Forza 5 Game save gone

The only reason I bought an Xbox One was for Forza 5. You can imagine my shock and disappointment when I started the game tonight and everything was gone. It was as if I had never played the game. Why did this happen? Where is my game save, where is my in game money, my cars?

I’ve tried all the hard reset, delete local save, re sync nothing is working.

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My dads just recently did this too, and he was in the mid 200’s in rank and I can’t seem to figure out how to fix it because he is going to be pissed.

I emailed, private messaged and tweeted Turn 10. The only response I have received is an automated email with links to their terms of service. It’s like they’ve never heard of customer service. Come on Turn 10 help me out.

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I suggest private messaging HeliosT10 here on the forums and letting him know what happened. You might be able to get some of it back.


Given that you only started the game last week, and haven’t progressed very far, I respectfully suggest you just start over as any reply may be weeks/months away…

I have private messaged heliost10 about 5 times…no response.
I could start the game over, but couldn’t I just end up losing all my progress again? I mean why bother?

Contacting Turn 10 directly at to address these sorts of issues is protocol these days. You’ll receive an automated message and may hear back from someone in due time. It’s unfortunate these sorts of problems keep coming up; hopefully they’ll be squared away for Forza Motorsport 6.


15 days and not a single bit of help from turn 10… Wow! Horrible customer service.

In the future if it says sync on your screen dont canel it if thats what you did. Sometimes it takes multiple attempts and hours/days to get the sync to go thru. To many of us have dealt with/dealing with/ or will deal with this unfortunate problem. There is no fix at this time but hopefully forza 6 will have the solution.

I really hope so.

I was over lvl 400, had over 18.000.000 credits, over 120 A700 cars with all the perfect setups, liveries etc. The only thing that I didn’t lose are the achievements.
Now I got 1.450 miserable credits, 2 cars and…that’s it. Gonna start grinding again when I get back from work.

I hope so…I really love the game.

Lot of people (including me) are having this problem. Also sent an email to T10 and got the automated response, and still everything is gone! They should better support these issue’s. I have days and days of play in the game and lost all my credits and hundreds of cars.

You could try PM HeliosT10, he helped me with credits to start over. Also deleting your local save will result in the system resyncing. I did this and all my designs reappeared.

David, my designs and tunes are still all there. It’s just my cars and credits and progress in the game are gone. Will try an PM Helios.