Is there something good about forza 6?

All i can see is negative post on this forum.
Forza 6 is a beautiful game, ofcourse there are some bugs.
Witch new game has no bugs.
But we have a home with a xbox one, on the other side of the world people are leaving there country,
Because there home is gone and they must leave for the war in there country…
So i am asking for some positve topics.
Thank you peace !!!:v:

I’ve never seen anyone compare Xbox to a home country… A+

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Everyone else is too busy playing and enjoying the game to come here and post so you mostly just see the Negative Nancy’s.


There are plenty of good things about FM6, but there are a few annoying niggles that should have been fixed many Forzas ago. On a forum you will always find most people complaining, no matter what the topic. You can think of it like this: if you go to a hospital, then don’t be surprised to see sick people.

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I cant believe the amount of negative stuff being said about FM6.I personally think its the best one yet and havent left the couch in 2 days haha
As someone stated before though,for 1 person who doesnt like it,another 100,000 do
People are just sooks these days and only think a game is built purely for them



Yeah, thats positive.
I am also enjoying the game very much, today i did some of the showcase events" marvelous".
And i saw the endurance races, that i’m gonna do tommorow😃
Then you can paint, tune or hot lapping, there is so much to do and all in great quality.

I see most of the negative comments as constructive criticism and ways to improve the game. Negative comments are good as long as they have a valid point and are offering to help improve the game.

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Your right.
I started this topic, to start the discusion.
But some people only can complain.
They better put there energy in there racing quality.

Every Forza launch the forums fill up with complaints and threats from players who are not getting the game cause “x” feature or car doesn’t work the way they want it to. Meanwhile a larger group of players carry on playing the game in relative silence (competitively). Not to say anyone is right or wrong or the game is perfect, but this is just par for the course with a Forza launch.

There are many great things about the game.

I’ll pick one: they have station wagons you can upgrade and race. Not all the station wagons, but quite a few and it’s fantastic. :slight_smile: Thank you Turn10 for starting to include them in your game, I really enjoy it, and hope to see more.

Ok, ok, so I’ll share two: Driving dynamics - nailed it? It’s not the real world, but where else can you get such enjoyable, pretty darn close to real, racing cars you may own as well as cars you can never have for under $500? (Xbox One $399, Forza 6 $59.99) I can come home, jump into racing for 30 minutes and be done. No long stressful track days, no injuries if I crash, and absolutely zero chance of death. Sure track days are amazing and fun but there is something to be said about the Forza approach.