Heavy Metal Affliction 1978 Chevrolet Chevy SS

You read that right. It is a Chevrolet Chevy. This was the model sold in Argentina and that is where today’s edition of HMA originates.

Ariel Fuentes – GT Kaji AF16 --is a major Chevy fan, and you may not realize, so is much of the Argentine racing audience. I learned a lot as I wrote this HMA.

So read the story, learn a bit about the culture of Argentina and then post your comments in the HMA thread.

See you around folks I hope you enjoy the HMA.



I may be a Ford guy, sometimes a very biased one at that, but this is one mighty fine Nova! It’s one of the few Chevy models I actually enjoy no matter what. Grade A auto!! (it is a shame about the loss of it… people I tell ya… just out right disrespectful…)

Ya know John, HMA could use some more Toyota love! a certain 2010 Toyota Corolla with under 20,000 miles could fit right in. ;D hehe

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Very great story of Ariel Fuentes, it’s sad for him to his car be stolen like this,. I don’t know if in argentina the police do his job but i hope he find his car with a beautiful name like utopia. Unfortunately people have no respect for anything. I hope I have a chance one day to visit this country, the photos with the landscape are nice.

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I love reading about people who have a passion for a single kind of car even though I might not find them to be my style. So when I read that it was stolen I was sincerely gutted. I can’t even begin to understand how that feels. I feel so bad for the guy. especially because he made it in forza as well, I do the exact opposite, I’ll make my cars in forza and think to myself “one day I will own this”. So to go from recreating your own car then to have that be your only option seems like a nightmare. I hope he finds it.

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Thanks to everybody, I am glad you liked our story. Losing her has been painful, but -as beloved as she was- my family and I are OK, and ultimately that´s what really matters. Of course that I will continue to search for her during my entire lifetime…

Almost unexplainably, I don´t have the desire to own another car. I even lost my will to drive, at least in the chaotic downtown Buenos Aires, where I live. Unfortunately, these classic cars have their days numbered because of a series of factors: their gas-guzzling, the difficulty in getting an insurance and legitimate spare parts for them, the risk of putting them on the streets, the environmental changes…
I think that I was just in time in order to properly, actively enjoy one of these seventies´ monsters.

My love for cars will probably never die, though… including my passion for driving simulators (among which Forza is my favorite series).

Host29, those landscapes (Sierra de la Ventana) are nice, but a far cry from the best places my country can offer. We have an incredible geographical variety; you will be amazed if you visit Argentina.

Looking forward to race you on FM4 or FH (and, when the Xbox One arrives to Argentina in September, FM5!).

Thanks again, and specially to John.

Ariel, from Buenos Aires
GT: Kaji AF16


Its a shame that thieves got a hold of it. That thing was a bitchin’ Nova. The thing with old classics is unless theyre garaged, bad things always happen to them. At the same time, you have the purists that appreciate the fact that they’re even being driven and used outside of being a garage queen. Im conflicted for both sides because. Anyway, Im saddened for your automotive loss Ariel but never give up the passion. You live in a beautiful country!

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Such a shame when someone thinks they need you car more then you.
I feel for you as I have lost vehicles in the past.
Hope one day it turns up.

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What a Beautiful car ! I hope you find her again, Ime glad you got to travel all around the countryside…My dad used to say, “Vamos a Pasear” Lets go for a ride, and we would go and see the countryside.
I miss the rides, i miss the freedom of being up late and restless, and not so young, and in the moonlight, go out and here the rumble of the engine, calling out into the nite. i would create mix tapes of the songs i was into at the time, Bob Segar, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Pink Floyd…
and I would ride. One nite I drove from my hometown to Houston, 200 miles away, i was 18 and unafraid, i did a small tour and drove back home. I’me sure you have felt the same no?
I still feel the old restlessness to drive off into the night, i cant just now, but sometimes I go outside and I here the scream of a car unafraid to be a car, to transcend the ordinary and… become
Dont let your heart be troubled, you will cross paths with your Opus one fine day, in the mean time, find a way to say,“Vamos a Pasear”


a very good story, I love the Argentine is I lived there for a few months and I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet a “utopia” as anything without your help I would never have known that in some countries the names of the cars change to adapt to the culture and language.

Thank you again.

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Thank you! As I told Johniwanna (I will quote myself from the main story I sent to him): “My philosophy from the first moment was to actively enjoy her by driving her as much as possible: she was not destined to be a silent relic, locked and forgotten. A vast majority of the people I love had the opportunity to enjoy a ride on that car that made me proud”. Nowadays it´s relatively rare for a middle-class muscle car owner to drive his beloved classic daily; she was not my daily driver, but I used her frequently. I dreamt of her for 25 long years: I felt that only by using her as much as possible I would be able to enjoy her and honor my dream. I respect those who choose to keep these beasts garaged, but my approach was different. I paid a high price, but ultimately got lots of satisfactions: for her to be honored in HMA is the last of them

Thank you for complimenting my country. If anyone decides to come here, please contact me and I´ll recommend the best places!

Thank you. A boss of mine, trying to console me, told something in the lines of “well, they needed that car more than you”. I strongly disagree. No car thief would put her to good use.
¿Repainted and sold for a handful of dollars? ¿Turned into a racer for some obscure regional league? ¿Scrapped for spare parts? I needed her the most, and not stricly from an economy standpoint.

Thank you for your beautiful message. I have felt, as many of us car lovers, that great sense of freedom when “going for a ride” (vamos a pasear, indeed). Night driving with some rock, or with just the sweet roar of her engine… unforgettable experiences.

Thanks to you! So, you lived in Argentina? “Chevys” (our Novas) have always been popular here, but they experienced a revival during the last decade. Unfortunately, events like Utopia´s dissapearing (frequent, well-organized steals, some of which are violent -fortunately that was not our case) are putting this passion on hold. Many of my friends from classic car clubs are, since she was stolen, very afraid of going for a ride on their Chevys, Falcons, Impalas, etc… A shame. That´s why I sincerely believe that our generation (I am 31) may be the last to enjoy and use these cars as they were intented to.

Thanks again to everyone! I will be around for any questions and eventually I will participate more in the forums.


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Thanks to you! So, you lived in Argentina? “Chevys” (our Novas) have always been popular here, but they experienced a revival during the last decade. Unfortunately, events like Utopia´s dissapearing (frequent, well-organized steals, some of which are violent -fortunately that was not our case) are putting this passion on hold. Many of my friends from classic car clubs are, since she was stolen, very afraid of going for a ride on their Chevys, Falcons, Impalas, etc… A shame. That´s why I sincerely believe that our generation (I am 31) may be the last to enjoy and use these cars as they were intented to.

Thanks again to everyone! I will be around for any questions and eventually I will participate more in the forums.


Yes I experienced Cordoba for 6 months in 1997, my father was working for Renault CIADEA the factory, I saw many Ford Falcon because as you know the taxi use it a lot.

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In contrast to its humble history in the United States, the Falcon is Ford´s most popular car in Argentina, with almost half a million units produced during almost 30 years (it was produced from 1962 to 1991 with only moderate modifications). Thousands of Falcons still roam across our country. It is a notoriously reliable car and the historic rival of the Chevy: both of them are the main protagonists of Turismo Carretera even today, several decades after their introduction. Other 2 brands also participate in Turismo Carretera (Dodge and Renault), but that is another story…

Brand rivalry aside, I respect and like the Falcon a lot.

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Hey Ariel, really great story about YOUR car and it will always be your car because of the great desire to own her and then the great memories you will always have of her. It is a shame that you and others have to be impacted by criminals to the point that you no longer desire to own a car.

On the nicer side of your story - Congrats on pursuing your dream to own this car and keeping the car original. As someone else mentioned, I didn’t realize the vast differences that car models will have from one country to another country. I thought it was interesting that there would be an SS badge on a straight 6. I would have also expected a 3 speed, instead of the 4 speed. This is what I love about the car community in that you learn these interesting facts about our American versions versus other country versions of the same basic car. Very cool!

Best of luck to you! Thanks for sharing your story.


Thank you, RescueDog! Yes, the increase in car thefts is keeping many people from enjoying these rides. A week after Utopia was stolen, I gathered courage and called her previous owner: the news left him devastated, but he told me that he had suffered the loss of an old Chevrolet 400 (Argentinean equivalent to US first generation Novas) in a very similar way.
Most of my inner circle from the Chevy forums try to ride only in groups / caravans for more safety.

As for the SS badge on a straight 6: remember that old school small-block V8s never made it into my country when these car were being produced. The 250, with mildy tuned two-barrel carburators, was top-of-the line. It is still used for racing, where it has attained outputs of approximately 400-450 HP.
Even some of the most potent four-door sedans were designated as “Super Sports”, something that -according to Wikipedia- was unheard in the US until the ´94 Impala.

Some models came with 3-speed, but the sporty coupes were always equipped with two models (national ZFs until 1972 and Saginaws from then on) of 4-speed manual transmissions.

The Chevy is not known worldwide, but is has ironically become more beloved than the original Nova in which it is based.

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Kaji AF16, I am truly sorry that you have had to experience one of the worst possible scenarios for a “car guy.” Each of us is here because of our love for cars and the way they make us feel, but as a few have noted, the memories you created with “Utopia” can not be taken away. Thats one of the best parts about owning any special car; the memories that we make along the way with it.

Please do not ever give up on finding your car, as there have been cases over the years where cars long taken by theives have been recovered. Recently, a first egeneration Camaro was recovered here in the US, after it had been stolen and missing for 30+ years. By virture of your cars uniqueness, it will probably re-surface. It may have a changed appearance (repainted another color, V8 swap, etc), but it will likely show up at a car gathering. I would suggest that you send the cars VIN to all the clubs in your area, and ask for them to keep a look out for it. It may take a year or two, but I bet it will be discovered by someone attending a car event.

Lastly, RescueDog, all old school Super Sport Chevy cars did not have a V8. A “real factory” SS Chevy Nova with 6 cylinders in the US was possible, though rare, because during the early years, the SS option package did not require a V8. At least it didnt in Novas; I went to high school with a kid that drove a 2-door 63 Chevy II/Nova SS that had a straight 6, and 3 speed. It was painted red primer, with American Torq-Thrust wheels, and white “tuck and roll” interior. I did not understand the appeal at the time, but if it still exists now, it probably is worth something due to its rarity.

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Thank you for your kinds words, RobLuvCars1. I will never give up with the search, that´s for sure… her uniqueness gives us a glimpse of hope, even if the car is not legally mine anymore.

That´s some interesting data you share about those extra-rare SS inline sixes…

This has to be one of the most depressing things I’ve ever read. Words fall short of expressing my sorrow for your loss. I can’t even imagine being in a similar circumstance. It’s said that the greatest bond, is the bond between man and machine. A man’s car becomes a part, or rather an extension, of his own physical image. It’s the ultimate symbol of freedom, independence and individualism. And it makes me furious to find out that someone has stolen it right out from underneath you. Thieves truly are the scum of the earth. They have no respect for anyone or anything. But I take great solace in knowing that they are incapable of stealing away the memories that you’ve created. I hope that you and Utopia are reunited once more. Don’t lose faith.

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Thank you, KTM Justin. When you love a car so much, it almost becomes a symbiosis… losing it is going to have some consequences that exceed the economic loss. My girlfriend and my mother, for example, almost can´t stand that video I put together.

As you say, it represented freedom. And what can you feel for someone who destroyed that?

I have faith. Thanks for your kind words.

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Hi Ariel. Thank you for sharing your story. It was a really interesting read. I’m a Brit and i can’t recall ever seeing a person just going about their business in a old American muscle car. That being said, i absolutely love this style of car. Aesthetically, these cars were perfected. I can promise you I’d turn more heads going from A to B in a Nova than i would in any Ferrari or Lamborghini. I think the muscle car, shall we say, “slender” fuel economy makes them very prohibitive over here. It’s a shame your love affair with this car has a sad ending. There’s not really any way to put a positive spin on it. My dad had his motorbike stolen when i was younger. We used to go out on it every weekend. He’s not owned another motorbike since so we definitely missed out. Thieves don’t care about that though. At least you’ve had that experience of owning your dream car, I probably never will. Thanks again for your story.

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Thank you. Sorry to hear about your dad´s motorbike. I think it will happen the same to me: for me, it was Utopia or nothing…
These memories, some of which I shared in HMA, won´t be erased.

I don´t know which is your dream car, but I wish you luck in driving it!

P.S.: This humble Latin-American muscle car did turn more heads that much more expensive rides, I can assure that!