Fujimi Kaido (Forza)

I had the feel the new Hakone Circuit is the updated version of Fujimi

I’m under the impression that Hakone is just a standard circuit track. Probably not related to Mount Fuji in any way.
I hope I’m wrong though.

The Hakone Region in Japan is around Mt Fuji, its also the region where Fuji Speedway is at

The cirucuit wont have Touge tracks but it will be a circuit nearby Mt Fuji


Fujimi Kaido + Night Racing + Toyota’s Forza Motorsport Return = FUN!

EDITED: + VR on PC. Come on @T10ManteoMax; the question was in future tense, but the FAQ writers were too lazy to actually answer the question by responding only in present tense. That hardly warrants closing this topic for comment. In fact, I kindly request that you re-open it.


I’d definitely rather see the version from Motorsport 3. It had much more background detail compared to the version from Motorsport 4.

Also, just as a sidenote, Fujimi Kaido gets its name from the small town the circuit starts in. Mount Fuji is not located near Fujimi.

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Yea, it looks that at least for now Fujimi wont happen
They said on lsat Forza Monthly live stream that focus was in Circuit Racing over any other type of racing, including touge

It pretty much reinforces my theory that Hakone was made to replace Fujimi

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This is the track that made me fall in love with the forza franchise. Playing Motorsport 1 at my uncles house as a kid, all I wanted to do was see how fast I could make it down that mountain. Its what sparked my interest in Motorsports.


We need Fuji back. It’s iconic to the series. Like how Special Stage is to Gran Turismo


Turn10 doesnt care about anything JDM fans want, this has been one of the most requested tracks for 4 games now and it isnt in any of them

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This track needs to come back in it’s absolute truest form with all of it’s versions with nothing removed only enhanced. I refuse to purchase Forza Motorsport 8 unless this makes the cut.

I will instead be pulling out my 360 and firing up my Physical Copy of Forza Motorsport 4 instead in defiance.

Also, Hakone will never replace Fujimi Kaido.


Have fun playing Forza Motorsport 4, its my favorite of the series as well
They confirmed no special tracks or city tracks on day 1 since they want focus on the basics of circuit racing and bulid the game from it

Japanese Car Market isnt just about the 90s cars people like to talk about, they like circuit racing a lot
FM will have Suzuka and the new Hakone, not mentioning various Japanese cars of various years

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Why isn’t it coming back? It’s an unlicensed track so that can’t be the problem :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

you mean the car models that are absolutely awful and havent been rescanned since the 360 era days (s15/fd/r32) or how they wont add the actual tracks that people in japan and other japanese car enthusiasts want like tsukuba, Fuji, Ebisu etc. they are just lazy and only focus on the european tracks since they heavily biased towards them.

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just to put into perspective did you not see the trailer they put out with the evo VI, its literally the same model untouched from FM1, its looks awful thats the level of care they put into the JDM cars.

Focus and game design, they want focus on traditional circuits at first and bulid the game from there

Vote for car models here, it really needs vote → here

Car culture in Japan it isnt just about drift, also Hakone is litteraly on same region as Fuji Speedway

Tsukuba is a fun track that i like, but there is a reason that Super GT and Super Formula dont go there for years


yes its more then just drifting, so they should the C1 Loop, Osaka loop, and rally tracks as those are some of the more popular car cultures as well…

So, you want Motorsport to be another Forza Horizon?

Japan is really known by circuit racing, in fact they do circut racing since 1950s, Fuji Speedway, Suzuka and many others hosted circuit racing for years


Then bring them on into the game. Plus its a MOTORSPORTS game, so they should have all type of motorsports lol, with drifting being arguably the biggest and most beloved motorsport from japan they should be including such tracks like they do oval tracks.

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I guess there is a hope for Fujimi after all…


This would be awesome ! I hope it will happen :slightly_smiling_face: