Headlights & Rearlights powerness opinion

Hi everyone,

Am I the one who think, HL & RL are too weak and we dont see enough?
It is not a huge problem but it is!
I dont want to post a pic with the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio but this car have absolutely no rearlight. Try it, Nurb + night, you will laugh. lol

I post to have your opinion guys!


I check this out today!

I recognized only the LKW Truck with curios lightning and the Mazda RX7 FD with tuning bumper - no headlights / and light

The Forza7 budget couldn’t stretch to HID lamps.

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It’s quite peculiar to me. I felt that Forza Horizon 3’s headlights were too bright. They would illuminate entire buildings and skyscrapers that were extremely tall. On the other hand, Forza 7’s headlights look too dull and don’t appear to illuminate enough of the environment. If they struck an update in between the two, I believe it would be perfect.

As for the beak lights or the rear lights, I think Forza 7 has nailed that accurately. They seemed miles too bright in Forza Horizon 3 in my personal opinion.

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No, you are not the only one. The whole lighting system should be revised in Forza 7. Starting from home space, paint area and ending with headlights in every weather condition those are needed (especially on non HDR screens).


I would be content with a brightness adjustment slider in game. I mean this is 2017.

The tail lights and head lights are way too muted. Gran Turismo Sport does a much better job with this.


The headlights and rear lights are absolutely horrible in this game. Also the track lighting I’ds a joke like on VIR.

Give us some Gamma adjustments if you’re to lazy to fix T10

I noticed it from day one like most other people. At this point I get the suspicion it’s all because of game performance.

The more powerful and longer you make the beams for example, the better you have to be at casting shadows or diffused light on road surfaces. Horizon 3 can afford this because it runs at half the frame rate on console, and it’s more demanding on PC.

I notice at say especially Daytona oval at night on Forza 7 that the shadows cast onto the side of the track of other cars pop in very late and aren’t cast very far into the distance.

Then read in the latest patch notes how if you turn on car headlights when it is raining it could lead to reduced framerate. It says it right there in the notes! At this point I can only conclude it is greatly down to shaving off demanding visual effects here and there to make other aspects work and retain the 60FPS update.


Certainly true, but I am surprised Turn10 -who are usually great at making the right compromises- take such a brute force approach here.
Not all cars on track need to do the full thing. E.g. itd be ok if only the players car and the two cars closest to it would cast shadows, the others could get away with light-only.
A few cars further out they could even drop the light if need be. If such compromises would allow for headlights which are actually useful on the players car itd be worth it imo.


Thanks for your answers guys!

Brighter HL & RL will change something about performance? Cause we dont talk about lights distance or shadows, but clearly about visibility!
Im not expert on these subjects… sorry!

They should let us turn ON/OFF lights. It will be more simple.
60FPS without lights, 30fps with lights! lol choose your side!

Don`t we talk about distance? :wink:

If you mean the brightness of the “glass” of the headlights, no that would have about zero impact on performance.

If you mean the brightness of the actual light cast on the ground … well thats a bit complicated. In theory intensity and distance would be related. Higher internsity > higher range > impact on performance. However, in games you can limit the range, if the lighting is coded that way. I am not sure how Forza is doing it, but imo its quite obvious that they run into performance issues quickly with dynamic lighting.

lol @ lights as 30 fps switch, I am sure that would make them many new friends :slight_smile:

You know a lot of the problem could be solved if Turn 10 put brightness/contrast controls in their Video Options like every other game does.


The headlights and taillights are way too dim. Makes it very difficult to spot when the cars ahead of you are braking under any lighting condition. Not to mention the lack of “glow” just looks plain bad.

The new Quadrifoglio is indeed one of the worst offenders.


i recognized that a lot of cars have taillights on and headlights off, during race.

for example, Suzuka, foggy.
EVERY CAR DURING THE RACE has had taillights on and frontlights off.

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It always happens to me. T10 fix it !!!

Whats to fix? That’s fog lights. Its supposed to be like that.

As for the op’s point; The headlights in this game are atrocious. I have driven cars with crappy bulbs ready to pop that had better illumination. Its like someone at T10 has never actually driven a car and just decided on a pre-set light level for every vehicle, while also pointing the lights at the ground 5 feet ahead. Cars these days have extremely good lighting at night thanks to things like LED’s and Xenon gas lights. Currently all the cars in forza can only show a few feet ahead at best.

If it was an easy fix I would like to think they would have addressed it by now so I don’t see anything changing. The lights are about as useful and bright as the decision was to include 700 cars in the game which they would need to all be tuned. I also have a feeling that there is a console performance issue to consider since 60fps is a lot to ask of the under powered hardware. Making the lights shine further would impact that performance a great deal I would think, with shadows, reflections and all. Still, no reason why they can’t make the improvement on the PC side of things since there is no hardware limitation here and there is still a lot of headroom even at 4k 60fps on higher end systems.

i agree with OP, the HL and RL need to be brighter, they really need to pop more.
i drive also GT Sport on my HDR TV and its compared to Forza 7 in that regard like night and day difference. the rear lights in GT are a thing of beauty if you drive in dawn or evening conditions, its almost like the real thing.
we need that level of quality in forza. and overall the lighting system needs a bit of revisiting. it tends to be a bit washed out for some reason.

Head lights on the Ford XB Falcon didn’t work for me on Sebring night race on multiplayer A class hopper.