Forza Motorsport 6 - Game/Features FAQ

Forza Motorsport 6 - Frequently Asked Questions

This thread compiles answers and source links to frequently asked questions and topics about Forza Motorsport 6. Before asking a question about a feature on the forums please read through this FAQ and use search to find existing discussion threads about your topic. And also remember to include sources whenever you bring new information to the forum. This will help other players answer their questions with confidence. This thread will be updated for accuracy after release so be sure to check back now and then. For specific troubleshooting issues info and reporting see the Support forum.

Links to topics in this thread

OFFICIAL SOURCES OF INFORMATION News section and news discussion forum
Twitter - Forzamotorsport
Facebook - Forzamotorsport
Twitch - Forzamotorsport
YouTube - Turn10Studios
Xbox Wire
YouTube - Xbox
Twitch - Xbox Games page Game page with Preorder links


See following posts for source links.

  • Release dates: September 15 | 17 | 18. September 10 for Ultimate Edition owners
  • Release time: 06:01am Pacific (13:01 UTC) worldwide for Ultimate owners, 12:01am local others
  • Console: Xbox One exclusive. Ltd. Ed. blue Forza-themed console/controller w/digital bundle
  • PC: Stream to Windows 10 PCs
  • Kinect: not required, no specific functions
  • Multimonitor: not supported in retail version
  • Wheel controllers: Logitech and other licensed peripherals that work on Xbox One
  • Elite controller: releases in October, supports paddle shifting and saved button layouts
  • Hololens: (no info)
  • Oculus Rift: supported in 2016
  • Resolution: 1080p 60fps locked (including during rain and in mirrors/reflections)
  • DX12: FM6 uses a modified DX11 engine, not DX12
  • Editions: digital Standard/Deluxe/Ultimate Editions, disc: Standard Anniversary Edition only
  • Limited Collectors Edition: none. Some European retailers include logo merchandise with Standard Ed.
  • Limited Collectors Bundle: Custom Forza-themed console and controller comes with Standard Ed. only
  • Pre-Order Bonuses: retailer/digital exclusive DLC, Anniversary DLC, September DLC Pack, Early Access
  • DLC: VIP, Car Pass, Fast & Furious Pack (available at launch), 6 monthly car packs of 7 cars each (Oct+)
  • Loyalty Rewards: gift cars for Forza Rewards & prior FM5/FH2 play & VIP, credits for prior garages
  • Demo: Free download on September 1, play to earn a Ford GT gift car in the full game. No carryover.
  • Achievements: 56 achievements for 1000 points
  • Cars: 461 +DLC at launch all Forzavista quality, 80 manufacturers, over 100 new cars mostly race cars
  • Types: Pre-war, BTCC, V8 Supercars, GP, Indy, Can-Am, Formula E, production cars and trucks
  • Performance classes: FM5 classes plus one new class
  • Tracks: 26 venues, 10 newly built/scanned, 100+ ribbons. All FM5 + Sonoma + Hockenheim + new:
  • New tracks: Rio, Daytona, Watkins Glen, Brands Hatch, Lime Rock, Monza, COTA, (Indy revised)
  • Career: 70 hours of play, 80 showcase events, six career paths, “Stories of Motorsport” focus
  • Top Gear: Top Gear track in. Hammond and May commentary, Jeremy Clarkson not included
  • Split-screen: included (no info yet on Drivatars or shared garage in split-screen mode)
  • Grid: 24 cars on track offline and online
  • Night: included on select tracks, no dynamic time of day
  • Rain: included on select tracks, no dynamic change. No night + rain tracks. Hydroplaning, materials porosity
  • Music: new soundtrack, no radio stations
  • Audio: improved since FM5
  • Assists: continued from FM5 - driving line, ABS/TCS/damage/Drivatar difficulty, new “Mods” challenges
  • Mods: Career/Free Play-only boosts and challenges, unlocked and awarded or bought with credits
  • Drivatars: carry over from FM5/FH2, new Professionalism option to restrict griefing
  • Avatar: female or male option, no paint/outfit customization
  • HUD: ahead/distance indicators included, units (metric or imperial) are like FM5
  • Garage: 600 car limit, sorted by Manufacturer & Year, no custom grouping option
  • Homespaces: Rio setting as default and a paddock garage environment
  • Forzavista: all cars at launch are explorable in Forzavista with active doors, lights, engine, etc
  • Toggles: lights etc are automatically activated by the game during races, not controllable
  • Upgrades: continued from FM5 cars can be improved to compete in higher performance classes
  • Tires: automatically changed to wets in rain if Race level, not if street/sport level compound
  • Tuning: continued from FM5 cars can be tuned for suspension, gearing, braking, differential, downforce
  • Damage: Full damage (disabled car) options or cosmetic setting. Fuel consumption is based on research.
  • Painting: Same system as in FM5, 3000 layers per side, new types like Damascus Steel and camo
  • UGC import: import vinyls, liveries and tuning files from FM5 and FH2 for matching car models
  • UGC tracking: improved file management to see usage and payouts for your designs and tune setups
  • Storefront: not centralized (works like FM5)
  • Sell cars: cars can be sold back to the game for half the credits used to buy them
  • Auction House: not included
  • Economy: credit based - earn from racing then buy cars and upgrades
  • Prize spins: win credits/cars/Mods from leveling up with XP from racing
  • Tokens: included as of Nov. 14, not required for access/achievements, visibility can be turned off
  • Leaderboards: Sort by global, region, car Division, Hardcore (no assists). Mod’d times rank ‘dirty’
  • Clubs: not included in game, but players can invite Xbox Parties to game
  • Gifting: not included between players. T10 gifts cars to VIPs and for other events
  • Leagues: new multiplayer system automatically groups players based on skill and temperament
  • Boundaries: quicksand removed, new interactive tire barriers reduce wall riding and corner cutting
  • Lobbies: users can create custom private lobbies, searchable public lobbies are not included
  • Grid: multiple ways to sort starting grid in multiplayer
  • Spectating: included, spectators count toward 24-player limit, select spectators may stream
  • Photomode: Same system and angles as in FM5 plus ability to toggle headlights and drops on lens
  • Replays: Same system and angles as in FM5, telemetry visible
  • Video export: no in game function but players can use Xbox DVR and Upload for clips
  • Pitting: similar to FM5 cars are fully repaired, no animations or repair options
  • Endurance racing: based on stints, part of career and optional in free/multiplayer up to 4 hrs
  • Qualifying: not included
  • Warm up laps: included in career mode
  • Autocross: included as part of career Showcases
  • Drag racing: Available in multiplayer, leaderboard not included
  • Drifting: Available in multiplayer and Rivals mode, game scores points per drift
  • Rally: no dirt tracks in FM6
  • P2P/hill climb: not included
  • Track Day: Passing Challenge included in Showcase events
  • Multiclass: Available in private multiplayer lobby options
  • Hoppers: Automatic rotating track selections for circuit, drag, drift, tag
  • Tag: Available in Multiplayer Hoppers and private lobbies
  • Cat & Mouse: not included as a team mode
  • Bowling: Included in Showcase events in solo mode
  • Soccer: not included

FM6 FAQ: Source Links

KEY ANNOUNCEMENTS TO DATE - Chryslus Rocket 69 - April 14 - Top Gear Car Pack - April 5 - eSports: Formula E Race Off Pro and Major League Gaming - March 25 - Meguiar’s Car Pack - March 14 - Kim Wolfkill leaving T10 for R&T - March 4 - Lamborghini Centenario on the next Forza game - March 2 - Unicorn: 2015 Lambo Huracan ST prize for Super Trofeo series - March 2 - Porsche Expansion with VIR - March 1 - Forza Motorsport 6: Apex announcement - March 1 - The Making of the Forza Motorsport Score Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 - February 25 - 2016 DICE Award for Best Racing Game - February 19 - Unicorn: 1977 Aston Martin prize for Community Bounty Hunter - February 1 - content update to fix Ford #02 DP - January 29 - Alpinestars Car Pack - January 27 - Formula E Race Off recap - January 23 - FM6 Cars Page photo project finalized - January 22 - IGN Award for Best Racing Game - January 15 - Unicorn car: 1971 Ferrari 312 P - January 8 - January Content Update - January 5 - Polo Red Car Pack - January 5 - Forza Motorsport Year in Review 2015 - December 25 - Forza Hub for Windows 10 - December 7 - December Content Update - December 1 - Mobil 1 Car Pack - December 1 - Tokens enabled - November 14 - New Xbox One Experience and 360 games backward compatibility - November 11 - Fallout partnership cars - November 4 - eBay Motors Car Pack - November 3 - November content update - November 3 - October content update - October 6 - Logitech G Car Pack - October 6 - 10-2-15 WIR - First content update Oct 6 with fixes, Oct contests, sountrack available - FM6 Launch, VIP, Car Pass, F&F Pack for sale - September 15
Forums - Steering Wheels and You - September 12 - 9-11-15 WIR - Support topics on Early Access and content on Xbox One feeds - September 11 - FM6 Early Access Launch - with Forza Rewards and Drive to Win sweepstakes - September 10 - FM6 TV Commercial - September 4 - Forza Fuel - September 1 - Demo Launch - September 1 - Livery Import Details in Week in Review - August 28 - Gone Gold announcement with Demo date, final cars, track night/weather list - August 27
Twitter/jpg - FM6 car poster - featuring an image of each launch car and Ten Year Anniversary car. - Forza Garage car reveals July 1 | July 8 | July 15 | July 22 | July 28 | Aug 5 | Aug 12 | Aug 19 | Aug 24 - Mods and Prize Spins overview - August 18 - Achievements list - August 12 - Gamescom track and feature reveals - August 4
YouTube - FM6 vidoc at Gamescom - August 4 - Forza Rewards new Tiers/points chart - July 31 - Limited Edition FM6 Console Bundle - June 23 - Week in Review - June 19 - E3 Demo - June 16 - Loyalty Rewards - June 15 - Pre-Order Details - June 15 - Forza Motorsport 6 Features - June 15
YouTube - E3 FM6 Gameplay Trailer - June 15
YouTube - E3 2015 Xbox Briefing FM6 presentation - June 15 - Jan. 16 Week in Review with video of Dan Greenawalt presentation - January 16 - Forza Motorsport 6 Announcement and Ford GT unveiling video - January 12

article - It takes 4-5 months to build tracks - September 30
article - The making of the FM6 tv commercial - September 27
article - Australia is, per capita, where Forza is most popular - September 17
article - Official Forza Fanatec Wheel coming 9/15 - September 10
article - Dan Greenawalt on the future of auto/game industry design - September 10
articles - Press review links - September 8
article - Simulating damage in FM6 - September 1
article - Ford will use telemetry data from FM6 for its race team
image - track/weather key from gamescom presentations
video - DualShockers w/Dan Greenawalt at gamescom on endurance events and Leagues - August 14
article - 110 new cars in FM6 - Gamer2GamerEvolved August 12
video - gamescom press session with menus - Gamersyde August 8
article - T10 in depth on FM6 physics - Arstechnica June 15
article - wet and night racing - Eurogamer June 15
overview - Game Informer June 17
video - Dan Greenawalt Q&A - Motorworldhype at E3
video - Dan Greenawalt Q&A - VVV at E3
video - Dan Greenawalt Q&A - Gamespot stage demo at E3
video - HD demo gameplay - gamersyde from E3
video - 1hr gameplay and Q&A with Brian Ekberg at E3
video - Dan Greenawalt Q&A - outsidexbox at E3
video - John Wendl Q&A - IGN at E3
audio - Dan Greenawalt and Matt Farah on the Smoking Tire Podcast

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Support subforum
There is a dedicated FM6 Support forum to report issues and view official comments and status updates. Please be sure to read the index thread at the top of that forum for existing information. Please use this forum for reports of unusual game behavior. General suggestions for game improvements or changes should not go here; instead use the Car, Track, and Features Wish List threads in the general FM6 Discussion forum.

Menu Bar
The top bar of the site has drop down menus for GAMES | COMMUNITY | REWARDS | STORE

  • Official Cars and Tracks overview pages for FM6 and previous Forza games.
  • News - has articles with announcements for DLC, content updates, contests, and other info. Scroll down to load older articles.
  • Forums - displays all discussion forums on the site with a “Trending Now” link to articles in the News section above.
  • Gallery - this is where to find the photos you’ve shared in the game.
  • Overview shows your Rewards score and Tier, next Reward period, and your progress on each game.
  • Redeem takes you to the page to redeem current rewards and see your cumulative rewards history.
  • Friends Compare shows your progress and Friends progress in each game and element. Click the Forza Horizon tab and press the Tab key to see older Forza games stats.
    STORE - links to overview articles and Buy pages for FM6 game editions and DLC add-ons.


  • News Discussion - threads for discussing each article in the News page plus the forums Terms of Use and Code of Conduct.
  • Community Events - photo and livery contest threads for FM6 and other Forza games, plus special event notices.
  • Content Creators Area - post a thread announcing your videos and livestreams for other users to follow.
  • Discussion with Support subforum - use Wishlists in the Discussion forum, report bugs in Support.
  • Forzatography - post a thread to share your photos and get tips on technique.
  • Paint Booth - Race and Fantasy designers share images of their work and tips on technique.
  • Tuner’s Garage - Share tips and setups for circuit and drag racing.
  • Racer’s Lounge - Meet new friends, arrange cruises, organize racing series, and join external clubs.
  • Drifter’s Paddock and Drift Teams subforum - share tuning and driving tips, set up battles, coordinate club members.
    FM2, FM5, FM4, and CLASSIC FORZA
  • Discussion forums for previous games.
  • General Xbox Gaming - discussion of non-Forza games for the Xbox platforms.
  • Off-Topic - discussion of PC gaming and any other topic that comes to mind.
  • General Automotive - discussion of racing and car culture.
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FM6 FAQ: Troubleshooting and Support

Troubleshooting general steps
If your game is stuck or shows other unusual behavior, follow these general troubleshooting steps in sequence:

  • Research: Before doing anything, research the issue. Read this FAQ, read the Support forum, read the Xbox Live Status page, read the Forza Twitter account, read the News articles, read through the posts on the first few pages of the discussion forum, and use the Search function to find existing reports of your issue. If Turn 10 is investigating an ongoing issue sometimes the only thing to do is wait. If you have access to a different Xbox One and different router/connection than your home console (such as a friend’s) you might try logging in to see if the issue persists, to isolate profile issues vs hardware issues.
  • Restart: Backing out of the game to the Press A to Start screen may clear issues and prompt delivery of messages. If you have a disc installation you also might try ejecting the disc and reinserting it.
  • Reboot: Turn off your Xbox One console completely then start up and see if the issue is fixed. For some DLC and content update installation issues, users have reported success by changing the console’s Power Setting to Instant-On with Automatically download updates enabled. Force a console system update if one is available under Settings/System. You might also try rebooting your router and modem to clear any ghosts in the machine. See Xbox Support’s topic on Xbox One Networking settings.
  • Reconnect: For multiplayer connection issues, see Xbox Support’s topic on Xbox One Networking settings. Try unplugging and rebooting your router and modem to clear any ghosts in the machine. Also try changing your console’s connection from wired ethernet to wireless (or vice versa) and back again, as described in this post.
  • Reinstall: From the dashboard, select FM6 and Manage Game and Uninstall (choose this instead of “Uninstall game and add-ons” to start; multiple users have reported that just uninstalling the game has fixed issues like crashing to dashboard from certain tracks), then reinstall the game, reboot, and restart and see if the issue is fixed. Your gamesave is stored in the cloud so reinstalling the game will not affect your progress.
  • Reset:
  • A) Reset your gamesave.* See steps below - resetting your gamesave will erase your game progress (and gift cars will not be sent again), so only do this as a last resort. You may also try deleting your local gamesave.
  • B) Reset your console* to factory settings via Settings > System. “Warning: Restoring your console to the factory default settings erases all accounts, apps, games, saved games, and settings. Anything not synchronized with Xbox Live will be lost. Your console syncs with Xbox Live automatically when it is connected with the service.” If you change consoles, see this description of the steps for restoring everything, including the sync time to recover your gamesave from the cloud.
  • Report: If none of the steps have fixed the issue, report it in clear and full detail to the developers at You may not receive a personal response but reporting may help T10 look into the issue and eventually lead to a resolution for multiple players facing your situation.
  • Request: Note that game design choices are not the same as software problems. Use the Game Features Wish List thread or email the developers to request game features you’d like to see in the game.

How do I reset my gamesave?
Resetting your gamesave may fix some game crashing issues, and it allows the challenge of starting over. WARNING: This profile reset will permanently reset your profile including: career progress, tokens, credits, liveries, and all garage cars, including gifts (reinstalling DLC will not trigger gift cars for that pack again). Only do this if you are absolutely sure you want to start over. Follow these steps:
Load or back all the way out of the game to the Splash Screen (“Press A to Begin”), and do the following: Hold down both shoulder buttons (LB + RB) while holding both triggers (LT + RT) and then press the Y (yellow) button at the same time. If done correctly, you should see a confirmation pop-up confirming that you want to reset your profile. Choose “Yes” from the menu and then press the A button to reset your profile.

Why did I get banned in the game? I did nothing wrong.
If you have received a ban then you should receive a message either in game via the Message Center or via Xbox Live message, indicating the length of the ban. See the Xbox Enforcement page and be sure to read the Terms of Use which also cover Forza gameplay. The TOS prohibit discussion of enforcement issues on the forums so the only option is to email your question with details, such as all the gamertags on your console, to the developers at You may not receive a personal response to your email, but all emails are read. Ultimately you just have to wait out the length of your ban.

How do I contact Turn 10?
Per the forum Code of Conduct, “constructive criticisms and suggestions are welcome, provided they are directed to Turn 10 Administration via private e-mail, here:” If you are communicating a problem with your game or account, provide as much detail as possible in clear language. You will receive an automated response confirming your message was received, and you may or may not receive a followup response. Some basic information questions may receive a response from the official Twitter account but enforcement questions should only be directed to the email address. A list of forum Moderators is in the Code of Conduct but moderators are not Turn 10 employees and cannot answer some game account questions. Xbox Live cloudsave or account purchase questions may need to be directed to Xbox Support at or via Twitter.

Troubleshooting links:
Xbox Live Status
Xbox One Networking support topic on
@XboxSupport Twitter account
@ForzaMotorsport Twitter account - may report recent updates - Contact the developers. Be detailed and concise, and patient.

FM6 FAQ: Hardware, Peripherals, Software Architecture

FM6 on the Xbox 360 console?
FM6 is exclusive for the Xbox One console only. (s) (s)

FM6 on the PC?

  • FM6 game software is not available to install on PC to play without the Xbox One console.
  • Images cannot be uploaded from a PC to the game’s design editor, and there is no dedicated app for managing garage cars, upgrades/tuning, or viewing in-game messages.
  • See the Xbox and Windows 10 features, which include: streaming the game from Xbox to Win10 desktops/laptops/tablets (Xbox cannot stream to Windows and Twitch app simultaneously), controller and chat through your PC, and editing Game DVR clips in the Windows 10 Xbox app. (d)
    “No Kinect driving in FM6” (s) but it can be used for Xbox One functionality (launching the game, snapping apps,Twitch streaming). (d)

Multimonitor display
The E3 floor demo uses a custom-built triple screen setup but “the retail version will not support that.” (s) (d)

Wheel controllers
The Help menu for the FM6 demo lists the following wheels: Mad Catz Pro Racing Force Feedback Wheel and Pedals for Xbox One; Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel ecosystme; Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel; Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel for Xbox One; Fanatec Clubsport Steering Wheel for Xbox One (with Forza branding). Xbox Support and your wheel’s manufacturer should have info on compatibility. See Logitech, Mad Catz, and Fanatec for licensed peripherals, and the Hardware discussion forum for user experiences. To use your wheel:

  • Plug in the wheel to a USB port.
  • Navigate to Settings on the Xbox One, then Devices & Accessories.
  • Select the wheel, select Assign to Someone, and select your profile. Wheel may appear as “Xbox One Wireless Controller”.
  • Start FM6 and navigate to Options tab, and select Controller/Wheel.
  • Choose your layout; press X for Advanced options.
    Tips on using a Wheel and Pedals
    See the post Steering Wheels and You by VoodooUomo for specifics about calibrating pedals, deadzones, differences in production car vs. race car steering lock modeling, degrees of rotation, and wheel auto vs. manual resets.

Xbox One controllers

  • $59.99 updated Xbox One controller with 3.5mm audio jack for headsets. (s) | (s)
  • $149.99 Elite Xbox One controller is available for pre-order (October 27 release). Paddles on the controller will allow for paddle shifting in FM6, and customized button layout settings can be saved to the controller. Use the Xbox One Elite Controller App from the Xbox One Marketplace to program functionality. (s)
    Virtual Reality: Hololens and Oculus Rift
  • The Oculus Rift launches in Q1 2016. "You can play your favorite Xbox One games, like Halo, Forza, Sunset Overdrive and more, on your own virtual reality cinema screen." (s) (d)
  • TBA: Hololens details
    Gameplay Resolution
    “It’s all running at a rock-solid 60 frames per second at 1080p resolution.” (s) including reflections and mirrors (s)

“The Forza franchise is built on what we call Forzatech, that’s our engine, our rendering and our physics engine, and both games are built on the same platform, and we evolve that between the two studios over time.” (s) (d)

"In an interview with the creative director of Turn10 Studios Dan Greenwalt at E3 2015 by Kal El from TiC podcast, the question came up over DirectX 12. … The Creative director then stated that Forza Motorsport 6 will not be running on the new API. The new Forza 6 game runs on a modified version of the DirectX 11 engine which is currently in the Windows 8 based operating system on the Xbox One. " (s) (d)

FM6 FAQ: Release info and Game Editions - Buy Now page - Pre-Order announcement

Release Date

  • September 15 in North America and most Asian territories. source
  • September 17 in Japan
  • September 18 in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East
  • September 10 for all Ultimate Edition owners
    Release time
  • Ultimate owners worldwide will be able to access the game simultaneously at 06:01am Pacific (13:01 UTC) as seen on your region’s Xbox Store pre-order page. (August 10 note: The console’s Store page may indicate “Play it on 9/15/2015” after purchase, but you can confirm the edition you own at in your Purchase history at Xbox Support is aware of this.) (d)
  • SUPPORT: If you have trouble launching the game in Early Access, try clicking See in Store and then Play, or delete the pre-order package and reinstall the game as per this official thread.
  • Digital Standard and Deluxe edition owners will be able to start playing at 12:01am EST (4:01am GMT) on September 15, 2015. (s)
    Pre-Load and Install Size
  • 44 GB fully installed. Gamesave and additional content updates may increase storage requirements. Digital pre-orders install about 129 MB of data on the console as a placeholder until the game is fully installed (d) (s) (s)
  • SUPPORT: For best results, wait until the game is fully installed (nothing left in the My Games and Apps download queue) before starting to play.
    Is Early Access a trial copy?
    Early Access provides the full game, and does not expire.

Pre-Order Digital Bundles
$59.99 Standard Anniversary Edition = Pre-Order Bonuses listed below
$79.99 Deluxe Anniversary Edition = Pre-Order Bonuses + F&F Car Pack + VIP cars/membership
$99.99 Ultimate Anniversary Edition = Pre-Order Bonuses + F&F Car Pack + VIP + Car Pass + Early Access play.

“Select retailers will be selling the Deluxe & Ultimate bundles around Forza Motorsport 6’s launch. Please check with your favorite retailer for details, as availability and timing of these digital bundles will vary.” (s)

Is there a discount for FM5 or FM2 VIP owners?
There is currently no advertised discount price for VIP owners in other Forza games.

Pre-Order Physical Editions
$59.99 Ten Year Anniversary Edition = Ten Year Anniversary Car Pack (+ retailer bonus DLC)
“At launch, the only hardcopy editions will be the standard “10-year” edition.” (s) (d)

Disc edition box art (see Xbox Media Assets and Amazon et al)

Limited Edition Forza Motorsport 6 Xbox One Bundle
$399.99 Bundle = custom 1TB Xbox One console + custom wireless controller (3.5mm jack update, not Elite) + FM6 digital edition code + Ten Year Anniversary Car Pack code. Custom controller also sold separately. Releases 9/15/15. Does not include VIP or Car Pass or Fast & Furious Car Pack or Early Access; retailer bonus car may depend on the retailer - Amazon’s page currently shows the Subaru as a bonus - confirm with retailer. (d) European retailers are selling this package too for release on September 18. (d)

Can I purchase the VIP, Car Pass, or car packs separately to add to my physical edition? Can I upgrade my digital edition?

  • “Fast&Furious pack, yes. VIP, yes. Car Pass, yes. Early access, no, that’s digital only.” (s) (d)
  • Contact Xbox Support if you’ve pre-ordered a Standard or Deluxe digital edition and want to upgrade to Deluxe or Ultimate. VIP and Car Pass will be available as add-ons but may cost more together than the price of the Deluxe or Ultimate bundle. Pricing will be added to this thread when announced. (d)

FM6 FAQ: Pre-Order Bonuses - Buy Now page - Pre-Order announcement
Forums - DLC overview thread

Pre-Order Bonuses
Select bonuses depend on digital vs disc edition and where the game is purchased.

  • Ten Year Anniversary Car Pack - included with all digital and disc pre-orders.
  • Team Forza Retailer bonus cars - specific models, available only from select retailers.
  • Fast & Furious DLC Car Pack - included with Deluxe and Ultimate editions only.
  • For FH2 on Xbox One: the Pre-Order Car Pack, the Alpinestars Car Pack, and the Duracell Car Pack - included with all digital pre-orders.
  • Logo merchandise - Select European retailers are including a Forza log tshirt, keychain, or hat with Standard Edition disc pre-orders.
  • Steelbook case - EB Games in Australia is including a V8 Supercars themed steelbook case with Standard Edition disc pre-orders.
    Where can I find the retailers for the pre-order bonus cars?
  • 2015 Mazda Team Forza MX-5 - digital editions only (s).
  • U.S. - Microsoft Store, Best Buy, Gamestop, Amazon
  • Other countries - Amazon, EB Games, Micromania, etc.
  • See the DLC thread for the full list of known retailers by country. Some may be added nearer to release date.
    Will I not get the Hellcat if I order a digital edition or from a different vendor?
    The regular Hellcat, MX-5, TTS, M4, Mustang, and WRX are included in all Standard editions. Pre-order owners get access to those plus a version of the bonus car with a Team Forza theme livery applied. (s) (Some retailer sites may not show the livery, but you can see the model list in the E3 announcement.) Similarly, the Ten Year Anniversary Car Pack cars are duplicates to game roster cars, but with the Team Forza livery and upgrades applied. If you don’t have the livery version DLC then you simply wouldn’t be able to buy or share a tune/design for that DLC model.

When and how will I get the FH2 DLC cars for preordering FM6?
Access to the car packs is immediate once you preorder, and as with all owned FH2 DLC you can collect each model (free the first time) for your garage from the Autoshow. (d)

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FM6 FAQ: DLC - Pre-Order announcement
Forums - DLC overview thread

See the DLC overview thread linked above for specific details on each DLC pack.

Can I purchase the VIP, Car Pass, or car packs separately to add to my Standard or Deluxe edition?
Yes, the VIP pack ($20), Car Pass ($30), and Fast & Furious Car Pack ($10) are each available for individual purchase as of September 15th. See DLC thread for info.

Does the Car Pass include all DLC? How much is it?
For $30 The Car Pass includes six specific monthly car packs, starting with the October Car Pack. The Fast & Furious Car Pack (September) or other packs are not included. (s)

If I purchase the Car Pass after I’ve purchased an included car pack, will I receive a discount?
Unlikely, since Turn 10 has not offered this on previous games and Xbox Live’s purchase terms indicate that sales are final. Unless T10 comments on this, account transactions would be an issue for Xbox Support.

I purchased a DLC pack but the cars are not in my garage.
Purchasing DLC simply authorizes the player to use the car models in the game. Once the purchase is made, DLC cars are listed in the leftmost tab of the Buy Cars menu and marked “FREE” in green font for you to collect them for your garage.

First of each DLC car free
“Like FM5 and FH2, DLC cars will be free the first time you add them to your garage.” (s) Each additional car of the same model would then cost its credit value. These Free-via-DLC cars cannot be removed from your garage but for other cars “You can sell your cars back to the game for half of what you paid for it originally.” (s)

Will all family accounts on the same console have shared access to all DLC?
Based on previous games it appears that that code assets (cars added to the Buy Cars list) will be accessible by all accounts on the shared console, but gamesave assets (first-free-car with DLC purchases, VIP icon, VIP acceleration etc) are only available to the DLC owner. See discussion with report from Xbox Support.

I have the Fast & Furious Car Pack - where is Dom’s Charger?
“This car will only be available for now via the Xbox Video Furious 7 promotion.(s) The code for this car will be delivered after the promotion ends on September 21.

Are there any plans for track DLC packs?
Unknown. Watch for announcements in the Forza Hub and in articles like the Week in Review in the News section. Any DLC announcements will be added to the DLC and Editions list thread.

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FM6 FAQ: Demo

Size: 12.67 GB
Release date: September 1, 2015
Xbox Store download link - September 1
Demo launch announcement - September 1
Gone Gold announcement - August 27
Forum discussion thread - Demo

“Fans will have the chance to experience the thrills of Forza Motorsport 6 in the official free demo for the game, which launches on September 1. The Forza Motorsport 6 demo will let players experience the most beautiful and comprehensive racing game of this generation, named “Best Racing Game” and “Best Simulation Game” of gamescom 2015. The demo features a selection of the 450+ Forzavista cars available in the full version, all with working cockpits and full damage. You’ll experience highlights from the game’s 26 world-famous locales, including wet weather and night racing, all at a stunning 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second.”

Demo-play reward car and Forza Fuel entry
“Everyone who plays the Forza Motorsport 6 demo will automatically get the new Ford GT delivered to their garage in Forza Motorsport 6 for no additional cost. In addition, the demo will kick off the #FORZAFUEL Challenge. Xbox is selecting the three fastest drivers from the US, UK, Canada, France and Germany to be taken on an all-expenses paid trip to Circuit of the Americas, Texas for the ultimate Forza challenge. Two fans will be chosen based on their lap times in the official “Forza Fuel” Rivals challenge found in the demo – your speed will earn you a place. Our third space goes to a wild card. So don’t worry if you don’t hit the top spots, one additional winner will be chosen at random, just for taking part. Note that players must complete the entire Forza Motorsport 6 demo experience before the Forza Fuel Rivals challenge will open up and be available to play.” (s) Note: This car must be downloaded from your Message Center to add it to your garage. It does not qualify for the Ford GT Achievement; you must buy the Ford GT to unlock that Achievement.

Included features

  • Tracks: Rio, Lime Rock, Sebring (rain), Yas Marina (night), Indy Oval.
  • Showcase events
  • Mods
  • Prize Spins (only credits can be used)
  • Rivals
    Not included
  • Split screen
  • Multiplayer
  • Progress and settings are not saved, so you will start over each time you open the demo.
  • Progress in the demo does not carry over to the full game. (s)[/list]
    Why is my time showing an additional second to what my lap time indicated?
    The time shown at the end is the total time, which includes time it takes for your car to cross the start line at the beginning of the race plus the lap time. Grid position and acceleration will affect the time accumulated before the lap time begins. (s)

Why isn’t my wheel controller working?
Play through the first Ford GT race with a controller, then plug in the wheel for later races. (d) (d) (d)

FM6 FAQ: Game Menus

While the game is idle in the main menu it will display a screensaver of your current car in your Homespace, which can be changed in the Cars and Options menus. Navigate left/right to move across menu tabs and up/down to select a tile.

Press X to launch Forzavista for your current car.
Press Y to see: your manufacturer Affinity progress and My Stats, Turn 10 Team Credits, Help topics, or Switch Profile.


Customize game difficulty by setting Assists and Drivatar opponent skill levels in the pre-race menu for any event.

Use the Xbox One dashboard or snap panel to see Achievements progress.

FM6 FAQ: Game Settings

The following settings are found under the main menu tab for OPTIONS.


  • Overall volume, In Race Music (on/off), Menu Music (on/off), Playback System (tv/home theater/headphones), Subtitles (on/off)
  • There is no sound mixer to control the volume of engine or tire sounds.
    Video- Brightness Adjustment for overall game image
  • Tune your hardware display by using the Xbox One Settings app to “Calibrate HDTV” in the Display & Sound section
  • The game offers 13 different Layouts for controller inputs for: Brake, Gas, Clutch, Shift Up, Shift Down, Handbrake, Switch Camera, Look Straight Back, Free Look, Steering, Rewind, Toggle Telemetry, and Pause.
  • For each layout you can also toggle: D-Pad Steering, Rumble, Switch Gear Up/Down, Switch Handbrake/Clutch, Switch Lookback Camera, Rewind on View Button
  • Press X for Advanced control of deadzones for Steering, Acceleration, Braking, Clutch, Handbrake, and Vibration Scale. Deadzones are the areas at the ends of stick and trigger motion where the game identifies zero or full input. Tip: For the most precise control, set deadzones as near to their extremes (0/100) as your controller will allow without phantom inputs.
    Wheels and Pedals
  • Plug in the wheel to a USB port.
  • Navigate to Settings on the Xbox One, then Devices & Accessories.
  • Select the wheel, select Assign to Someone, and select your profile. Wheel may appear as “Xbox One Wireless Controller”.
  • Start FM6 and navigate to Options tab, and select Controller/Wheel.
  • Choose your layout; press X for Advanced options.
    Tips on using a Wheel and Pedals, and Deadzones
    See the post Steering Wheels and You by VoodooUomo for specifics about calibrating pedals, deadzones, differences in production car vs. race car steering lock modeling, degrees of rotation, and wheel auto vs. manual resets.


  • Camera View: Bumper, Hood, Cockpit, Chase Near, Chase Far (these can be changed mid-race)
  • Camera Motion Effects: Off/On (shakes view at high speeds, etc)
  • Damage and Tire Heat: Off/On (display boxes that turn red with damage/temp)
  • Map: Off, Fixed, Rotating
  • Lap Time, Position, and Score: Off, Default, Conditional
  • Wrong Way Warning: Off/On
  • Names Over Cars: Off/On
  • Speedometer: Off, Analog, Digital
  • Mirror: Off/On
  • Distance Meter: Off/On
  • Units: Default, English, Metric (some users prefer a mix for power and speed but there is no option to set this)
  • Ghosts: Off, On, Rivals Only
  • Rewind Message: Off/On (Off does not disable Rewind ability - set this in pre-race menus)
  • Race Feats: Off/On (“Perfect Pass” etc)
  • Drift HUD: Off/On (drift points score)
    Change Homespace
    Select either the Rio outdoor patio or the indoor garage for main menu screensaver and Forzavista.

Change Driver
Choose between a Male or Female bodysuit. The helmet always stays on and players cannot paint the helmet or customize the outfit. Drivers cannot be removed for Photo Mode.

Change Badge
Choose one of the badges you have unlocked in Mastery, Milestone, Affinity, and Region. These badges display in multiplayer lobbies and over your car and Drivatar cars during race events.

Here your Mods inventory can be seen, equipped, bought and sold. This menu is available in the pre-race menu for any Free Play or Stories of Motorsport event. See the Mods topic for more details.

My Drivatar
Shows where you’ve driven to train your Drivatar. Drive on more tracks and cleanly to improve your Drivatar’s behavior in other player’s race events. Drivatar activity earns daily payouts which can be seen in the Messages menu.

FM6 FAQ: Musical Soundtrack

Heavy Metal Affliction - The making of the Forza Motorsport Score Pt. 1
Heavy Metal Affliction - The making of the Forza Motorsport Score Pt. 2
Purchase: Amazon | iTunes | Spotify

FM6 features an original composed musical score for the game menus and during driving. The theme of the music becomes more intense as the driver nears the end of a race. “Working closely with Turn 10 Audio Director Nick Wiswell and Audio Lead Chase Combs, composers Michael Nielsen and Kaveh Cohen created the sound and feel that is the perfect complement to heart of Forza Motorsport 6, the cars themselves.”

Settings for music can be found under the game’s main menu Options tab and Audio tile. There is a Master Game Volume slider and On/Off toggles for In Race Music and Menu Music.

FM6 FAQ: Message Center

The in-game Message Center is found on the HOME menu screen. Be sure to check this frequently for news and gifts. Messages can be marked read or unread, but cannot be deleted. Press the Right Bumper and Left Bumper to navigate the message groups:

Daily Payouts
These messages appear daily and show the credits you have earned. Credits are automatically added to your account.

  • Drivatar Reward - number of races and earnings
  • Design Reward - 500 CR per download, 1000 CR per Like, 100 CR per use.
  • Tuning Reward -
  • Ranked Play Reward - Completed League placing and earnings.
    Turn 10 may send information about new DLC here.

News and contests may be announced here.

Whenever someone in your Friends list beats your time/score in a Rivals event, a message will tell you who, when, where, and the new target to beat. You can launch Rivals directly from each message.

Gift cars such as the Ford GT from playing the FM6 Demo or Forza Rewards will be delivered here. They must be accepted for download in order to appear in your garage. Gift messages may or may not have an expiration date after which the gift can no longer be downloaded. In previous games, Turn 10 has not replaced these gifts so be sure you review these messages frequently.

Other miscellaneous messages may be found here, such as notification about account restrictions. If you receive a message directing you to you should generally review the Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct.

FM6 FAQ: Forza Hub

Forza Hub update announcement - March/June 2015
Forza Hub Launch Announcement - September 30, 2014
Windows Store download link

The Forza Hub is a free app on the Xbox One console and Windows 10. You can use it to review your Achievement progress, compare progress against Friends, review Forza Rewards points progress, redeem Forza Rewards, read the latest News and announcements from Turn 10, view game photos from your Friends and your own gallery, jump to DLC in the Xbox Store, and launch the the game.

Anywhere you see the “. . .” symbol you can select it to view more pages for that topic.

FM6 FAQ: Cars

Car lists

  • Gone Gold official list with “460” Forzavista cars at launch plus DLC (retailer, Anniversary, and VIP cars).
  • Alphabetical forum list showing all cars including DLC
  • online spreadsheet
  • online spreadsheet
  • Forum discussion thread
  • FM6 Car Wishlists
    At launch: Formula E, Abarth, Acura, Alfa Romeo, AMC, Ariel, Aston Martin, Audi, Auto Union, BAC, Bentley, BMW, Bowler, Brabham, Bugatti, Buick, Cadillac, Caterham, Chaparral, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Datsun, Dodge, Donkervoort, Eagle (U.S.), Eagle-Westlake, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, GMC, Hennessey, Holden, HSV, Honda, Hummer, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, Koenigsegg, KTM, Lamborghini, Lancia, Land Rover, Lexus, Local Motors, Lola, Lotus, Maserati, Mazda, McLaren, Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Benz, Mercury, MG, MINI, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Noble, Oldsmobile, Pagani, Plymouth, Pontiac, Radical, Ram, Renault, Rolls-Royce, Saleen, Scion, Shelby, SRT, Subaru,Tesla, Toyota, TVR, Ultima, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Volvo.
    DLC: Caparo (October Logitech G Car Pack), Terradyne (Fast & Furious Pack), Opel and W Motors (January Polo Red Car Pack), Sunbeam (February Alpinestars Car Pack) Porsche has been announced for 2016. (s)

Car types

  • Production cars: classics from the last seven decades plus pre-production 2016/2017 cars like the Ford GT
  • Race cars: See this grouping of the race cars at launch.
  • Classic racers: 1950s-60s Le Mans and Can-Am
  • Grand Prix: Pre-war, 1950s-1970s, 2015 Lotus E23
  • IndyCars: 10 cars across Chevy and Honda from the 2015 shedule. (d)
  • V8 Supercars: 10 cars across all 5 manufacturers in the 2015 schedule. (s)
  • Touring Cars: 10 cars from 6 manufacturers in STCC, WTCC, and BTCC. (s) | (d)
  • GT and LMP: 1990s-2014 LMP, 2006 GT1, 2009 GT2, 2013-2015 GTLM, 2011-2014 GT3 and Super Trofeo
  • Super GT: 2015 Nissan NISMO GT-R (DLC: January Polo Red Car Pack)
  • Group B rally: Metro 6R4 and others
  • Track cars: BAC Mono and others
  • Trucks and SUVs: Ford F-100, F-150 Raptor, GMC Syclone, Vandura, Transit SuperSportVan, VW bus etc
    Are there unicorn cars?
  • There were no unicorn cars in FM6 until the 1971 Ferrari 312 P was added exclusively as a reward for multiplayer League performance in January. (s) (d) (d)
  • “Tier Level Reward cars are not exclusive to the Tiers. In other words, you can still earn that 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 (Tier 6 reward) in the game, even if you aren’t a Tier 6 who will get the car for free. Our Loyalty Rewards system is designed to give our most active players access to awesome cars early – but these cars won’t be walled off from the rest of the community.” (s) (d)
  • Team Forza Anniversary and Pre-Order bonus DLC cars are duplicate models to the standard roster. (s)
  • VIP DLC cars are exclusive to that pack. (s)
    Toggles (lights, doors, windows, etc)
  • “Most cars have either full lights or DRLs on all the time. Popups down in day. Photomode, you can switch.” (s) “You can not turn on/off lights. headlights are on in the rain and at night. even in day, the Zonda’s dash is illuminated.” (s)
  • The only area in the game where doors and other panels can be toggled is in Forzavista; convertibles and other features cannot be activated in races.

Most car models (but not all) in the game are assigned to one of 30 different Divisions which are used to group cars in the career Stories of Motorsport races. Divisions may also be used in restrictions for Rivals and multiplayer League events. There is also a a leaderboard filter for showing the fastest times for cars matching your lap time car’s division. See this list of cars grouped by Division and the Events List thread for details about Career races with Divisions and PI limits. Car Divisions are not shown in the garage or Rent/Buy Cars menus within the game.

Car specs

  • In a custom multiplayer lobby users can filter eligible cars by Performance Index, power, weight, drivetrain, engine layout and configuration, cylinders, aspiration, Region (North America, Europe, Asia), Country, Type (Production, Pre-Tuned, or Race), Manufacturer, Make, Model Family (Silvia etc), Division, or Year. Only power, weight, drivetrain, an engine position are indicated in the garage and Rent/Buy Cars menus.
  • Cars are given a Performance Index which ranges from 100 to 999 and changes when upgrade parts are installed. PI ranges are grouped into ten classes (E, D, C, B, A, S, R, P, X) which group cars of similar performance levels together. However, the PI number is a single assessment of the car’s lap time around a virtual test track (see description below) and do not indicate guaranteed performance on every track.
  • Performance attributes for Speed, Handling, Acceleration, and Braking are shown in numbers from 3.0 (slowest/weakest) to 10.0 (fastest, strongest). These numbers too indicate potential performance and not an exact comparison between cars.
  • Benchmark data for acceleration time, top speed, braking distances, and lateral g’s can be seen in the Tuning menu and change based on upgrade parts and tuning settings.
  • “We display standard manufacturer curb weights in the UI - i.e. wet with no driver. the backend sim uses more detailed numbers.” (s)

Collecting, Buying, and Selling

  • All cars can be driven for free in Free Play
  • Cars can be received as free gifts from T10 via Forza Rewards, Prize Spins, VIP membership, or contest prizes
  • Players cannot gift cars to other players
  • “You can sell your cars back to the game for half of what you paid for it originally…” (s)

How is a car’s Performance Index (PI) calculated? How realistic are the driving characteristics?

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FM6 FAQ: Buy Cars and My Cars Garage

Rent vs Own cars

  • “All 450+ cars can be used/rented from the start in Free Play.” (s)
  • Cars can be rented for designing a livery and sharing the file for others to download.
  • Cars must be bought or received as gifts to be added to the My Cars garage for use in Career mode.
    Can cars be shared or gifted between players?
    “Currently there’s not a plan to do clubs, and a lot of those features that were listed from Forza 4, that’s not currently where we’re going…” (s)

Can I import my garage cars from other Forza games?
No, but you can receive gift cars as a reward for previous Forza game ownership and gameplay. See the Loyalty Rewards announcement. Designs and tuning setups from FM5 and FH2 can be imported if the car exists in FM6, see the Tuning and Paint posts below. (d)

Where will I collect my gift cars?
Gift cars are sent to the game Message Center where they must be downloaded in order to be transferred to the player’s garage. Loyalty Rewards gift cars are deposited directly to your garage at the start of your game.

If I purchased a DLC pack will the cars go directly to my garage?
DLC cars can be found in the Buy Car menus first tab and marked “FREE” to buy for your garage the first time for each model. Thereafter each car costs credits like the rest of the roster.

Is the car selection menu control more like FM4 or FM5?
Cars are presented horizontally by manufacturer and vertically by year for each manufacturer. Menu options allow you to sort them by year, class, or manufacturer, and filter by class and drivetrain, and Not Owned.

Garage options
600 car limit, no grouping available (s) | (d) (d)
Aspiration, Car Type, Model Family, Region, Country, and Division are not shown or sortable in the garage menu. Custom filters in a private multiplayer lobby can be used to show the current car’s information. See also this list of cars grouped by Division.

FM6 FAQ: Homespaces and Forzavista

The Homespace is where your current car is shown in screensaver mode on the main menu and in Forzavista. You can change your Homespace between the Rio outdoor patio or the indoor paddock garage from the OPTIONS tab in the main menu.

Find the Forzavista menu in the CARS tab of the main menu, or press X anywhere to launch it.

  • Forzavista is an up close mode enabling you to open a car’s doors, hood, and trunk, get in the car, and look at each point up close. Use the controller sticks to move around the car, and press the left stick in to move from high to low viewing angle.
  • Active icons: Anywhere there is an “i” icon you can select it for detailed info on that part of the car. A color wheel will enable you to paint the car, and a crossed wrench will allow you to install parts that affect aesthetics as well as performance (rims, lowered springs, aero, quick upgrade to the top of a class).
  • Engines can be revved from inside the car but not all cars allow you to open the hood.
  • Press Y for Photo Mode.
    Will more Homespaces be added to the game after launch?
    There have been no releases or announcements of additional homespaces after launch.

FM6 FAQ: Upgrading

Forza’s upgrade options allow you to change the look of a car and improve its performance within its class or in a higher class. In general reducing weight improves performance but sometimes a heavier part can provide stability that helps acceleration, or reduces the overall PI in the car class to make room for another part. Some cars have fewer options but in general the upgrade categories and groups are the same for all cars, will varying specific impact on each car model. To tune gearing, suspension, brakes, or aero the car must have an adjustable (Race level) part installed. Parts cost credits to buy buy once owned they can be removed and reinstalled for free. Bought parts are assigned to each specific car, so if you had two Vanduras you would need to buy a camshaft for each, etc. Installing a conversion will uninstall some related parts the Engine or Drivetrain (differential).

Find the Upgrade Shop in the TUNE tab of the main menu. From the Upgrade Shop you can press X to Tune car, press Y to Test Drive, or press the Show button for the Setup Manager where you can load your own tunes, find shared tunes for the current car, and sync and import FH2 and FM5 tuning setups.

When reviewing each part for upgrade you can toggle car ratings (speed, handling, etc), horsepower and weight, and benchmark data for 0-60, top speed, braking, and lateral g’s to see how the part will affect your car before you commit to buying or installing it.

Quick Upgrade
For a fast upgrade you can have the game decide which parts to install to bring the car to the top of the target class. This will not install aero, body kits, rims, or drag tires.

Change your horsepower and torque, engine response, and overall weight with these parts: Air Filter, Manifold, Fuel System, Ignition, Exhaust, Camshaft, Valves, Displacement, Pistons, (charger if installed), (intercooler if installed), Oil, Flywheel. Installing a turbo or supercharger on a naturally aspirated engine or vice versa will remove some installed parts as applicable.

Platform and Handling
Brakes, Springs, Anti-Roll Bars, Roll Cage, Weight Reduction. Changes to these parts at Race level have a visible effect on the car. Brakes, Springs, and ARBs allow for tuning.

Clutch, Transmission, Driveline, Differential. Sport and Race transmission allow tuning gears. A new differential will have to be bought and installed after an AWD or RWD conversion.

Tire Compound - Street, Sport, Race, and Drag. A purchased width will stay installed for any installed tire compound.

Are there tires for wet conditions? What if my tuning setup doesn’t include them?
“We automatically change the tires, if the car has race tires. If it has street tires, they are used in wet, dry and cold.” (s) PI and tuning does not change based on this automatic setup.

Buying a rim will unlock the ability to change rim size. Three rim styles split up rim models so be sure to check each one for a manufacturer and model. Rims come in 5 relative weights, and the same rim may be 4x as heavy on a large car compared to the same rim on a small car. Prices range from 3400 credits for a set to 3700 credits for the lightest rims.

Wheel offset
There is no option to change wheel offset, though this may appear to change depending on the rim used.

Body Kits and Aero
In general most cars have a Forza front bumper and Forza rear wing for adjustable aero. Some cars have multiple hood, sideskirt, bumper, and wing options from aftermarket brands.

Change Aspiration to turbo or supercharged, Drivetrain to RWD or AWD, or swap in a different Engine.

Blowers and Hoods
There are no upgrade parts to add a blower through hood. Dom’s 1970 Charger (DLC) is the only car that has this feature.

There is no Nitrous boost in FM6 as used in Forza Horizon 2 Presents: Fast & The Furious. - see discussion thread.