The most frustrating

I’ve owned 3 or 4 versions of Forza
And I’m at the end of my buying cars and buying this and that with Turn 10
Not another dime. Not after this all glitz Xbox One way to early release of this game.
I can’t call this a Sim anymore…it’s not a Sim. It’s a fancy arcade racing game…that’s all.

My biggest gripe is the lack of tracks like everyone else. Prague instead of Monza, really ?
Fictional tracks, and fictional physics. Oh the cars are shiny and pretty but wait
until Forza 6 so you can buy them all over again…no thank you.

And does anyone at Turn 10 ever watch a real race, I don’t think so if you watch
the replay cameras in Forza. Maybe they should watch some real racing and not
switch cameras in the game every 3 seconds, so annoying.

Sorry for bitching, but if you add up all the money spent to play this “Simcade” racer
It can run well into the hundreds of $$$$ until the next version and it starts all over again.
The $59 to buy the CD is just to get you in the front door so you can start throwing money around.
Not me, not anymore…I’m done with Forza and Turn 10…just plain tired of it.

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The game is still loads of fun even if you don’t buy the DLC. Also, for 59.99 for a game that will last you two years, ( I don’t count Horizon as true Forza game), it isn’t horrible value.
Yes there are always things that can be better and no one is going to argue for the fact there is less content but they have added free tracks for a reason. Just enjoy. Stop worrying about what isn’t there and start enjoying what is there. That’s my two cents.

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It was widely publicized what tracks would be in the game. If you didn’t do your research, that’s your problem. Personally, I think the car pass was worth it, but nobody forced me to buy it.


I don’t think the number of cars or tracks can really determine how “sim” or “arcadey” a game is… isn’t that more to do with aerodynamics, accuracy of car/track models, and the physics simulation (just to name a few off the top of my head)? Anyway, as Krantus mentioned no one forced you to buy the DLC.

And honestly, having bought one of the car packs myself, I could’ve easily gone without it. The game by itself (+ the free tracks), though it does have it’s share of problems, has been plenty… at least for me. That said, I do agree on the replay cameras. Those really need an overhaul. :smiley:

It’s widely accepted that this game was forced to release early. They’ve added quite a bit of stuff since, much of it for free. There are still shortcomings and cars/tracks/features I wish they’d add, but overall I’d say they’re doing just fine. Better and more fair than some OTHER devs might do (coughEA)

I don’t think that explanation (whether correct or not or widely accepted or not) is the whole of the explanation.

Content has not been directly ported over. Yes to varying degrees some assets from previous games have been reused but the reason for the low levels of content are that it is being redone.

To get the same level of content as FM4 we may have had to wait another 4 years ie the gap between FM2 and FM4.

Yes the level of content does mean it gets repetitive but I would prefer to be playing FM5 than a direct port of FM4 over to the One.


But EA are giving away the Sims 2 for free with all add-ons. It’s literally ONLY 10 years old.


On topic, i have been vocal about the missing features in this iteration of the franchise, but a lack of features doesn’t make something arcade. The Physics engine defines that. I think people are attaching xbox arcade with simpler games that lack scope, and assuming that’s what arcade means. Which in some ways is correct. But no in the context of a driving game.
Simulation can also be applied to almost any game, as they are all representations of a real world activity, and are therefore by definition a ‘simulation’. But again when in the context we’re using it, it will confuse some people.

Arcade racers have simple physics models based around moving the car within the environment, literally just changing direction and speed.

Simulation racers will take into account thousands of variables, RPM, Weight, Flywheel speed, Gear Ratio, Direction of travel, Slip angle, Tire Flex, Wind speed over surfaces, Road temperature, suspension compression, flavour of magic tree, all kinds of stuff.

That is the difference we mean when we talk about arcade vs simulation, but it’s not always what other people think it is.

Forza 5 is definitely missing features i would consider vital to the franchise, however it does have a very good physics engine which drops it way up the sim end of the sim/arcade scale.

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actually i have to say forza 5 is a good cargame and you cant say its just a half game. and the physiks are not from a arcade racer.
i just dont have the Motivation to Play it cause i miss the oppertunity for a bit more serious racing but this is whole different Story.

finally with some small design chances i would be very happy with the game.

but even you cant say its a half game , for Players who attend this brand for a longer time it is just a half forza.
and turn10 should have known that.
so i asked my self would i do it the same way? just under the aspect to make Money with the product i offer.
i am not talking about the game itsself i mean the marceting Placement.

i think at the end it would have been more profitable to bring forza 5 not as direct Sequel.
,more as a Transition and thats for free to every xbox1.
since you Need to buy a console i dont see a Problem for the Image and no danger that the community force the next forza should be free too.
so i dont see any disadvantages i see quite the opposide.

  • more xbox 1 sells
  • bigger community
    a good base for the next forza and its development
  • more tolerance for the game
    -less stress for the developers
  • much more dlc sells
  • time to bring the whole forza experience to xbox1 with a real forza5(at latest than the big Money would come)

i really just see Advantages for everybody. for turn10, the community and the game.
if i would be a developer i would think thats a better for the product and my vallet.
but perhaps iam just a idiot and that would be a total stupid idea and turn 10 would be broke now.

I agree with BBTD MitchyK7.

If people think having more time = complete product, it is not true. I would rather have a GOOD product that gets better than a perfect product that could never arrive. FM5 is not a Pacman or Space Invaders = arcade. T10 must have put in countless hours into car physics and tire physics.

FM5 is not perfect but it is close to perfection as you can get for XB1. PS4 doesn’t even have a sim!

I am holding my breath for Project CARS but given that it is from SMS (Shift, Shift 2, TDFRL) I have a certain reservation about their controller mapping wrt steering. Other than that, PCARS is turning out to be the racing simulation that’s going to turn a lot of heads. Excellent list of cars, outstanding list of tracks (including the original Spa), weather, day/night, a decent career progression, etc. makes it very very enticing. It also looks as though the cars can be set-up but NOT upgradeable. This is a plus since the cars will be on equal grounds (so to speak).

Lack of Tracks: Yes . . . but it is not a deal breaker. I would appreciate more tracks but there’s enough. Plus T10 was kind enough to give us Road America, Long Beach, and Nordschleife & +GP!!!
Replay: I also find the replay camera rather appalling and annoying because it tracks the car, not the action. But I think T10 is trying to avoid framerate issue by choosing certain camera angles. Not a big deal though. Gran Turismo certainly does a better job in replays . . . but their vehicle/tire physics are behind Forza.
DLC: Thoroughly opposed to previously released cars sold as DLCs. I have purchased the new cars (Brabham, Lotus 49, Veneno etc.) but I REFUSE to purchase any previously released cars.

I recently got the Xbox One and Forza 5 is my first in the series. I never had an Xbox 360 so I never got to play Forza 4, but I am rather disappointed at the lack of content in the game. The game is fun overall, I suppose. Most aspects of the game are enjoyable. Personally, I think the physics are god awful. I feel as if I’m playing GRID. The cars seem to slide around no matter how fast or slow you take a corner. And what’s up with the tire screeching under braking? One of the most annoying thing’s I have ever experienced in a racing game. Personally, I think if this game had more of a Gran Turismo feel to it, physics wise I mean, I think it would be more enjoyable, for me anyways. Although the cars in GT seem to be a little too stuck to the race track as where these cars are way too un-stuck from the race track. In the end though, I prefer the physics in GT. But I like everything else about it more than GT. The customization options are great and the paint shop is awesome. The car list is rather “small” but it has quality cars. I will say that the track list is way too small. I wish they would have at least kept the same track list as Forza 4. It’s sad that we live in a world where we buy these $60 half games and then get sold the rest of the game later. What happened to just making a good COMPLETE game? DLC is one of the best thing’s in gaming and probably the worst thing about gaming as well.