Hudson Hornet 1951-1954

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Hudson Hornet 1951-1954

This model has appeared in Forza as the:

  • 1952 Hudson Hornet (FM4, FH4)

A classic car that should definitely be added. A racing classic.


Ignoring this American motorsport ICON in an American racing game is insane. And the fact it was histroically always added to a hot rod themed car divison shows it didn’t even get respect from the devs as a genuine race car when it WAS in the games. Drop the silly hot rod divisons and add a Birth of Stock Car Racing Division where cars like this, the Fury, the Bel-Air, the Impala & others would fit very nicely.

T10: “The new Forza Motorsport has been focused since day one really on circuit racing"

(proceeds to ignore one of the most iconic & dominating cars in American circuit racing history)

T10: "with modern race cars and modern production cars”

Oh, ok…how about let’s not.


One of the most iconic American race cars of all time missing from an American racing game…

Plus, it looks this good.

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