Sync error killing me

My FH2 syncs to 100% then says unable to sync try again, so i hit try again and its syncs but starts a new game??? its driving me mad as due to my illness i dont get alot of time to play and never know when i will not be able to play xbox anymore so the level etc ive got to has taken me since the game came out.
Gutted is an understatement.
My save is still there around 87mb worth but just wont work :frowning:

Tried all the power cycles etc

it now syncs but starts me from the beggining of the game. i have just bought the porsche pack and cannot play it as im worried if i do the prolog it will delete my save

oh nice reading other posts on here looks like i will be gone before i get to play again. Bad news for me again

Same issue for me . I hope turn 10 fix it I really liked the game

For assistance with your lost progress, send a private message to HeliosT10 with your gamertag, game name and platform, and total amount of credits lost.

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I did but no answer

Same here
I’m Re dloading it AGAIN to see if it will fix it. If it doesn’t I wont be getting another horizon game again.
Cmon t10 I have never had this problem with the first horizon and forza 2,3,4,5,6.

Same issue I wrote Helios haven’t heard back from him yet

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Same thing for me

So did you all just start over? I was like a level 500 and something had millions of credits, over 1000 hours, and some of the best drift and race cars, and because of that I just can’t bring myself to start that all over again. Not gonna lie I really miss drifting and racing with you guys☺

ive just not played it, been in and out of hospital so havent had time but also no interest in starting again. :frowning: i’ll wait for a fix if i will last that long :frowning:

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I hope you get better , for me i can’t wait them to fix it i start playing again now i am level 59 but I afraid when they fix the problem I will not recover my old save data :disappointed:

This works for me. Double tap home button, go to all settings , power & start up, turn off or restart, click restart now. This should fix the sync issues ur having but won’t bring the saved game file that u lost back. This fixed my sync issues I had with forza 5&6 and horizon 2. Hope it works for everyone