Forza 5 profile sync gets a clean profile

My replacement xbox had a bunch of issues and forced me to do several factory resets.

However, whenever I try to load up forza 5, it starts to sync my profile for about an hour or so, it sometimes gives an error and I hit retry, it eventualy hits 100%. At that point, the game starts fresh, the newbie races, the intro’s everything. I’ve tried to delete my local saving several times and let it sync again, but it keeps going to a fresh start.

The odd thing however, in Forza 6 there is a import feature, wich loads (with the same slow speed) the FH2 and Forza5 profiles, strangely enough there it does seem to load my correct profile and shows all my paintings and tunes. As a few designs contain ‘missing or changed decals’ (like in FH2 the Horizon logo’s cant be imported), I want to fix them in Forza 5 and import them in Forza6.

But due above, I cant even launch my Forza5 with the original profile, is there any way to even get this working? I never did the ‘delete everwhere’ option on the savegame so I’m pretty sure the cloud one should still be my original saving (300 cars, many races done etc etc).

If you’ve done the newbie race and allowed the game to save then you cannot get your old game save back as you’ve overwritten it.

You may try emailing Forza at

Explain the situation, be detailed, and explain what you would like to happen if possible. Then await a reply.

You mean the very first newbie race with the McLaren or the one where you pick you car first?

If you see the auto-save icon that means the game is saving.

If you’ve gotten to the point that you pick your own first car and go past that menu then you have saved the game.

I would most definitely email Turn10.

I’ve already sent an email to Turn10, got an autoreply due huge ammount of main they cant reply to all. I never got to the point of picking the car and going to the menu, each time I quite the game and restart it, it will start all over with the intro and McLaren again. I just hope they can help me :frowning: