Forum petition got the kaido back once, how bout we try again?

I’d love this track to come back, just let them do backwards comp. on forza 4 or 3.

Bring it back please. And Toyota. And Tsukuba.

I’ll chuck in my twopence here as well. I learned to drift on Fujimi back in FM3 so it will always have a special place in my heart. So many good times!

The only track remotely similar now is Dubai mountain circuit and it’s not really that close.

Please T10, bring back Fujimi Kaido, the birthplace of so many drifters.

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Please bring this back I spent days upon days learning how to drift and learning how to drift on this track. Me and my two buddy’s would spend countless hours a day just hitting up a private sesh tandeming and touging down the mountain pushing each other to greater limits that track made me the drift car driver I am today without that track I would be nothing … And I feel a lot of people would say the same. So please turn ten listen to us and just bring it back that was likely the best thing to come out of the game. A part of me a part of all of us is on the roads of fujimi kaido. Let us reclaim what once belonged to us.


please T10 bring this awesome trackl back to FM7 (even if its a direct port from FM4)

Fujimi Kaido was my favourite by a country mile. not for drifting, more for using the slowest car agaisnt a friend with same car. its about skill and not making mistakes.
Great fun to do that.

ive been waiting for T10 to announce its release but never came. without it drifting people and weirdos like myself are slowly being squeezed from playing.

Even as a DLC i would pay to have this map back in my life

Please turn 10, bring back this amazing track !

I remember lot of race, time atack and drift sessions with friends on this track.

I am so with this!! Let’s get this petition going!!!

Turn 10 is very much aware of this, the community has been asking for it since Forza 4. If anything they will add it back for the next installment to boost sales. I wouldn’t hold my breath on it being released on 7.

Definitely bring it back I still go back to play that on old system by far my favorite track.

I really hope we see Kaido back in FM8. It isn’t likely, but anything’s possible, I guess. Everyone’s been asking for months and months and months…

It isn’t like it’s a real track. It’s a fantasy track. I’m not sure what is stopping them. They brought back Bernese Alps, why can’t Kaido make a comeback?

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#Sorrynotsorry to bring this post back up.

My college roommate from 9 years back and I were reminiscing on the past earlier tonight.
2 joints and 20 mintues later, we came to the conclusion that time attacking Fujimi Kaido in a C-Class Civic was one of our most memorable college mermories from softmore year. Between our 2 dorm neighbors and us, we managed to set pretty much all of the top lap times for that specific car/class. Making sure not to rub the guard rails more than twice, hopefully not all, and always figuring out where we could advance on the ghost. Daily tuning, etc.
Literally raced this track for hours a day, 5 days a week, for 3 college quarters, all with…1 car

Please bring this track back

Personally I cant see it happening in FM7, but FM8 could happen.

As others have said, it’s not a real world track so the only thing stopping them is the developers themselves.

I have my fingers crossed.

Not a drifter at all, I just loved driving Fujimi Kaido, doing it in a slow car felt like a journey through the mountains while attacking it in a race car was an absolute rush especially on the way down.

This, Positano and Camino Viejo Extreme are my favourite tracks in the franchise and I’d love to see just 1 of them again, especially as CV would mean we get Iberian + Ladera as well.

But I doubt it, the only created track they’ll bother with will be another disappointment that looks good when being shown off like Rio or Dubai but soon outstays it’s welcome, I loved Rio at 1st but it’s grating on me, the constant surface changes have become irritating and Dubai seems pretty poorly received on here, Prague’s the only XB1 generation created track I like and that is largely down to the scenery.

That is also a large contribution to why I love those 3 mentioned above so much, a Japanese mountain road with Mount Fuji in view + that gorgeous lake you drive past on the way up, Positano twisting and turning through a quintessential Italian village, playing Sapienza in HITMAN instantly reminded me of driving the track on FM3, whether in F class or X it was a joy, and lastly a race complex of 3 tracks through the rolling hills of Spain, those switchbacks on the Extreme circuit were epic and laps felt like they went by much quicker than they actually did because you transitioned between the 3 tracks.

Wishful thinking though sadly, PG can create an entirely new open world map in 2 years full of gimmicks, traffic and references to their real world places while T10 can’t be bothered to update 3 tracks they’ve done before (suppose 5 if you include Iberian and Ladera for CV Extreme but they’re both very small tracks).

This needs to make a come back, its about time T10 game us Kaido back in all its glory, this thread is fully deserving of a revival and is totally relevant now imo

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