Getting Burned Out

They’ve worked a good balance I think, no its not always convenient and sometimes its not easy but it is a balance. If you log into this game once a week you get free $$$ from the Forza Hub and you get the opportunity to win some pretty-easy-to-obtain free cars. If you do the jumps and drift zones and such, which can sometimes be a pain but once you have your 3-4 go-to cars it shouldn’t be that bad, you win wheelspins but more critically you’ll easily win the 50% car prize. Willing to tackle Playgorund Games and The Trial? You’ll win THOSE cars as well as win the 80% prize.

That’s a lot of stuff for like a few hours worth of effort per week, and if you do it consistently you get the seasonal bonus as well at the end of the month.

It sucks if you can’t login during the week…that indeed is kinda lame but you know that everything you see each week will eventually roll around again.

Try Sugar Pigs Can Fly Offroad in an A Class vehicle, Unbeatable, no Rewinds. That’s my new track!

It’s just a Medium level difficulty in A class Unbeatable.

I did a couple of the races this week with my wheel, completely different game and much more dependent on the car I choose to drive. The AI still slows down a couple of times give you a shot if you’re in a very low-in-class car but its much harder without a maxxed-out vehicle as the wheel is, well, unforgiving. Had to use the rewind feature a couple times. Just saying, it can make it a different game if you roll with a wheel versus controller…