Forza Horizon 2 Data Corrupted?

So I came back from a 2 weeks break, I go on FH2, and all of a sudden I have to completely restart, checked my data and it still says it’s on there… What can I do?

I also took a break of about a week or so. The last time I played, I downloaded the 10 Year Anniversary Pack. Downloaded fine. Bought the free cars. Took a couple out for a spin. So, a week or so I didn’t play. Last night I fired it up. When I started, I noticed I was in the very first car that I raced in. (The BMW Z4) Odd, I think to myself. So I go to my garage, and was gonna hop in the 10 Year Anniversary Ferrari 458. There it was, in my garage. I clicked to get into it, and a message comes up: “There was a problem downloading data from the marketplace. Please try again later.” Now I’m wondering what is up. The last thing I did before my break was to Photo my new cars, to keep up with the Horizon Promo. I had topped oit at 380, and recieved the $100,000 bonus for maxing out. So I checked the Promo in the Progress Tab, and it tells me I have 361, of 380. But there was no cars “Not Captured.” So I go to the Marketplace Tab, and it doesn’t even show the 10 Year Anniversary Pack anymore. It also showed that 2 other car packs, which I have due to the Season Pass. I clicked on those Packs, and it shows that I purchased the cars, but it didn’t show that I purchased the packs. Aggravating!

So I went to the Xbox Live Marketplace, looked it up, and it said “Bundle Only.” The bundle they are speaking of, are the NEWly Re-Released versions of FH2. So, now I’m wondering if because they are “Bundle Only,” if that pack was only meant for the Re-Released gersions.

I have no idea what is going on. I cannot find anyway to contact Turn 10, or Playground Games. And your post is the only thing I have seen that resembles my issue. And I have not seen any announcements from any site, Turn 10, Playground Games, or Microsoft, saying that this is a known issue.

Is your issue similar to mine? Have you found anything out? If so, where should I go? ANY information would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

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