All Chevy Super Sport cars censored

I just saw a video that ran through all cars in the menu selection screen, and every single Chevrolet SS model has had the “SS” badges removed from every spot on the car. Chevelle, Camaro, Nova, El Camino, you name it. Each car is also titled with the full phrase “Super Sport” rather than the abbreviation “SS” as well.
There is some sort of new censorship going on because some of these cars date back to the early days of Forza. All I can think of is maybe the WWII reference with the same initials is prohibited in games, but it’s never been a problem in any driving game before?


That is strange. I wonder why they did that. In reference to Chevrolet, everyone knows the SS badges mean Super Sport.

Could it just be another Forza renaming? The Neon SRT4 ACR and Ferrari 288 GTO have never been named correctly in any Forza game they’ve appeared in. Maybe a naming problem since the Chevy Super Sport is also a car model on it’s own? That wouldn’t account for the missing badges though.

Maybe that’s the German version of the game? That’s really dumb if the SS badges have all been removed.


I see what you did there…

I like how you think he is joking. Could well be the actual reason as I doubt there are different versions for different regions.

FYI the Dodge SRT4 ACR is correctly named. The Neon part of the name was dropped a year or two earlier than the model that appears.

This isn’t as strange as it sounds. In Germany, references to the Nazi party are outlawed, except in strict historic context (a history class, for example).

I’m not sure this is the case, though- said law would only forbid the stylized dual-lightning-bolt insignia those bullies wore in WW2. Chevy’s SS badge should be ok.

I wanna hear as to why, at least in this particular video; is the case.

If it happens to be “political correctness” then I simply give up on this world.


This, I couldn’t agree any more! That’s also the one thing I don’t want to see in the Forza franchise, as it will ruin the series completely, sure it may be just for the emblems but it will start a snowball effect. I do hope that it’s nothing but a rendering bug/glitch. I do apologize in advance if my post seems too extreme over a issue


That’s a real bummer, I wonder what the deal is.

Probably because Chevy has a car called the SS.

As Chevy is my favorite manufacturer, I can’t believe they took the SS badges off all the Chevy’s including the 69 Camaro and 70 Chevelle. To see all of these cars missing features that have been present on previous Forza games for a long time just sickens me.

I also see the Customization menus, features and wheels have been copy/pasted over from FM5. What a let down. I wonder how much time and resources are spent on a feature such as Autovista which is nice but not at all necessary when they could be spend on bringing actual NEW content to the title instead of stuff we’ve been using/seeing/reading for literally years.

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Rehashing material is T10’s specialty. The S15 still has the same horrid modeling that it did in FM2, and it’s always funny when the same old paint glitches are still there. They have polishing turds down to a science.


Multiple cars are like that. The descriptions for upgrades are also the same from Forza Motorsport 2, which is an 8 year old game. If we could just have FM2 remastered I wouldn’t need to buy another racing game again.

well, when FM2 comes to backwards compatibility on the one with the better controler you’ll be one step closer :slight_smile:

In the meantime the best we can do is purchase and enjoy the new game, or stick to the older games.

Hopefully some of this stuff gets corrected before launch but seeing how other “modeling errors” have been handled over the last decade, it’s not likely.

Agreed, the King Cobra which has many problems has made its way in so the rest will also be in unfortunately -__-

If it was just one car that was affected I would think maybe it was just a modelling error but it seems odd to me that every SS model is missing the SS badges. I do hope it’s just a mistake and T10 is able to make it right. I know some people probably don’t think it’s a big deal but I feel like it takes something away from the true character of the car.

Didn’t you guys know they scraped all the cars and rescanned them. That’s why it takes 6 months to make dlc and they charge for everything. LMAO what a joke.

Con: The cars are inaccurate.

Pro: Debadged cars for everyone! : D

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In a way it is a pro for me, considering the fact that one thing I like to do to my cars is strip them of all their emblems. So it would kinda fit with what I would do to them if they were really mine.