Getting Burned Out

Anyone else feel like they are getting burned out with this game? Just the constant rush of trying to complete challenges to get a new car, then having to repeat it the next week. Sometimes I just want a break from the challenges. Maybe just put up a new car in the auto show? So that allows us casual players to experience it as well. Instead I try every week to get the challenges done that Forza keeps piling on. I’ll just switch games sometimes becuase Forza is overwhelming.

What are your guys’ opinions on this?

If you need a break, take one. You don’t have to do a thing; cruise if you want.

But if you want the new/exclusive car, however, either be prepared to do a few championships to unlock it or start keeping an eye on the auction house. Each race only takes 2-3 minutes, championships approximately 10 minutes, so it doesn’t usually take much more than half an hour to unlock the exclusive cars.


Some new types of races would be nice instead of the same challenges every week.

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New types… If you mean configurations, yeah already discussed ad nauseam in current season thread. If mean new modes, not gonna happen now this stage of life cycle…

It isn’t like you have to do much to get the cars anymore. Games being participation speeds up getting 100% without having to do it over and over. Yes it is getting old, I doubt there are many seasons left.

Suggestion: Get a wheel. The game is harder (correcting from slides is not easy like it is with the joypad) and becomes a different racing experience, you’ll (probably) keep a tighter racing line and use the brakes more (possibly spending more time in first person vs 3rd person mode, depending on what you like), that’s one way to get more life out of the game. Just a thought…

So on that, cuz I have been debating this very thing: what wheel seems to work best for people? I have heard of issues where they don’t quite sync right, or maybe they were just talking about how it’s harder to flick left to right and back again.

Now mind you, I’m cheap…so no $300-1000 Lambo signature model…but a $50 junker is a waste of $50.

NO wheel at all. Horizon is not good for a wheel. It has great physics like Motorsport but some disciplines are much better on a gamepad. If you like wheels you probably play different games already.

I don’t know why people keep saying this; perhaps you’re a drifter. I know drifting can be quite a challenge with a wheel.

I’ve been using a wheel with Horizon since FH2; and I enjoy it. It’s much more challenging than a game pad; took me quite a while to get used to it too.

If you do ever move to a wheel, understand right from the start, you will be at a disadvantage against other players. Where they just have to move a few fingers to navigate the car, wheel players have to use their whole body to drive.

But it all pays off when you win your first online Championship.

It hasn’t been too bad getting the new cars lately, nothing like as bad as it was when they first introduced the playlist. But the garage capacity… Mine is full again, with prize cars backed up waiting for me to remove cars. The need to yet again go painstakingly through my garage comparing every car against a list to see whether it’s available from the autoshow or not is what really burns me out. We really need the garage capacity increasing to around 2000 cars IMO to have sufficient headroom for all current and future cars together with room for multiple copies with different tunes, and duplicates that inevitably flow in even if you reject everything from wheelspins when you can.


Yeah, it’s so dumb. I love Horizon series but this one is pretty bad gameplay.

Playlist is against Horizon for me. It’s OK, I will play it but it’s bad design decision. Motorsport 7 is pretty weak too so next gen versions should be easily much better.

Should be but might very well not be.

Progression, content, polish etc are all things no amount of graphical improvements can change and those are what have taken a huge step back in Forza + many other games in the XB1 era.

The new Xbox will be out soon, I think that Forza 5 will be one of the tempters that Microsoft want to put out. So I would expect Forza 5 soon after the new XBox release.

Yeah, I am a drifter for sure. It’s pretty good in Horizon but would be much harder in more simulator games.

Wheel is fine but it’s not better. It’s different and if you like games like PC2 and Assetto Corsa you will like Horizon on a wheel too. But for normal player it’s pretty useless. GTS, Motorsport and Horizon are easy on a pad (many assists) and that’s very good way to play it that way. It depends what he likes but wheel for Horizon is not a good idea. Tarmac parts would be awesome but everything else would be problematic.

Regarding wheels:
If you are on Xbox and a budget, you’re looking at the TMX by Thrustmaster or the…whatever it is…made by Logitech. Logitech runs a little bit more expensive, generally, but it comes with a clutch pedal on the pedals that the TMX does not (the TMX Pro does, and that is the only difference between the TMX and TMX Pro, btw). Logitech also will occasionally be found on sale coming with the optional stick-shifter.

If you are on PC you have a much broader selection of wheel.

My advice is shop used…depending on where you are on the planet, you’ll know what your options are there. Nice thing about wheels is that even if you buy one new and find you don’t like it, you’ll usually find someone out there who wants to buy one used. Note: I recommend a wheel if you are bored with the game…there seem to be people here suggesting “wheels suck”…no, they don’t. And yes, its going to be harder to win against controller players as well as against the AI on harder difficulties…thats the point. This game has hundreds of cars. With a controller, its very easy to win with almost any of them against AI once you tweak the PI and so forth. With a wheel, that won’t be the same case, with a wheel these cars have more of a difference.

Another tip for bored player: For good Horizon feeling don’t use AWD swaps and mostly AWD cars at all. RWD has awesome physics there for tarmac roads.

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I’ve started using cars in stock form for all single player races. I’d rather use a car that is a challenge to drive, and only drive against highly skilled drivatars, than drive against unbeatable using a car that can be easily driven with binary inputs. I could possibly still beat the unbeatable drivatars with the stock cars, but I don’t want to spend the time doing events more than once, so I’d rather just leave it on highly skilled to be certain of winning the races first try, while having the challenge of driving a car that needs some throttle control.

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Yes, stock is great. Some races are unbeatable, the AI is not consistent therefore highly skilled could be sometimes very good. RWD are pretty awesome. It’s funny when somebody calls Horizon arcade and it has the same physics as console flag ships.

I feel the same way as the OP, the constant pressure to log in and play weekly or miss out on the new cars is really, really annoying and is the single worst aspect of Horizon. Sure, technically we can ignore the new content and do whatever we want, but this pressure is intentional to try to boost weekly logins and metrics at the expense of ultimately pushing players away from the game long-term.

Hopefully the devs will unlock all the cars and put them in the autoshow soon (like they did in FM7) and won’t return to this type of abusive gameplay in future installments.


It has been a long time since we had a barn find…that would be a curveball…also they used to have a challenge in the monthly rivals races back in Motorsport 4…if you beat the time of a certain game developer …you would get a unicorn car …also for once, lets do a drift challenge to win a car…not all of the new cars have been part of challenges…sometimes you might find a car in forzathon shop and there is always the auction house…they also need to do more with Fortune Island …most of the challenges are based in the mainland.