Forza Horizon 2 Porsche?

Does anyone know of a possible chance of Porsches being available in forza horizon 2, when does the ea license expire with them?

[Mod note 6/13/14: “Porsche will not be featured in Forza Horizon 2, but the game will feature a diverse selection of more than 200 cars from your favourite automotive manufacturers.” - IGN AMA. MM]

Porsche won’t be in the game.

How do you know?

Don’t ask a question if you don’t want the answer, son.

Porsche is %99 likely to NOT be in FH2. If Porsche is gonna be in FH2, I guarantee you T10/PG/IGN will announce it before launch. No point in making a thread asking a question when a definitive answer is not possible…


Well that’s what people said about forza 4 and look what happened so don’t be surprised if we do get it. So calm down no one asked you to even comment on my thread.

ok, here’s the thing, Porsche was a one time thing on Forza 4, and is exclusive for EA’s Need For Speed games, so the only game Porsche will ever be in after Forza 4’s Porsche Expansion is every Need For Speed game after it, just forget about Porsches anyways, they all look the same pretty much, if you’re gonna get any type of porsche then its gonna be RUF lol

Porsche is throwing a hissy fit I think. if what i’m hearing is true, they aren’t letting anyone put them in games. iracing has the “ruf” race cars…


Is their a source available, that shows whwre you got this info?
Not that I don’t believe you, just curious to read their reasons.

Dan said the porsche pack for FM4 was a one time deal.

Ah, now you’ve hurt my feelings…

Look, the record shows that we won’t get Porsche. If we do, hooray! If we don’t, I couldn’t care less. I love a lot of cars that never make it into Forza. You don’t see me making threads about it…

We’re likely to have RUF back. And highly tuned and improved Porsches are better than the standard Porsches anyway…

God please help us! We need to have a Porsche in FH2.

There is always a chance to have a Porsche Pack in Horizon 2. T10 knows that a lot of people will buy this pack even if it’s more expensive than the other ones (I know that the question is how much EA will ask to let T10 to add it). Anyway if the game is good and has good reviews I will buy it even without Porsche but I would be extremely happy if they add a Porsche Pack.

And ok maybe all the Porsches are the same but at the same time they are unique. Handling, sound and quality is exceptional.

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Why do you guys insist on doing this to yourselves?

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Flagship racing titles deserve only the highest of expectations. Why does it bother you?

What bothers me is the number of you I will have to ban and moderate later because you’ve worked yourselves up into a frenzy over your own unfounded speculation. Left alone, you guys will run rampant with this sort of nonsense until you’ve convinced others it is somehow true and when the release of the game ends up disappointing the expectations you’ve given them, we have mayhem on the forums.

You know it is exceedingly unlikely that Porsche will return to the Forza series in the near future and you know why. Winding yourselves up over it serves no one any good purpose at all.

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Thank you, like I just asked a simple question and now everyone’s arguing about it like come on guys it’s not that serious.

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It can be bothersome because “I want Porsche” hidden in the form of a question or “RUF isn’t Porsche” or “[company] is evil” derails substantive discussion on how business and this industry actually works and why these things happen. And then you have the conversation turning into complete speculation which in turn spreads into rumors and a month later you have new players coming in claiming T10 said this and that and accusations of lying. That’s bad for the community.


Couldn’t the same happen for any discussion of features yet to be confirmed though?

The real reason (that I heard of) Porsche is in non of the big racing games / sims is because EA has the exclusive license to use Porsche vehicles in their games (last few NFS games always had them.) When Forza 3 came out that deal wasn’t made yet, but at the time Forza 4 came out the license went to EA. Turn10 then paid EA a large amount of money to get a ‘one-off license’ to put Porsche in Forza 4 as DLC. They could do that again i’m sure, but this just makes Porsche very very expensive to get in the game compared to let’s say ferrari or Lamborghini. (EA pay’s a lot for exclusive license, T10 then pay’s even more to get it back.)

The difference this time, that I can see, is that EA might not come with a NFS title this year. That might give other developers the chance to maybe get the the Porsche license for a cheaper price since EA doesn’t need it anymore. But that’s only maybe…

If your suggesting that we should lock all thread that are just pure speculation, I would like to very much concur.

It’s assuring to know that isn’t your intention.