Forza Motorsport 4 Limited Edition DLC do not work

I opened a brand new sealed copy of the limited edition and I tried the codes, none of the 3 codes worked.
Anyone can confirm so I know its not only me?
I am 50-50 on wheter my codes just dont work or they disabled all of them

Hi Dan. Don’t give up just yet. Where you try to redeem the codes might make a difference. As in try on Xbox360 and PC. I got given a copy of FM4 in 2019 that had been a rental copy for a video store (yes they did exist), so would have been used by dozens of players.

Anyway, I wasn’t expecting the codes on Game Add-On card to work (given that FM4 has been “End of Life” and that “Download code valid for one-time use only”) but I tried anyway.

Now the BMW M5 Fan Pack just wasn’t and still isn’t in the FM4 marketplace BUT the BONUS TRACK PACK and LAUNCH BONUS CAR PACK codes did work for me. I think I’m very lucky.

Plan B - you’re positive codes haven’t been used before? You’re profile squeaky clean? Lodge a ticket with Microsoft saying you a having trouble redeeming codes.

Plan C - IRL find someone that has the track and invite them around for diner.

Plan Z - play with what for have got. It is still possible to get Top 2000. Serious. Most players/profiles do not post a time on every track for every class between F and X. I haven’t as yet but slowing getting there (top 1500 as at August 2021). Use the favourites and top scores to race and follow ghosts. Don’t expect top 100000 in every race - on some tracks it is OK to finish a minute (or more) behind “ONR Chronic R6”. Want a challenge? Add this player as a favourite - AftBeatle52919 - start with Rivals, then Drag and see how you go. (BTW Aft went with Plan C)

I’ve got plenty of races to do before needing the test tracks.