FM 2023 vs GT7 - What is your experience?

Many people here seems to own both games so it would be interesting to read some comparisons between these games and mostly how do you feel about GT7?

I personally have no experience of the current GT so there’s also quite a few things I’ve been wondering, such as…

Is GT7 multiplayer a wreckfest or opportunity for clean racing?

Online (open) custom lobbies, are they still available in GT?

Online racing classes? PP, division or both?

FM vs GT general physics. Understeery? Oversteery? Twitchy handling? Something else?

Does GT’s cars’ handling have as huge differences as FM or are they all more of the same? Base tune disasters in GT?

Controller driving experience? The good, the bad and the ugly? Any steering settings in GT?

Are GT7 tuning parts bought with game credits?

Something else I forgot to ask?

I would really appreciate all the answers / views on this. :pray:

My experience with Wipeoutismo 7:

  • more than 1/10 scifi car (“Vision” car & co).
  • car glue to road.
  • bunker scratch-proof car.
  • heterogeneous graphics some barely better than GT6/GT Sport PS4.
  • farming for eternity… some babies cry here for 2/3h of farming for tune their car… it’s a joke compare to Wipeoutismo 7’s farming credit. You need many hours to win enough credit to buy ONE “legendary” car… many cost 20 millions credit (at best with farming method you can win 4 millions per hour, yes, 5 hours for buy ONE car). For used and legendary car, they are randomly available at dealers (so, even if have credits, you may not be able to buy it). If you want to collect ALL cars, you need approximately 490 millions credits. But naturally it’s not a problem as it’s Sony and you can buy credit with your real money (20$ for 2 millions credits, so 200$ for ONE legendary car). For tuning parts, yes, you need more game credits.
  • licence… you like or not… “problem” is that they are much more demanding than the races while being obligatory to unlock the championships.
  • AI… intelligent perhaps, realistic no. It is much too “clean”, something that we do not have in reality whatever the competition categories.
  • interesting solo with the cafe / mission.
  • culture aspect (description, history…).
  • Dualsense use.
  • steering wheel support (gameplay is more designed for steering wheel than controller).
  • HDR (one of the best use of HDR for a game).

FM have his defaults but Wipeoutismo 7 is very far from not having any


Thanks for reply.

For me that credit farming sounds pretty good actually, car collecting is not really my thing.
Less credits = better.

I guess not twitchy then…

I saw these on older GT’s too. Not really interested about those. Gr. cars looked nice though (on video at least). I wouldn’t mind seeing similar cars on Forza too.

I’m glad they have kept those. Sometimes they can be a bit challenging but nice practice.

Any steering speed / sensitivity settings with Dualsense controller?

For controller or steering wheel setting, I recommand
They have many guide for games (also F1, AC, iRacing…).

For Dualsense:
Gran Turismo 7 Controller Settings Guide for PS5: Beginners Tips (

Forza page : Latest Forza News, Guides, How To Guides, Tips & More! (
GT page : Latest Gran Turismo 7 News, Guides, How To Guides, Tips & More! (

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Another question which came to mind… is it possible to own multiple examples of the same car model in GT7? I usually like to keep some cars stock just for driving around but also have the same car model tuned.

Yes it is possible, at least according to GTplanet comments I read…

*if anyone else is wondering the exactly same thing.

Gt7 handling on controller is probably best out there, very responsive, smooth and prescise BUT physics side the driving experience in general can feel very flat and lifeless but its easy to understand what the car is doing and where to break so it creates predictability and consistency. So when people are racing around you nothing eratic is happening like in forza.

Collision physics also dont glue like forza or easily spin you out, its more of a nudge.

Ranking system creates competitive racing something to fight for.

Will the rammers push you off to get better results NO because when you get a time penalty you will automatically slow down in certain part of the track which will which will push the driver back the grid order.

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Thanks for the info. Controller driving and penalty system were pretty good on older GTs too, nice to hear they have kept that. I guess driving experience have always been more toned down on GT. For drifting etc. maybe more challenging but I would say better for clean racing. On GT6 driving was really precise and there was nice grippy feel but after grip was lost it was a bit scary experience. Fun though.

What kind of online race series / classes there is? Anything fun?

AWD cars / systems any good?

When it comes to online races “dailies” thats when things get boring. You have only 3 races for the whole week. Race A usally a road car spec race 4 to 5 laps then Race B and C for the week will be gt3 or gt4 for the most part, Race B will be the short race of around 5 laps with race C being a little longer. Qualy for the races is a time trial leaderboard that you can do throughout the week so when you get into a lobby your mactched with people not only with close to same driver and safty rating but people that are also as fast as you and your time will set grid order, wich creates close comepetive racing.
But again, same 3 races for the whole week.

You can check youtuber Rory alexander “eerieissss”
Great guy does mostly gt7 streams, hes ranked in top lobbies.

Good to know, thanks.

Yes I think I’ve watched quite a few his videos actually. Ever checked Doughtinator’s channel? I found there some good info about GT7 tuning options etc… His videos are really beginner-friendly and I think his channel definetely deserves more viewers. Easy to understand, informative content.

Have you tried GT7 open custom lobbies? From what I’ve read I have understood they still exists in GT (?).

GT7… it was not traditional gt I hoped

  • I did not like car culture pushing with talking heads, I know history of cars I like as much I want…
  • controller playability (…tirephysics…) have gone from side to side
  • for me Fov is too narrow and feeling of speed is awful, makes driving by cones and not by “feel”
  • chase cam is too stiff, I really hate that… even gt sport had it much better.
  • physics… kind of odd… cars have like giant spring holding them on ground (just see how cars jump…)
  • because of ool that and not that interesting sp career I’m not really playing gt7 anymore.
  • best point of the game is that gfx really are very good, lighting and car models point on…

FM has great controller feel and physics, more enjoyable to drive.

Cafe menus are really boring. Music rally why on earth did that get into the game. Rally stages are absolutely awful and shouldn’t be in GT7 the cars handle so bad compared to say FH5.
But for me the reason I prefer FM is the controller physics it’s just a joy to drive. I can’t play GT7 anymore it feels so strange on a controller.
I was dissapointed with GT7 on realease .graphics wise. I think the PS4 held it back.
Chase cam which is what I use is awful in GT7. It’s so rigid you feel like the tracks moving around you. Remember everyone who posts it your opinion and this is my opinion. Everyone is allowed to prefer either game.
AI is really bad in GT7. Every career race you start from the back.
I think Forza has more choice online.

This is interesting, tirephysics how they differ GT7 vs FM?

Have you played GT6 / did you like the controller steering?

Yeah it has been pretty weird for me in every GT I’ve ever played.

Yea I think if I’m ever buying GT7 the PS5 is the way to go for me and not only because the console but also to get new type controller. I don’t know how GT7 runs on PS4 but I’m not risking it after my experience with FM7 on Xb1. With my Series S the FM7 is completely different experience, runs really smoothly.

Yes I’ve played every GT game and every FM. I love driving games. Couldn’t get into the tilt steering. I am on PS5 with GT7. It’s just I think the PS4 held it back graphics wise

At first gt7 tirephysics were very snappy (…oversteer), it was pretty bad experience with controller… after that they did few updates to that and currently it is quite grippy… with some race cars grip is just driving train on rails… with regular cars ok’ish… but still bit odd… that jump springiness and cars somehow floating…not connected to ground feeling.

How do you think about GT6 controller driving?

Ok, thanks. Yeah I think I read about some physics update on GTplanet. Some liked it, others not so much. I guess it depends do you like challenge. Older GTs were also sometimes a bit snappy. First very stable but if you lost it you were in trouble really quick. Drifting have been pretty challenging in GTs, for me at least.

I drove GT sport and I think I noticed that same “springiness” there.

GT cars drive the best in GT7 but even those feel odd after playing FM. I tried it for 3 hours a few weeks ago. I just couldn’t get into it again. It’s only my preference. Some people love GT7. All my life I’ve preferred FM. One thing aswell I much prefer Xbox controller and yes more than the dualsense on PS5. I use the original elite controller but the normal one is good while I charge my elite. Fits my hands better.
I also get better feedback through the triggers what my cars doing. Haptics on dualsense are strong,weak or off on GT7. On FM rumble is 1 to 100%. Works much better with that scope of adjustment.

Ok, thanks. I personally don’t really have an absolute favourite racing series. I think both have their own strenghts and weaknesses. On older GTs I really liked the controller driving experience and clean multiplayer open lobbies. I spent a lot of time with friends racing clean laps around Nurburgring, fun times.

After GT sport was introduced it didn’t feel a “full GT game” for me. One reason was the different upgrade system but also other features felt lacking to me so I thought it is time to move on. Now we again have a full GT game with credit-based upgrade system and all but this time it was FM that went to other direction with basic features. I guess you can’t win with console games…

I played all games from GT and only the 2023’s game from the FM side.

One think I can say is I have a better feeling with the controller on FM than on GT.

Public lobbies are still here with more choice than we have on FM (Fuel, tires, bop on or off, …)

For multiplayer, both are good in their choice. On GT it’s easy to jump in multiplayer (No tuning allowed on 95% of the races which is so cool), a great bop, a very good ranking system (Driver ranking and safety ranking) but the main problem with GT about the multiplayer is… there’s only 3 “quick” races/week but there’s not really class race (pp race) like FM. So it’s a driving skill game and not an engineer skill game

For the creative part (An important thing on Forza)… Forza is so much late. GT7 have a modern livery mode system (Not like forza which have a livery system older than a lot of forza players) , and it’s like a social media, you can like, comment, share.

For the tuning part on GT7, I don’t know it really well. But I think it’s like the old ones

The offline mode, it was really cool, less cool than the old GT games but you still have everything (And the mission mode like what we had on GT4 is here too)