Forza 6 father and son racing

To the community.

I bought a Limited Edition Forza 6 Xbox and so did my father so we can play together. We also both got G920 wheels as well. Neither of us have opened anything yet. Cumulatively we have spent over $1600 dollars so we can play father and son. This summer we went to high performance driving and want to continue driving together. Forza seems like an easier sim option for my dad versus PCAR or Iracing. Now I’m off on some military training and going to be home soon and we were going to be setting up our new setups. However the forum has me worried. Its not to late to bail on this idea, that forza is right for us.

This forum has me spooked about this game. Mainly what is worrying me appears to be a lack of constructive response to feedback from the developers. Most PC race sims have really good teams who support the community. I know some people think T10 is just counting there money. Regardless, metacritic scores reflect this to be the best Forza game yet. So is the game in its current state really that bad? Is all this banter on the forum true or are people just complaining because that’s what people do on forums?

the latter
(from one dad to another)

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I can honestly say this is the most fun racing I’ve had in a long time, even the much derided drivatars have been good to me. I’ve considered pulling off track to let one by occasionally as I’ve bumped him (they’re that good) so just don’t know where all the negative comments are coming from in that respect.

I’ve occasionally had one drivatar get so far ahead I couldn’t catch him - but it was a lot of fun trying to catch him and like in any competitive race, I suspect it was me pushing too hard that meant I didn’t.

It’s got a good mix of tracks, sure I miss some of the old ones but I’ve been enjoying the new ones a lot.

I’ve only had the Xbone since mid July - the console came with Project Cars - I played it for an afternoon and found the experience so frustrating that I haven’t touched it since. The next day I went out and picked up a used copy of FM5, played that up until I was allowed to play FM6 and haven’t looked back.

I play with a controller, use ABS and the driving line but no other assists. I spend a lot of time painting, very little time online in multiplayer and tend to go for the ‘ghosted’ hoppers unless playing with friends as the other hoppers can be a bit chaotic with so many mixed skill players in one race.

I think a fair bit of what is going on is people complaining because that’s what people do on forums, for me personally, I can’t fault my experience so far.

It sounds like you’ve already spent the money as well, so you may as well play the game!

Have fun & welcome to the forums.


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I HOPE YOU TRY PCARS AGAIN. pCARS released a controller patch which corrected the issues for game pad users. I think you’ll find it quite enjoyable…!

To: SnipeUout

I think you and your father will enjoy FM6 as it is an ok game for wheel users at this time, hopefully some issues get corrected for wheel users. I run the TX wheel, I will assume you guys goot the TX wheel setups. I think there is some god tips on setting up the TX wheel but for me it was mostly reducing the vibration and FFB settings. I think I now use 720 for DOR ingame and the second sensitivty setting on the wheel using the mode button and d pad.

I would also receommend pCARS for you two as it allows some nice custom reace class setups.

Personally, I’ve had only good experiences so far. The game isn’t perfect (nothing ever is), but it’s very, very good. Don’t let all the negativity worry you!

Also, thank you for your service.

I think this is the best racing game that I have played in a very very long time. The game feels well balanced and is so much fun. Are there thing that can be improved? Yes, but they are very minor things and not anything that makes the game unplayable. People will complain and nit-pick at things, you can’t please everyone.

Set up your systems, wheels and have a blast…you won’t regret it.

This is my first experience with a current racing game as well. I play with a wheel and I am having an absolute blast! A lot of the negative comments that I’ve seen are those complaining that they can’t win or their car oversteers to bad. What they seem to be forgetting is that they need to learn to drive first. I drive with no assists at all in the Pro class and I have a ton of fun. No, I don’t win every time but I am sure getting a lot better. Open that box and go to town. Ignore the naysayers, they just don’t want to commit to learning the game and driving within the limits of reason.

This is a very good game for close racing, I have watched a lot of racing in spectator mode and the racing is very close. the leaders of the race, if you watch them, you see that they drive very clean, not bouncing off walls and sliding off the track, then you have to face the reality that your own driving usually dictates where you finish.

This is pretty much accurate. It’s usually always the top three that are racing clean and competitively. The deeper in the back of the pack you get, the more collisions you’ll get. If you start off last, good luck passing the next 5 people because they will on bump you on purpose as you’re passing them. It’s kind of fun though.

All in all, i think the game is still fun. But are there errors? Yes. Have T10 been fixing them? I couldn’t even tell you that because I don’t see them posting that they are fixing things. I feel like if they are, they should post it in the main page instead of having it hidden in the forums and leading us to believe that they aren’t listening to the community. I know that they are looking into the unrealistic AWD conversion boost and the drivatar issues. But I don’t know if they’re looking into the multiplayer voice chat issues, the volume control complaints, track maps complaints, etc. With all that said, I’m still having fun with the game with my friends. Especially when we get competitive and start posting track times on Rivals mode.

Ask anything about the game and I’ll be the one to give you the most straight forward no BS/bias answer.

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You’ll have a blast and it is a great way to stay in touch with distant family over a mutual love of driving. Crack the boxes and get driving!

  1. Thank you for doing what you do so that people have the right to complain about things on a forum.

  2. Your latter point is all it is. People are complaining because that’s what they do on forums. Sadly, people rarely go on forums to tell developers how well they’ve been doing.

The game isn’t without its tiny but forgivable quirks here and there, but overall it’s a great game and you and your dad will have an absolute blast.