Forza 5 won't play!!!!!!

Hey I tried playing Forza 5 but after the Turn 10 & Microsoft logos the screen turns black & the game won’t play, I’ve tried uninstalling & re-installing the game but the same things happens, the game is up to date also, any help will be grateful.

I am also having the same problem . any help would be good.

Have you tried clearing the console cache? Since you’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game, it shouldn’t be a problem but it never hurt to try.

Make sure you quit the game using the menu and quit option, then hold what passes for a power button until the light goes out. Wait, and power up your console using the box not the controller.

Xbox live on 360 had the same issue. Go to and there might be a notice. already posted. I disconnected my 360 from live and it played fine.

Thanks I’ll give them a go.

Game started playing, did nothing just worked, thanks for the help.

The whole story was not just any game but apps did not work as well. Your issue may have been different.

Since the latest update I have an extremely similar issue. I have no audio on the splash titles. I see the Turn 10 and Microsoft Studios logos, then the game goes black. This issue still occurs after full Xbox power cycle, if I’m signed in as a guest or my “person” thing, if I’m connect to Live or disconnected. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I’ve been working with Xbox support for the last day to resolve the issue, and getting nowhere, but they are very quick with responses.

The game was working the night I installed the update, then the next day the issue started happening. Fix it T10!

I had similar problems:
First the Forza 5 locked up with black screen. Xbox main screen still worked, but not starting the game (or any other game), it was possible to came back to the xbox main screen, but no game loaded (disc or digital).

I searched on xBox Live support and found that there is 2 levels of shutting down the xBox.

  1. Touch the xBox button on the console, which just put the console in “sleep” mode and once powered on it goes directly to xBox main screen.

  2. Hold the xBox button for 5 seconds on the console, which will completely power down the console.Once powered on you see the green screen (with the xBox logo in the middle) then the xBox main screen comes up.

I powered down the console by holding the xBox button for 5 seconds then wait 10-15 seconds. Restart the console (green screen comes up). After that Forza 5 worked fine again.

Hope it helps.

I think this may be a common issue that is occurring on many Xbox games. I believe the same can happen with Killer instinct.
I think it occurs depending on the way the console is shut down. I think the Xbox One kind of works like those DVD players, by that I mean when you restart it, it plays the disc from when you last switched it off. I think you know what I mean, I’m bad at describing things. If you switched it off mid-game, maybe the console gets confused and is trying to restart from your last play point.

I think its best to exit out of the game completely and return home and then power down via holding the home button on the joypad for a few seconds and then selecting console off.
If all fruit fails, unplug the console from the electrical socket and plug it back in after a minute or so. I may be wrong on this. I’m just surmising.

Had this happen to me last night. Good to see I am not the only one. The complete reboot/reset worked for me but its strange because I have never had this happen before and it has only happened with Forza.

Hi Trips, I know a person that had it happen on Kiiler Instinct. In that case, just like your own, the power down solution worked. As of yet, I personally didn’t experience anything of this nature.

I have this problem too and the reboot didnt fix it. what is going on?