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Game Crashing

There are a variety of reasons for game crashing. To investigate these cases we need users to submit a ticket at Forza Support. Read through the following article for troubleshooting steps and then use the link at the bottom of the article to provide your details for investigation:

I took a few days to create a track and used 100% props.
Every time i go to event creation → choose route and try to edit my saved route it starts loading but crashes at the end.

@KVFIR please review the Getting Started With Troubleshooting guidelines and submit a ticket directly with Forza Support:

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I’m posting a complaint. Horizon 5 keeps crashing to desktop at least once a night. I’m almost expecting it to happen now. It’s not an issue with any other games so it’s not a hardware issue (xbox). It feels like a RAM issue where it hits the 8 gig range and just ends itself. Glitches out. I’m not the only one with the problem either.

I’m not spending $500 to buy a “series X” or whatever. I’ll wait until the next gen of console proper before dropping cash on a new system. Problem is, I can’t recommend this game anymore. It’s a mess and getting worse.

As a footnote it’s especially expected to happen during a session online, or online racing a custom track list. Although I have had it soil itself while flipping around in the tuning screens.

Not good.

Read me. This is not something I can post a ticket about. I’m giving you a heads up. It crashes to the Xbox desktop and it happening more often across the racing community. Trying to bury it is not good. Tone down the menu graphics and the sillyness (confetti and dancing and whatever) and get the performance range needed on the tech you are running this on.

I like your game and I want it to succeed. But there’s a lot of smh moments in what you are doing.

Every time when I do race event and switch cars the game crashes

If you’re on PC it might be a driver issue. i reverted to the previous driver version and I never saw any crashes since.

I tried to complete the seasonal buggy championship and I tried to take a photoshoot to some cars. Game crashed out of blue. Any idea why?

@GMSTRMND please go through the steps in the top post.

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If this is a fresh issue that has appeared in the last 24 hours, check your Windows Update as there is a Windows 11 Update out there just now which, if not installed, is something known to cause problems across the board as some bits of Windows are in the “update queue”. Standard problem with Windows, especially around Patch Tuesday.

Are you using raytracing ? If so try lowering it, mine always crashes if it’s maxed when going to photo mode but lowering it solved crashing for me.

How they know is the automatic checking and, in some cases, pre-loading, that goes on in the background, same as with Windows Update. That’s why I jumped straight on WU, because yesterday was Patch Tuesday which is notorious for causing issues, and unless you see the notification then you don’t realise that the update has been pre-loaded and is busy conflicting with the existing windows installation.

Depends on how you set things up, I think, you can have at least some set to automatically download. But there is quite likely also a preload subroutine set up and running ready for when you hit the “download” button, so that could interfere as well even though that’s just the updater software preparing everything before yo even start to download.

I don’t know the ins and outs of these programs, but it does hint towards the amount of variables involved. So if any game suddenly decides not to work, after working before, then the first port of call is “what’s changed” because unless something suddenly got corrupted then something, a driver, WU, even a game update, has triggered a conflict, and that goes all the way to doing the one thing so many don’t do called updating the BIOS as even that can have an effect on things.

For those who are getting this error message in included picture

what worked for me is: Turn off Real Time Protection from Windows defender (or any third party Antivirus software)
End “Msi Afterburner” proccesses (with RivaTuner statistics server)

Done, game is working properly again.

I was trying to fix this for 3 days… Hope this helps most of you

Real time protection is on here with windows defender, shouldn’t need turned off at all. What MIGHT be needed is to whitelist the games to make sure there’s no interference with that game (irrespective of what game it is) as you don’t want to turn off protection only to forget to turn it back on in the future. That’s what I had done, no turning of protection on and off. Afterburner is a known issue, why MSI and T10/PGG aren’t working to sort this out is beyond me as we’re talking a significant number of gfx cards here that can be affected.

bro my screen load but then it closes then on fh5 on steam says play after just clicking play

Oh, it’s on Steam. First thing you need to do is look for what has to be turned OFF in the Steam client, Steam is notorious for causing conflicts but most can be solved. The way the client can override settings from joypad upwards is rather shocking, so you have to turn off so many things to ensure that the Steam client is not “taking control” and causing issues. Had it happen when the client was open but no game was played via Steam, look to see what all the steam client settings should be, make sure they are set correctly, then get back.

I cannot submit a ticket as the support site instantly signs me out upon signing in (or to be more specific it redirects to and does not sign me in to the support site).
I am at the point of executing a charge-back via my bank as the game is not playable and no support is provided.
Is there anything I can do here to get actual support before initiating a charge-back?

Looks like I’ll have to charge back since tickets can’t be filed and posts here are ignored.