FM5 profile corrupt!

i started Forza 5 the other day and the game needed to sync. Half way through it crashed and when the game started I found myself seeing the intro clip and having to start all over again! Lost all my credits and cars! Now both my local and my cloud saved game are of the newer version.
Called Microsoft but they couldn’t help. Sent an email to T10 but got an automated email saying they get too many emails. So am I screwed? My saved tunes and paints are still there, but having lost all progress, cars and credits really tciks me off after playing this game from the get go.
Is there anybody from T10 that can get an old profile back for me?

Emailed forzafb and helios but no response and no resolution. I feel stupid i paid 110€ voor forza 6, terrible customer support!

Same thing happen to me today. Lost lvl 3600. 300,000,000 dollars and 300+ cars.

I see lots of threads with people having this issue and nothing is being done about it. I truly hope fm6 won’t have this.
If we could just have the option to save the profile to a usb stick for backup.

I deleted my save game data because I sold forza 5. But I heard if you have 300+ cars then you get $5,000,000 credits in forza 6 so I bought forza 5 again. Do I have to start over or does the forza cloud have my profile and my progress? I mean they obviously have my progress because of the tiers, but do you think my garage will have all my cars? I’d like to know before I open up this brand new copy of forza 5