How to lower power of a vehicle beyond stock

I really would like to play with the handling of vehicles like Audi’s and BMW’s under their 400+ hp

Is there any way to make a vehicle slower than stock, for instance doing complete engine swaps for weaker vehicles etc
Thanks in regards

There are a few cars where you can swap less powerful and also heavier than stock engines into which will lower the P.I. of the car. You can also drop tire compound on a lot of higher class cars as well.

A example is an engine swap in the Hoonigan RS200.

As for something like a restrictor plate, they had a few of those in Forza Motorsport 7 where you could drop the horsepower on cars like the Enzo Ferrari and Hellcat which also applied to their respective engine swaps into other cars (such as the Viper). I do wish the restrictor plates were more common as I had been hoping for them since FM3.


Several ways depending on the vehicle. Examples are offroad race tires, rear Forza wing, and engine swaps. They can help drop a car into a lower class.

Generally speaking, its always hard to do so. Most cars cant be tuned below their stock class and if they do, they are going to become terrible cars in comparisson. Not worthy unless you do it for collection purposes, tests, or whatever… and no. Engine swaps, in 99% of the occasions wont allow you to downgrade the car. They are going to be more powerful engines.

Cars beyond B class are basically impossible to downgrade. The more stock PI cas a car, the more probability there is to be able to downgrade it.