"porsche not coming to H2" -single tear rolls down face-

I understand the issues with bringing porsche to a Forza game i guess I/we all got a bit spoiled when it came to forza 4
Ruf is always a great company
just hurts to see all the complications with bringing porsche back to Forza i really wanted to drive the new GT3 or a old Turbo the rufs are great they just arent the same

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I agree. Too bad EA most likely wont let that go.

Don’t think FH2 has fire & explosions implemented so they couldn’t recreate the GT3 :slight_smile:


In the end it is really about us convincing Porsche themselves to add their cars in Forza.

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I agree, too. While Ruf makes some really sweet cars, they are not the same as Porsche. I understand the licensing issues preventing us from having both in FM5 and FH2, and I’d like to be able to do something about it. The reality is, unfortunately, I cannot do anything. So, I’ll enjoy what we do get until the situation changes. (If by some incredible fluke, I gain the power to change the licensing snafus around Porsche, I will, but I’m not holding my breath.)

Personally, I don’t like Porsche so not seeing it isn’t a bother for me, but I have friends who love Porsches. I don’t get why they won’t just implement more Ruf variants? RuF has made Cayenne versions, more 911s, etc. They could easily add all of those types of cars in. They wouldn’t be the same as a genuine Porsche, obviously, but at least give Porsche lovers something close to it.

I wish Porsche would let someone other than EA have their cars in a game.
Why would they want their cars to only be in Need for Speed, anyway? It seems like they would want their cars to be in racing simulators (such as FM and GT), instead of a game where you’re encouraged to crash into Porsches.

I haven’t played Forza 3 since I got Forza 4, and I didn’t buy the DLC for that, so it’s been a while since I’ve driven a Porsche in Forza, but it feels like the RUFs have a lot less weight at the front.
The Porsches always felt light at the front, of course, but I can’t drive any RUFs in Forza 5, because whenever I go over a hill of any kind, they do a wheelie and fly off the track.

I miss Porsche.

I used to think that, until I started working with Porsche (I want to stress WITH, not FOR, here).

What they want is the most exposure possible, and Forza cannot provide that. Not because it’s not a great game, but because it’s on a single platform.

With NFS, you can experience Porsches in games from Xbox to mobile, and everything in between. Knowing Porsche, the mobile platform is super important because more ppl have smartphones than they do a game system. In that light, they’ll keep re-upping with EA until the cows come home.

Kinda surprised we’re still having this debate. I don’t know about the rest here, but I no longer expect Porsche in anything but NFS.

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I feel your comment contradicts itself. You say Porsche wants the most exposure possible but signs into a contract that gives EA exclusivity? How is this a better way to maximize exposure than permitting your license to be available to all driving games?

I’m sorry, but your explanation doesn’t make the slightest lick of sense to me. There’s more to this situation than any of us will ever know and both sides (EA and Porsche) are to blame.

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Your concluding sentence is correct, but allow me to explain how I wasn’t contradicting myself at all: my bet is that Porsche has weighed the options, and if EA says “only us, or not us at all”, then they’ve looked at the return they’d get with GT/FM’s following (Maybe iRacing and others, but in the grand scheme of things, they’re small fries) without NFS, and realized that signing an exclusive with NFS was better.

Either way, I’ve moved on from the Porsche idea and am surprised to say that I’m feeling as excited about F:H2 as I was for FM5.

That makes sense, but I’m still not sure that they would have more exposure from Need for Speed than they would from having their cars in pretty much every other racing game.

Not saying they wouldn’t do that, but why would EA want exclusivity for a single manufacturer so much?

I mean, how many people buy NFS just because it has Porsche, and how many people don’t buy other games because they don’t?
I’m just not sure it would be worth either the spending money required by Porsche (which I would imagine is quite a lot) if they payed for exclusivity, or risking Need for Speed being the one game without Porsche if they really did just say “only us, or not at all.”

I’m actually a little more excited for Horizon 2 than I was for Forza 5; FM5 improved on FM4 in a lot of ways, but it had a lot of things missing from previous games, while Horizon 2 seems to be better than the first in pretty much every way.

Then my bet is that those would be the last words EA could utter to Porsche before being walked out the door with the help of security and a notice not to return.

But, since nobody from Porsche or EA is here to validate any one of our bets, my previously concluding statement stands: there’s more to this situation than any of us will ever know and both sides (EA and Porsche) are to blame.

How about more RUF engine swap options. You can put generic but actual Porsche spec engines in them.

That works for a 911, but what if I want to drive a 944?

Jesus, it is because EA pays Porsche. It really is that simple.

Why not put in “Porsche look-a-likes”? Just like a lot of people convert Pontiac Fiero to Ferrari look-a-like, there should be a special breed of people that build/create their own Porsche with almost minute detail & specs to go with.

I think its time to accept that Porsche will never ever be in another Forza game and give up on the constant and pointless request threads concerning them. Then, if T10 ever does get the licences back it will be like all your Christmases, birthdays and other gift giving holidays will have come at once.

PS- Its not like T10 are not aware that people would like to see them back.