Forum petition got the kaido back once, how bout we try again?

Hi everybody, so for those of you who were around for the early forza installements, you sure remember the infamous “fujimi kaido”

for those who don’t, here’s a little story for you

So the fujimi kaido was a point to point street course in forza motorsport, the first.
Drifting just began to become a thing at the time, and I think Initial D was still airing back then.

So this was basically where the forza drifting scene was born, I was part of it and it was great, had a few sessions with BLKJ at the time, just created “garage 世田谷 (se ta ga ya - won’t let me write the word)”, which was the very first “commercial tuner” in forza motorsport community. The reason why I did that, was because I really loved the kaido downhill course and I wanted to make it high on the leaderboards, and I was trying to make up for my lack of driving skills by learning how to tune cars, which was also, as it turned out, a great way to make credits if you couldn’t paint.

Anyway, back on topic, the kaido was the place to be, the birthblace of FM drifting and tuning community, a major part of forza’s lore if you will.

Because it was a pont to point course, it wasn’t featured in forza motorsport 2, and that felt like a little bit of a let down. The community was still relatively small at the time and we kinda stuck together, against the hords of dedicated GT fans (although we do love each other in reality <3 ) So that was a time when the community had a great say in how the game ultimately became (storefronts, other game features were directly inspired by us, the players)

So there was a petition, on forza’s forums back then, it had a lot of support, a lot, and it started a discussion about how could T10 bring the kaido back, the idea was to make it a circuit-like course by linking together two roads, the original kaido, and a road back up the mountain to the original starting point.

and that’s exactly what happened in forza 3.

this video still gives me goosebumps for so many reasons, and in many ways, that was a time when I really built myself as an individual, when I realized I could somehow have some kind of an impact on the world, that drove me to become a career entrepreneur later in my life. It all comes down to this amazing community that we have, this symbolic fictionnal road course, and ultimately what brings us all here, the love of cars and motorsports.

I barely post here anymore, I moved on with my life, and however little time I spend on video games, most of it is forza motorsport.

The kaido is a symbol of our community, drifting and otherwise, it would be nice to have it back in forza motorsport games, permanently.

So how bout we do this again ? how about we come together again and make it happen one last time.

Turn 10, you guys are awesome, you made this amazing franchise for and with the fans, the kaido is a symbol of that relationnship, so please, pretty please, could you bring it back for good ? and then just leave it in the game until we all die of old age ?

thank you for reading, enjoy that great video from T10 and team blackjack

Emmanuel Gabriel, GT: Yamada Man - BLKJ Waterboy - Garage 世田谷 founder - Forza Motorsport day one veteran


God i miss those fuji days, if only T10 would listen about this.

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Best track ever for drifting, and bring back Tsukuba Circuit while they are doing that


man I miss tsukuba time attack sessions

but I hear for tsukuba it’s a licensing issue, so it might involve a lot of hassle and probably cash too just to get the license back
if they still have the kaido files, maybe they need some freshening up (which also does cost money I get it), but having it back is closer to the realm of possibilities.

but yea, in substance, I do agree with you

Problem nowadays with Forza they are lacking the Japanese Tracks and cars tbh, all I want is my MK3 Supra back in a Motorsport title haven’t had it since FM4

All for it +1 but only if it is free for everyone and goes in all the public rotations. Not likely to happen anyway.

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Speaking of the track selection in public lobbies can we only have the tracks which are good to drift on, I mean I don’t wanna be drifting on a Oval track luckily I can spectate now.

at this point, I’d take a PC mod made by some guy in a basement over just not having it.

We made it happen in the past, in these forums (well, the old T10.forza ones), so I wouldn’t give up easily, it can happen, it has happened already. Let’s keep the faith, get this thread going, I remember the first petition to bring back kaido was 50/70 pages long, and it did happen, we got the kaido back.

So if we can make this discussion going, get T10 involved somehow, and not take “no” for an answer, but rather try and find solutions as a community as to how it could happen, we might actually do it.
The idea to have a road going back up came directly from the community and this is what T10 did.

So if there are reasons why it couldn’t happen now, we need to be thinking about solutions, compromises, many minds are better than one at these exercises, so let’s keep this thread going, let’s try to get T10 involved in it, and let’s make it happen as a community.

Obviously, the game has changed a lot, some things not for the best, but everybody makes mistakes, it’s always time to make it right for the next installement, if not for this one still.

Having actually met Dan Greenawalt back in the days, I can vouch that he is just as much a passionate guy as you and I, T10 team, despite what can sometimes appear, are in the business of making great racing games that match quite well what the community enjoys. Maybe they were under the impression that the kaido did have to go, but then they made this drift update, which makes me believe that, after all, they do care quite enough about drifting to make an update about it, now the kaido is THE ultimate drifting course, so it’s not that long of a shot to believe that maybe we can have this conversation, and maybe we can, all together us and T10, make it happen.

tell your friends online to come and contribute to the thread, tell everyone you know could care about it, and if T10 staff comes along, don’t just put it in the “track request” thread, leave it here, participate, this isn’t just any track, this is a staple of forza history, it needs to be in the game, it can be in the game, especially if drifting, finally, is becoming a proper part of said game.

thank you all who already contributed, it does mean a lot

Free? lol

Yeah, Turn 10 should take some time off to remaster an epic track like Fujimi, then just hand it out for free. lol

Release it with a car pack, include the Supra, slap $40 on it & i’d be all over it.

good old days

The problem with charging is it won’t be in any public rotations. You aren’t getting a Supra because Toyota doesn’t want it n the game.

Yeah, a few Forza’s ago, we didn’t get any Porsche’s because they weren’t allowed in the game either.

Next thing you know, there was a Porsche pack available to buy.

Nice vid… brings back memories… used to be able to chain the whole downhill reverse… all I can say is with Forza 7’s issues… the only thing that will make me want to continue this series is if the next installment has Fujimi, then Im in. Otherwise Im done with Forza period. It all went downhill since 4. (pun not intended lol) No Fujimi in Forza 8… Im done. Bye Bye long time customer T10.

They don’t like petitions lol

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Please do point out an instance where it actually ever worked ?

cause the only instance that the community actually got a track into the game was that petition back in the days, the only I can remember. The track request thread never produced any results.

People would definitely be more involved in it if it actually held any weight, but it seems it’s only there to redirect valid threads into something that’ll never be looked into.

I get it, as a moderator, this is what you have to do, but as a veteran community member, I remember how we got things done, what works and what doesn’t. that thead doesn’t provide results, never have.

Sub communities, like the drifting community or tuner community, are at the core of Forza Motorsport’s success, hopefully, it’ll remain so for years to come.

much <3
join in on the fun and let’s get it done my friend


Glad to see I’m not the only one…but like the devs care.
Not sure where I spent more time, on Kaido or Schleife? Really love both tracks, know every inch of them both ways.

For me, original Turn10 tracks are a huge part of what makes Forza Motorsport series the best.
I love real tracks like Mugello, Suzuka, Road America,…, but there is something magical on the tracks made up by wizards at Turn10.
Each filled with incredible detail, incredible sense for what makes a track great, amazing varied locations, and always present, awe in realizing, this location is entirely woven from fabric pouring out of Turn10’s brains. Fujimi Kaido, Sedona, Camino Viejo, Maple Valley,… What would I give, to play ALL made up tracks from all previous Forza’s in a new Forza Motorsport on XBOX ONE.

I’ll be honest, greatness of Motorsports series stopped with FM4 in my mind. I am still waiting for a worthy sequel of the holy motornity that are FM2, 3 and 4 (yes, I wish for FM1 tracks as well, but as a game can’t really be put side by side with X360 games). Sure, the games are still great to play, but they are not special, they could have been called Gran Turismo XBOX version (if I try to be really nasty :stuck_out_tongue: ). You got a bunch of tracks from around the World, a million of cars (just wanted to throw in…I take an extra track over 100 cars any day), awesome visuals, sounds, physics and some other stuff. Career has never been a strong point and I doubt it is now (I just got an XOX over a month ago, so I’m not at FM7 yet, because I’m building up rank for loyalty rewards), Drivatars are still bad and cheating AI, they just have character now which is cool, but still nothing special. I can easily say the series is spinning in circles. Everything new and great that happens is taken from Horizon series, which in my opinion is the main series until (if ever) Turn10 makes Motorsport great again. And in doing that, they will also have to reclaim their incredible legacy of original tracks. Their attitude towards the originals has always been appalling, every new game, yes, saw new originals, but also had originals cut out. I am not sure about XONE games. There are so few now, it’s possible none has been cut out yet. Bernese Alps, Prague, Rio, Maple Valley and ?Test Track Airfield?. I love Bernese Alps and even more Maple Valley, but that’s not enough. Rio and Prague can’t make up for what’s laying on the shelves…and what’s laying there is the spirit of the game and without that, this is just a racing game, same as all the other racing games we play. But that’s just my opinion.

Just want to say to make it clear, I love Turn10 for everything they’ve done. I just don’t like where they are heading nor how they are treating the best original tracks in racing game history.

Shout out to those gone MIA (apologies if I mistakenly missed some…sometimes I forget which are real and which are made up :slight_smile: :
Alpine Ring (reminds me of certain classic NFS tracks…dang, Forza on NFS 1-6 tracks :smiley: )
Amalfi Coast (the small part of Positano location…bumper cars anyone?)
Benchmark High Speed Ring/Test Track Benchmark (I guess the least special of all. large loop and some technical variants in the center)
Bernese Alps (born in FM4, still alive and kicking)
Blue Mountains Raceway (obviously they had Bathurst in mind when making this one, with some unique parts even trickier)
Camino Viejo de Montserrat (awesome track in hills of Spain, with an extreme version combining Camino, Ladera and Iberian parts)
Fujimi Kaido (the goddess of all tracks. should be a crime to have it shelfed)
Iberian International (the curvey part that makes up Camino Extreme. nice mini version takes you to a Zen like area with a stream and cool rocks that feels more like Japan)
Ladera Test Track (the fast part that makes up Camino Extreme. great line makes a big difference)
Maple Valley Raceway (that’s one resurrection. amazing track and awesome eye candy)
New York Circuit (quite simple, basically 6 turns, but offers great racing. with chicanes on, tests your concentration…
Nissan Speedway (the oval from Sunset Peninsula if the info is right)
Pacific Shipyards (A-B track. wouldn’t be bad if they extended it with 3 more parts for a loop variant as well)
Proving Grounds/Test Track Infield/Sidewinder Proving Grounds (technical, curvy, difficult and awesome, with many different variations)
Rally di Positano (one of the behemoths of the series, along with Fujimi and Camino Extreme [so I don’t say Schleife for the obious reason], but the most difficult one)
Rio De Janeiro (not the new one, this one is more like Long Beach if you want comparison)
Sedona Raceway Park (another masterpiece. turns on this track are poetry)
Sunset Peninsula Raceway (fast and sexy…unless you give those walls some love)
Tokyo Circuit (quite easy to mess up track, with some nasty turns on the streets of Tokyo)

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Would definitely love Kaido back, it would make this game 10 times better.
About the wish list thread, Max (seems to be a helpful and fair sort) is right, thats the place to post, but…
it’s how many pages long? And people seem to think that posting 20 tracks at a time is a good idea. So pretty much evry track ever is in there multiple times. However…
If enough of us were to just go in there and only post “Fujimi Kaido” maybe, just maybe.
It’s our only hope that i can see.

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This is the most important post on this forum at the moment. I couldn’t have said it better ! I just hope Turn10 are listening because This seriously needs to happen.

Yes! Bring Back Kaido! This would make this game the one of the best of the series, They’ve been adding so much content and with the new meetup/track day addition this would be the topping on the cake! Common T10!