Frustrated Forza fan - Hoping for Updates

Hi Forza Fans,

I know this is a known issue that many people are having and I am hoping if enough people share their frustration, Turn 10 might listen. I am playing on a Thrustmaster TX and I find the gameplay extremely frustrating with how bad wheel play; to the point were I am just going back to Project cars because Forza is infuriating to drive. Understeer is god awful and trying to take any turn is treacherous, having to be extremely cautious as to not get on the acceleration until completely out of a turn.

I’m hoping that Turn 10 is working on tuning the physics as well as bringing an update to calibrate thrustmaster wheels properly (like project cars has). I used to be a huge forza fan and I really want to return but so far its not been very fun crashing at every turn.


I do feel bad for all you TX wheel users. The game feels great on a controller, there’s just no reason it should be so bad on a big, fancy racing wheel.

I hope you guys get the patches you need.


A patch isnt needed…It just has to be set up correctly… The wheel drives fantastic… This has been discussed before… Do a search… I use the tx exclusivly on forza and love it… Im highly competitive with it too… Project cars is a mess with bugs… Plus hardly any online racing to speak of becuz everyone has left the game,well most have…

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I also had the same frustrations you had until I found this setting adjustment . Check out this thread -

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Hopefully my TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition will arrive tomorrow and I will give it a try:)

That outside deadzone at 20 isn’t working for me as hinted in the link so I have to say I’m getting very frustrated as well with Forza 6. I mean, this is supposed to be the number one racing game on Xbox One right? And isn’t the Thrustmaster TX racing wheel supposed to be the number one wheel for it? Then why do both work so damn awful together???

I have Project Cars on Xbox One as well and even though the game has it’s flaws, the steering and force feedback there is awesome… OUT OF THE BOX WITHOUT ANY TWEAKING!!! In Forza 6 I have spend several hours trying to fix this damn mess: reading forum threads, watching YouTube videos, desperately trying to find a solution for this awful handling but nothing is really helping, sigh.

Flagship driving franchise, yes, agreed.

The Fanatec might be the number one wheel, but the TX is probably the volume seller to date. The new Logitech might challenge it for volume given some time but it’s still quite new.

It is frustrating trying to get the wheel feeling right. I’ve spent too many hours both using the wheel (in my case a G920) and as you have, reading forums, fan sites and YouTube videos, trying to get it right.

I’m almost tempted to buy PCars to test if my wheel is not defective. Tried Horizon 2 and it wasn’t that much better. Could try FM5 too but my understanding is that it’s pretty similar.

If you want to enjoy using your wheel I would recommend getting pcars. It does have it flaws and it’s share of problems, but the one thing they got right was the controls with the wheel.

As bad as everyone says it is ive had no issues with my mad catz wheel after changing a few settings …except no clutch pedal
Dont know where they get the initial settings from