We need to bring back the drifting Community one step and one person at a time!

To whom ever reads this topic on the drifting lounge forum. I had recently noticed that once a new Forza had come out, the drifting community had become less and less noticed and more judged depending on what kind of drivetrain swaps you put into our cars. All kinds of drifters should be welcomed to the community without having any hassle on what they have. To me it does not matter if you have an all-wheel-drive car, rear wheel drive car and sometimes very rarely a front wheel drive car to drift with. Us drifters make our cars the way we would like to, and in the end we are all here for one thing and one thing only… To have fun with drifting! If anyone is reading this and also agrees with me or just wants to have some people to drift with, then follow these simple steps. 1.) Press pause 2.) Then go to clubs 3.) once you have clicked on clubs now go to join new club 4.) now hit club search and then search in the club name… Team HKS 6.) Congratulations now you have successfully joined a club that will bring back the drifting community! - ahoppyhamster (Leader)


Do you guys teach how to drift? I would love to get back into this.

Good luck getting some drifters back in here, been pretty quiet recently. Bit of a shame since the community use to be huge.

I still think it had some small part to do with the snap oversteer that Forza 5 brought on without even turning on simulation steering. Without having a wheel to play with, it certainly made it more challenging and less user friendly to us controller drifters. Since that has been fixed for Horizon 2, I’m hoping at least some of those that shied away from drifting in Forza 5 come back once they realize this.

EDIT: Not to mention how fun the locations are in this game. I spent a healthy amount of time playing in and around the hangers and planes at the airport last night.

^ you’re right about the locations being fun. i wasted hours finding sections of roads i could loop over and over again. i think the drifting feels great. i was able to drift fine in FM5, but with this it’s not a constant battle with the controller. it’s really enjoyable. it’s also nice to see a fair amount of smoke this time around!

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We definetly need to get this going again. Count me in.

I definitely stopped drifting a lot in FM5. A lot of the friends that I ran with in FM4 didn’t make the jump to XB1 with me. I only got a couple hours in with FH2 last night but it feels legitimately more fun to slide in this game. I can’t wait to be able to get into it a little deeper.

edit: are car clubs cross platform?

Yeah, I pretty much went ghost after FM4 because most of my club didn’t make the jump. The community was huge back then (FM2 and 3). Anyway, I’m LOVING FH2 and the drifting has been awesome so far. This is the game I always wanted, no set track, forza simulation and cars to tune as much as I want…it’s perfect!

That being said, I’m down to join a drifting club.

im always down to drift. Currently doing a drift build too.

Can we start a thread where people just post if they are on and hosting a room?.. or if someone has found an unposted one that is worth it? Just a suggestion


I’d love to have the old, active community back, but unfortunately it’s probably not going to happen.

That’s a good idea, someone should do this.

Would it be helpful if one of us made this? Like, a separate one for 360 and X1. It might help the DL stop getting clogged up with threads that are from people making lobbies.

If people think it’s a good idea, and no one else wants to make these, I’ll happily do it later on when I get back from college.

xanhax here,

I’m all about drifting, would really enjoy getting a group of active gamers together to start a crew. I’m heavily into the Initial D type drifting with those early hatchbacks.
Hit me up on Xbox One, my gamer tag is: xanhax

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I have been drifting nonstop since FM2, FH2 i find a bit easier to though, FM5 was okay except for no public lobbies, i love drifting around the docks by nice, this is my first post after being around the forum for years.

The Ghastface is back in black. As CapnFusterCluck. Okay, you know what I mean, I’m absolutely in on this. If anyone needs help learnin’, I don’t mind helping out.
GT is CapnFusterCluck, evidently.

add me i drift but love draging my gt is snowlizerd

Could someone please tell me how to create a car club? I’m level 19 not sure if you unlock it at a certain level. I’m loving this game. Everything feels good. I’m strictly RWD but I don’t care what other peopl drift with.

In my opinion, it has slowly died not only because they keep changing the physics that we’re used to, but they also keep taking out more and more drift cars we all love.

Still waiting for the return of the S14…Never even had the Kouki in game.

On top of that, they keep putting emphasis on matchmaking lobbies. So not only do we get stuck with doing that points junk, but there is ALWAYS some twat that is just in there to make people mad. “Just kick them!” Well, we would, if the bloody kicking voting actually worked.

We need another custom lobby select screen.

All in all, it’s depressing to see the drift community die out. God, I was just a pre-teen when Forza 2 came out and I still remember how HUGE the scene was.

eh, not really missing much. virtual drama. apology threads. threads like this saying to bring back the good drifting community.

I hate to be that guy, but we all grow up, priorities change. the game remains the same.
from forza 1 to forza 5. horizon 1 - 2. test drive, juice. SRS, NFS series, Nascar 98-09.grid, points drifting to battle drifting.it remains the same to me,gets boring. especially when it was filled with immature people.

I’m all for bringing the " community " by either starting fresh with new faces or " regulars" popping up again. wish you guys the best of luck, ill see you guys on the track someday

I’d also love to see the return of the s14. Would really love to see a JZX pop up as DLC…but I won’t hold my breath for that one haha. I think the thing that will breathe some life back into the drifting community, especially in a public lobby type setting, is the game actually rewards you points for making a bit of contact. If you tap a wall, you get a drift tap bonus. If you tap someone’s car, you get a trading paint bonus - unless you full on ram them at 80mph. At least with that approach, the people who are only concerned about points will have a better time with less opportunity to lose them.