Hudson Hornet 1951-1954

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Hudson Hornet (First Generation)

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This model has been represented in Forza games as the

  • 1952 Hudson Hornet (FH4 | FM4)


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  • 1954
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1952 Hudson Hornet 4-Door Sedan

1952 Hudson Hornet Convertible

1952 Hudson Hornet Hollywood

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Last featured in FH4


Hello I am a die-hard fan of Forza Motorsports and I was wondering if you guys could add a Hudson Hornet to the game to respect the actor ( Paul Newman ) who played Doc Hudson in cars 1 along with the paint of course for the Hudson Hornet in cars

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Doc Hudson needs to be back in FH5 for a “Willy’s Butte” reference.


The Hudson Hornet was a monster at S1 Cross Country back in FH4 and it would definitely be amazing again in FH5 with the good offroad physics. Thanks again and we look forward to your decision!!

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One of the most voted classic cars I’ve ever seen! What are we waiting for? Hopefully it’s not an unsolvable licensing issue :grimacing:
(How the heck does Forza license defunct brands anyways?)

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Brands like Hudson and AMC are still owned by its parent company so they’d both be in the hands for Stellantis Group which we’ve already seen license issues in the past (Alfa, Abarth, Fiat, Lancia)



Cruel photoshop, got my hopes up! Haha


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Of all the missing cars not added in the American Automotives update, this was the biggest surprise.

Not only is it incredibly iconic, but it looks this good.


Doc hudson from cars 2006