save data

hi earlier this month the game would not sync properly it then gave me a choice of 2 diff save both were recent so didnt think mattered which one when it had finished syncing it had put me back at start of game i have lost all my cars driver level the lot what do i do who do i contact ?
be gratefull of any help.

Regards shane

Seems I am not the only person with sync issues with Forza 5. The game did not start right away and then proceeded to try to sync data. When it told me that the data on my system was newer than the data online, I inadvertently selected my system data to be used and now all of my cloud data is gone. I tweeted about it on Twitter and tagged XBox Support, Forza Motorsport and Turn10 Studios.

yeh emailed turn 10 all got back was automated reply saying due to volume they wont reply individually great that is


I don’t think we will get any help with this one. I see that since I still have my DLC purchases and Achievements, they must be connected to my XBox Live account and on separate servers. Only my racing progress and ALL of my money and gift cars are gone.

same here very annoying

Happened to me too, lost everything on FM5, FH2, not good enough at all.

i have similar problem xbox died got replaced by waranty and reloaded fm5,sync sorta worked got my lvl and my money but lost all my dlc cars whats the deal with that,i paid for em im not doin it twice,so how do i get all my stuff back i paid real money for