Porsche might come early 2017

this is a nice link i found!

I was just looking at this. Hope this means no more expansion packs and that they’ll just be included finally.


Yeah i hope it will…
We could allready spot 2 porsches in their videos and pictures so they might allready be in but not given to us :wink:

This is good news. :slight_smile:

It’s a christmas miracle :')

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Perhaps we will see Porsches as DLC starting in 2017 then, I still think it will be an expansion, unless they spread them out over several packs…

Would really rather have Porsche car packs and a map expansion.

"We’ve been scouring the web and haven’t found any other official statements concerning this, so at the moment, we can only call this a rumor. "

Even if EA does give it up, it does not mean we will get it faster. What makes you think that? What if Sony or another company buys the license? No guarantee MS will, so we could still be in the same boat. They probably already made the deal anyway with EA. Sony would love to put something in GT that Forza does not have if they ever get it finished. Pretty sure that’s what happened to the Japanese tracks.

Lee, Porsche is not renewing exclusive licencing as they claim it is no longer in their best interest to do so. Thus, anyone who pays the fee for licencing will have access to Porsche.


Thats exactly what i read too, no more porsche being exclusive to one company. Anyone, im guessing from 2017 forward, will be able to access the porsche licensing be it turn10, polyphony digital, codemasters etc…

EA doesn’t have the license anymore. Assetto Corsa just released 3 Porsche packs.

I hope we can get some more German brands in Forza. We’ve missed on Porsche and Volkwagen this year.

all this info needs to be true!!! Please Santa

All I want is the 928s4. please I am probably the only one but I can dream. This will make me very happy

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I have a high respect for that car. That car got Jeremy Clarkson to the hospital to see his dad before he passed on. Granted it was a coincidence he had that car on test that week. But he reported the car was happy cruising at 175, and at that time, he wasn’t sure if there was another car more suited to make the run he did.

That was from the Patagonia special I think. Its when they had the 928, mustang and espirit in South America.

That brings up tears just remeber how emtional Clarkson was for those brief moments speaking of that day.


I didn’t know Porsche said that. This EA dropping the Porsche license story has been around for months with little confirmation.

Please, not Porsche again…-.-

Are ye Jeremy Clarkson ?

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Damn, Hammond!. Take your Porsche and get outta there !

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