Forza Motorsport 4 Digital Download

Hey just wanna know why fm4 is not available via xbox live store because its anoying i wanna play and buy th game online

I agree. Once I got used to playing games off the hard drive I hate having to mess with optical discs.

Really sorry for the off topic comment but just wanted to quickly see if anyone else having issue and can’t post a topic to the forum here? Mine is greyed out… Haven’t posted in a very long time and haven’t done anything wrong so I shouldn’t be banned. Just curious :confused:

To reply on topic, pretty sure you will never get a chance to download it, it would have been removed from the msoft store front ages ago, they removed fm7 a bit ago and it’s dlc’s which I took advantage of the deal of the complete game and dlc’s sale before they removed it

Personally myself I forked out a little bit and bought a brand new unopened fm4 limited collectors edition from ebay in my country. I’m really surprised it’s unopened, shows good photos and I’ll make sure it’s sealed when I get it or I’m getting my money back lol. As long as the codes aren’t used and I should be able to use them to download the dlc, as for servers, I’ve heard some sad and worrying reports they are down and t10 as usual, gives no heads up or warning to their players of they’re shutting the servers down, quite disgusting imo. Very unprofessional.

Even if you got a used game, you won’t get the dlc since the codes are used but at least you’d get to play it, literally the goat of forza motorsport.