals?

I wonder if there is a max number you can "“defer” ?

I got two mystery spins today and I was confused lol. One was for a HE car so I guess they are just random. I’m doing the same though. I’m just going to save my spins for any new HE cars as my garage has too many cars I can’t sell as it is.

I see the he viper… Alot… annoyingly alot. I’ve sold 2 or 3 already, it seems that it’s the only one it wants to give I haven’t hardly seen any of the new ones at all.

Yeah, that’d definitely be annoying.

I still get big money spins but haven’t seen an HE car in months

Starting to see the Ford GT HE more, but still haven’t won it. Just splurged 2.2 mil on the M4 HE as I needed a skill booster. Never seen the M4 in wheelspins. Matter of fact, I’m like the other poster and have won two or three Viper HE’s, a couple Mini HE’s, and an MG HE. Hardly see anything else, ever. Oh and the Focus RS HE. Really want the Huracan HE…they’re going for 3 to 3.5 million in the AH right now.

I get the orange 100k every time it pops up in the rotation.

I’ve heard that licking your elbow before spinning the wheel might increase the chance of winning an HE car.

However, just missed the HE Countach yesterday.

The most disappointing thing is, when you’re high level and gathered more than 50.000 EXP just to receive 10.000 prize money.

I miss the good old times below lvl 300 where I could get dozens of wheelspins just by milking the Goliath circuit.

I used to do million CR runs on the wheelspins, it was definitely better a few updates back.

At least 1 HE car within 1m $ (sometimes even lower like 500k$) and getting cars worth a lot so i could sell them back to the bank + 100K combos.

Alot of cars i already own, cheap ones too, so selling them back doesn’t bring to much credits back. The most annoying thing for me personally which happened way too often is when i get a HE car opportunity, there is also a 100K orange drop in there, which to me feels like it always hits the 100k when i see orange flying by. Not only that it also seems to troll like the 100K is under or above the actual HE car :D.

All in all i feel like things have changed, which in my opinion doesn’t have to be bad perse. I made alot of money during the first weeks grinding the auction house on HE cars and bought all of them with that money. Its just for the people that don’t have alot of time to play, it will be bad for them :).

Covering a friend with this message: I was doing a few spins for my friend (more like 100) and I didn’t even see one HE car out of all the spins he had …I asked him if he completed the game or close to it and he said no, he also said that he hasn’t seen any HE cars pop up in his spins either. Is this a glitch in the system or something?