We need to bring back the drifting Community one step and one person at a time!

I’d love to drift with you guys sometimes, but I’m in a small club for my friends. I’m into all cars. GT: ix Kyubi xi

The online freeroam session’s are crap. Just random games with random people, you can’t even choose a lobby, like by name “drifting” or something like that,

Message me if somebody wanna drift online :wink:

Yeah im with u guys on this it sucks that forza seems to be getting rid of the drifters in this. i came into it a bit late on forza 4 but as soon as i started i was hooked and just dont do anythin else on this game.

Even if they were to make the car meets different so ppl could at least meet up that would be great but having everything random is just crap and seems a bit lazy and not just for drifters.

i’m always up for a drift and i dont mind helping ppl get started or with tuning

we’re a community guys we all gotta help each other and get this back to wat it once was

If anyone here hosts drift lobbies often PLS PLS invite me. I have a monster supra waiting for someone to drift in it with. Please do add up guys I love the idea of these drift meets. GT: TannerOstrich70

i want to put together a lobby add me if u wanna join up

Xb360 gamer tag bugajugs609. Drifting club sounds good

Been driftin since driftin been driftin.

Hit me up for some sliding if you are interested. I am currently in a club with friends from Forza 5, but I am always down to make new friends!

Dude, it’s insane. There is no one sliding around at all. Just people at the airport doing drag races all damn day. I miss my drifters.

My gamertag is: DoublePRODIGY x


Drifting kind of died off with FM5, due to a combination of the XB1 and the snappy physics. I can’t remember drifting in that game at all. I always loved to in FM4 and the original Horizon. I think FH2 will bring it back. I’m not really that active in the community, though.

If anybody’s playing right now and wants to drift shoot me an invite! Gt- SOMESMALLDUDE

xb1 GT: B2own i love to drift haha

The majority of the top points drifters will never come back, simply because the majority of us have life to deal with, while some jumped to GT6.
There are still a few around but they don’t really care anymore

Battle drifters just hated the track selection so they won’t jump over until FM6

Nothing but casuals left that give us all a bad name when they mob into racing lobbies acting like badasses, none of the community feels like dealing with those people anymore.

I drifted a lot in FM4, I’ve only had FM5 for a short time, I found it easy to adapt, bit H2 is so much fun, my club LSNation (LSXX) is just drifters with the motto, LS everything. You don’t have to V8 everything, the S13 with the i6 is perfectly balanced. Hope to see more drifters out there.

Im down to start drifting again, im super rusty but im always up for a drift session. Has anyone started a drift club? If not I will. GT scoobydobaru

Majority of what I did in FM5 was drifting. If I wasn’t drifting, I was painting drift replica’s. I indeed to do nothing but Drifting in FH2 as well

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We feel the same way are club has been allowing all types of drifters in not just rwd only if you can drift it why not Dont see the problem that’s where a lot of teams go wrong ! Yer to the hard core drifters rwd is a must for them but i heard we should keep drifting fun and that’s what we do and I like any team out there that feels that way so good luck with your team from us at #TeamDriftIdiot and before I get well you only drift AWD no I drift both most of the time RWD and if you don’t believe me ask the guy above if I can drift he will tell you all about me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ^this guy above is one of the best painters around check him out he might even do you some team paints if you ask nicely :joy:

Anyone here wanna start up a tandem lobby and drive around finding new spots.