Fujimi Kaido (Forza)

+1 on this.

I’m not going to expect anything until it’s officially announced, that’s a recipe for disappointment. But maybe they can do what they’re probably going to with the nurburgring.

Launch with the standard circuit and add the longer section everyone cares about as an extention to the existing circuit. Honestly, linking Fujimi to Hakone would be a cool way to add a new spin to the track while still being able to stay faithful to the original.


Just here to say bring back Fuji.


Fujimi Kaido is one of the most missed, highly requested tracks of the series and it NEEDS to make a comeback! The OG fans would have a heart attack if we saw it in game. Please please please!!!

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I had PlayStation since it launched, was a diehard PlayStation fan. I didn’t like the ergonomics of the Xbox controller and over all didn’t want an Xbox. After GT taking a long hiatus I was playing forza 4 at a friends and realized how great it was. Endless hours of sliding down fujimi kaido old downhill were logged that summer (maple valley for racing). Those two tracks literally caused me to sell all my PlayStation equipment and make the switch. Please for the love of god bring back this track.

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This track is top 5 ever in Forza for me & My dad (been playing since Motorsport 1), please add it!


I actually belive that is what they are exactly what they are doing

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Fujumi Kaido is one of the most requested tracks in forza. Although there is no Ford transit to drive. I’d be happy instead they actually listen to the community and add this circuit. Long overdue.

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You can vote here :

This track shoud never have left Forza Motorsport


Please add the fujimi kaido I really don’t care about anything else it’s the best track you have ever had and for some reason you have chosen not to include it for three releases. Please give us what we want we paid for your game now release the thing we have been asking for since forza 4

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This track would be amazing, as someone who is a big fan of touge racing, I think this would bring in an entire community of touge fans. Having an actual Touge course in Forza would be incredible.

As possibly the best and most challenging track ever put into a Forza game, I think it’s about time for a resurgence. Bump


I know lots of people that bought FM4 and Xbox just because Fujimi Kaido. This was the best Track besides Nordschleife imho.
It would be fun, if Turn 10 would implement “Tougue”-Races and Regulations. Best would be if they could make “DLC”-Like Release of the Track including some cars from the Japanese Tougue Culture.


this was my absolute favorite track when I was a kid, and now I’m watching Initial D and it legit hurts that there isn’t even a track resembling a downhill mountain track.

As much as it stings seeing as I’ve already spent $100 on the game, I’d pay good money for Fujimi DLC. Seeing as there are no drift mechanics currently in the game -MAYBE- juuust maybe- they’ll give us Fujimi and a ‘drift’ DLC add-on. They’d rake in the cash. Every once in a while I boot up FM4 just to replay that track - man I miss Fujimi. Been wishing for it on every release since


if they make it a paid dlc ill uninstall forza and never touch it again. One of the top 3 most requested tracks for a decade andif they hold out to make it paid extra content its just a slap in the face


paid dlc? after $100 spent?? bruh i spent $0 on this game and i’m outraged at how bad it is. They’ve also made it clear that tracks will be free updates.

not to like jump down your throat but just saying, people being way too willing to throw money at bad games for no reason is the reason they keep expecting to make money by making bad games.

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After all the votes this game should have been a launch title but looks like turn10 aren’t interested in giving the community what they want.

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