I can't play Forza Horizon 2

So I went to Microsoft and they sent me here. When i try to sync on my account it gets to 99% and then takes me to the prompt to start a new game, I have invested quite a bit of time in the game and now it wont let me access any of it. Would really appreciate some help. Thanks Guys.

I got two questions to you: How fast is your internet-connection und for how long did you play the game?

Internet Connection Speed has zero to do with this issue. Zero. This problem has happened to new players, and also players like me, who played for a whole year before the problems happened. IMO at least with my issue, this is on THEM. Clearly they don’t want to address it, yet almost the entire front page of this forum is filled with similar topics.


Ok, sorry for that, just want to help, but now I can see, that you can help yourself. My idea was: When you have a slow internet-connection, the console could not upload the savegame completely in the cloud after quiting the game. When you sync the game the cloud downlaods the broken savegame and you have to start all over again.

I do not say that it is not a general game or system-failure, I just think about different approaches.

Thanks for the thought. I thought it might be something like that also but I’ve connected to several different internet connections and neither will work, so it has to be something on there side. I’ve been playing sine the game was released on the one and one day i log in and it tells me to start over.