FH5 Crash reports after May 2024 update

Crash reports after May 2024 update

Reminder: all reports specifically about game crashing should be done at Forza Support by submitting a ticket so that the team can investigate your specific account issues. This topic is additionally being opened to monitor for any common causes related to crashing, but it does not replace reporting crashes at Forza Support. Read either article below and click the link at the bottom of the article to submit your ticket.

Remember to include the following details when submitting a ticket and posting here:

  • Your game version (which should be *.646.267.0 after the May 21 update)
  • Your game edition and device (such as Premium or Cloud, Windows/Steam/console (and which console)
    • Your PC GPU and driver version, framerate settings, Accessibility settings
  • Account permissions and sharing
  • Your region and language setting
  • Where the crash occurs (launching the game, in a particular menu or game mode)
  • Which car you were using and what you were doing at the time of the crash
  • Whether this is consistent in the same circumstances or apparently random
  • Video of the crashing if you can provide it
  • Confirm that you have attempted to quit/restart your game and whether that cleared the issue.

When posting here, confirm that you have submitted a ticket at Forza Support.

New topics about crashing will be merged here, which means your subject line will not transfer, so be sure to include your details in the body of your post which you can edit after the post has been merged.

mine is crashing too, since yesteday update i couldnt open the game.

Please provide the details listed in the first post.

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not sure if in in the right place
i was playing fh5 the other day on-line and the game crashed. now the game just wont start and kicks me to desktop. i’ve tryed everything re-intall, drivers and i even put a fresh install of win10 on and the same thing happens. im not band. my computer specs are fine been playing for years. it’s like my online data been corrupted . any help please

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It’s crashing on Xbox as well. Just crashed twice for me within 20 mins @T10ManteoMax


This topic is being closed so we can keep a fresh account of issues after recent updates may have resolved them. If you are still experiencing crashing after the June update please add your information to the new topic:

As always, crashing issues should be reported directly to Forza Support via ticket so your case can be investigated.

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