Forza 5 vs Assetto Corsa vs R3E with TX

Hi there,

i was a Forza 5 addicted and got bored, so i bought and build a pretty good PC to get to drive the new racing simulations like the two in the topic. It´s about the pro and cons i experienced and about the features, that Forza 6 should adapt. And i couldn´t find a proper comparision before, because most Sim-Racers never drive Forza 5 and just telling some bull, they read somewhere in forums. So i like to fill this gap.

First: Forza is still a lot of fun to drive and in terms of content by far the cheapest. If people complaining about DLCs, they should check out iRacing. They charge 12 bucks per track and car each plus like 40 bucks to get the game with 7 (i heard) lame tracks (except Laguna Seca) and uncompetitive cars. Maybe i will buy this once, because all the ranking-stuff is unique.

First Raceroom Racing Experience (or R3E in short): This game is awesome and have a license for the german DTM and GT3 with very nice graphics close to Forza (but not that good), a much better driver-AI than Forza (yes, it´s possible), much better force feedback, realistic car physics and a lot of really beautifull most european tracks, proper rules with training, qualifying, box-stops and so on. In my opinion this game should show Turn 10, what Forza 6 should do much better. The AI is really as good as playing Forza 5 with descent drivers in Multiplayers. Tracks like Laguna Seca or Bathurst are more realistic, the cars have proper (more) grip and traction, but maybe little less acceleration and breaking power. Prices are okay. Game is for free and for 40 bucks you get 11 tracks with variations and 9 proper cars, and like 3 to 5 bucks for each car and track.

Assetto Corsa was a pain in the a** in the beginning. The content (cars & tracks) is a shame, but it got the Mod-Feature. There are really some great mods out there (Nordschleife and few other tracks, Mazda 787b etc.), but i couldn ´t make them work first. There´s no direct support for the Thrustmaster TX and i did a lot of tweaking to get everything to work. Now i can say, it has by far the best forcefeedback, which feels really like it should be. With the Nordschleife-Mod you feel every bump this track and a officially laserscanned Nordschleife is announced and coming soon. AC has many lacks of features, but the most realistic physics. Very nice feature: You can add up to 25 other cars in all classes you wish and put them on the track. The F1-Mod is also great.

Forza 5: There´s no game, where you can feel the settings of dampers, springs and rollbars that good. I don´t know, if it´s accurate to feel that, i don´t possess even a car since many years, but for tuning it´s by far the best with the most options. But the forcefeedback has a lacking of roadfeel like no bumps on Nordschleife and all others, so many options are not implemented, which should be minimum requirements. With the car physics the grip of Horizon 2 seems more accurate with GT-cars (look to R3E), but the handling should be more difficult with cars like the Mazda 787b or the Lotus-F1 and others. Please make this game more accurate and less arcadic.

I also checked an older Version (october) of project cars and i don´t want to write to much about it. This options-menu with weather effects like little rain to thunderstorm, fog, night-races etc. is exceptional, the content the best for the price and it will put much preasure on Forza 6, but from the car-physics i prefer Forza 5. But this could change till the end of march, at least for the physics. The graphics is sometimes on par and sometimes less. Forza will still have the best graphics i think. What do you think?