Festival Playlist events and rewards Nov. 18th-25th (Autumn S1)

Below are the seasonal events and rewards found in the Campaign / Festival Playlist menu. Use this thread to share tips and tuning setups for completing challenges!


This is the second season of Series 1.
The season starts at 6:30am Pacific on November 18th and closes the same time November 25th, 2021.


Total points: 247
Points are accumulated across all four seasons. Each event in the Festival Playlist has a number of points to earn noted in the bottom left corner of the event tile. Accumulate points with any combination of completed events to earn the first reward car, and continue earning points from remaining events to earn the second reward car. Cars noted as Hard to Find are not available in the Autoshow, so grab them while you can! But don’t worry if you miss them, these cars may come back again for future Festival Playlists.

Reward: Mercedes-AMG ONE (180 points)
Reward: McLaren F1 (Hard to Find car) | (180 points)


Total Points: 61
Accumulate points with any combination of completed events this season to earn the first reward car, and continue earning points from remaining events to earn the second reward car.

Reward: 1984 Honda Civic CRX Mugen (Hard to Find car) (22 points)
Reward: 2015 Radical RXC Turbo (Hard to Find car) (42 points)


Not only do completing these events earn seasonal points, they also earn Forzathon Points which can be used in the Forzathon Shop.

#Forzathon Weekly Challenge: Baja Bug (5 points)
These four challenges must be completed in sequence for completion.

  • Own and drive the VW Class 5 Bug.
  • Earn 500,000 Skill Score in your VW Class 5 Bug.
  • Win 3 Cross Country Series Events VW Class 5 Bug.
  • Earn a total of 12 stars from Trailblazers VW Class 5 Bug.

#Forzathon Daily Challenges (1 point each)
Each day a new challenge opens at 6:30am Pacific.

  • Buy a car from the Auction House
  • Earn 3 stars in any Speed Trap in a Classic Racer
  • Earn 12 Clean Racing Skills from Road Races
  • Jump a distance of 1,000ft in any car
  • Win a Street Race in a Vans & Utility car
  • Complete an Expedition
  • Complete any Horizon Story chapter

Forzathon Shop

  • 600 FP car: 2017 Koenigsegg Agera RS (an Autoshow car)
  • 400 FP car: 2016 Honda Civic Coupe (Hard to Find car)
  • 75 FP Car Horn: Sea of Thieves Theme
  • 75 FP Clothing: Spaik Short Sleeved Shirt


Toggle the menu to show the rewards and restrictions for each event - if you complete the event in a car outside the restrictions or fail to meet the target, you won’t get the reward and points from completion.

Horizon Arcade (3 points)

  • Complete any event.

The Trial (10 points) | Going Down a Storm | Road Racing | (A800) Modern Supercars
Note: You must have unlocked the Hall of Fame with Accolade points to enter the Trial.
Reward: 2010 Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 SV (Hard to Find car)

EventLab (3 points) | RABIDMRNOODLE PRESENTS The Gauntlet of Fun | Road Racing | (A800) any car
Reward: Windows Tada Car Horn unlocked

Seasonal Playground Games (3 points) | The Thunderdome | Aerodromo En La Selva | (D100-B700) Rods and Customs
Reward: Super Wheelspin

Danger Sign (2 points) | Mountain Top | 1,230.3 feet | (A800) Classic Muscle
Reward: Wheelspin

Speed Trap (2 points) | Drag Strip | 200.0 mph | (S2 998) Ferrari
Reward: Wheelspin

Speed Zone (2 points) | Rio Fuerte | 125.0 mph | (S1 900) Modern Supercars
Reward: Wheelspin

Championship (5 points) | When It Rains, It Pours | Dirt Racing | (A800) Modern Sports Cars
Reward: 50,000 CR

Championship (5 points) | Four on the Floor | Cross Country | (D100- S1 900) Sports Utility Heroes
Reward: 2015 BMW X6 M (Hard to Find car)

Championship (5 points) | Pick Up the Pace | Cross Country | (B700) Pickups & 4x4’s
Reward: 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor (Hard to Find car)

Horizon Tour Co-op Championships (3 points)

  • Win with your team.


Photo Challenge (2 points) | #SLEEPINGGIANT! | Photograph any Modern Rally Car at La Gran Caldera volcano
Reward: Sleepy Emote unlocked

Horizon Open (2 points) | Rightful Heir | Steal a crown in Horizon Open Playground Games
Reward: 25,000 CR

The Eliminator (2 points) | Battle Royale | Finish 30th or better
Reward: Mexican Hat Dance Car Horn unlocked


Mercedes-AMG ONE at Horizon Mexico Circuit (4 points)

  • Set a clean lap in the provided car in as many laps as you like.


Complete the Horizon Super7 in the Creative Hub menu
Reward: Super Wheelspin

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Mountain top danger sign is not registering, it says 1m more to seasonal objective, if i jump 380m, 394m, doesn’t matter, both is above the goal.

Ive had this a few times in the first first playlist. After a reboot of the game it registed it. As ManteoMax says check the obvious things like the car restrictions although it normally tells you that the car iis incorrect once you do the jump and it registers your distance, but worth checking the obvious things.

But if all else failts restart the game and re-do the jump straight away and it normally works. Well mine did at least.

Same as previously, you have to also beat your previous record.

Hope, I will find someone for Horizon Arcade…

For those, who has problem with danger sign, try:
1969 ford mustang boss 302 with tune 328 369 116

Trial: 2015 BMW i8 with tune 820 682 796

Speed Trap: 2012 Ferrari 599XX EVO with tune 287 503 492

Speed Zone: 2017 Nissan GT-R with tune: 174 087 381

Games: 1955 Hoonigan Chevrolet Bell Air with tune 123 433 789

Not the best tunes, but they work.

Btw. 3x disconnected from Horizon Tour …

Troubleshooting reminders:

  1. Make sure you are using an eligible car. Double check your Car Type by toggling your Garage menu.
  2. Try rebooting your device and complete a different event, then go back to the event that isn’t registering to see if it works.
  3. Review the Known Issues list at Forza Support (especially anything marked Festival Playlist)
  4. If you’re still having an issue with no successful tips in this thread, use the link at the bottom of the Known Issues list to Submit a Ticket so the issue can be logged and investigated. Forza Support does not track the forums for troubleshooting reports.
  5. Include “I have submitted a ticket” in your post in this thread.

As of Nov. 17, this is a Known Issue:

  • Festival Playlist - Seasonal PR stunts say you need 1mph more, or 1ft more if you beat the seasonal objective but don’t beat your previous 3 star record

From the Known Issues list, this is by design and won’t be fixed:

  • Festival Playlist - Daily challenges descriptions show imperial measurements (such as miles) despite the Player having selected Metric in their settings. Daily challenge unit measurements do not update when the player changes the Units in settings.

need to start building up good tunes from the good people on these forums again. Hard to recall all the great tunes i used over time, so will start from scratch. Part of the fun i guess! Some of the cars are insane with grip and speed, but then so are the drivatars to match…Hope the fix for cross country drivatars basically unbeatable in some races has been properly addressed i see it was included but yet to try. The top 1 or 2 were way too fast to catch on Pro level let alone unbeatable.

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Some of these challenges are a problem. How is buying a car from the auction house a challenge? Also, I’ve already completed all the expeditions. I imagine there are quite a few people who have finished all the stories as well. Are they going to register as completed or do we have to replay them just because?

#Forzathon Daily Challenges (1 point each)
Each day a new challenge opens at 6:30am Pacific.
Buy a car from the Auction House
Earn 3 stars in any Speed Trap in a Classic Racer
Earn 12 Clean Racing Skills from Road Races
Jump a distance of 1,000ft in any car
Win a Street Race in a Vans & Utility car
Complete an Expedition
Complete any Horizon Story chapter

Looks like you have to tune some cars below their stock PI for the trial or use the BMW i8.

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yeah, so far i’ve found 4 cars that can do that:

2007 ferrari 430 scuderia
2010 lexus lfa
2018 saleen s1
2021 corvette c8

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Such a Grind


Danger Sign didn’t work for me using '69 Dodge Charger (before and after restarting the game) - shows 1m short. I then tried the Hoonigan Napalm Nova, and that worked (without beating my previous personal best, which was about 300m further).

Thanks a lot, it worked for me too, video

Does anyone know if the daily challenges that are still showing with time left, in my case the one for doing a clean rivals lap, can still be completed in a new season like you could in the last game? I’ve tried several times and it hasn’t unlocked but does still show it is active (not greyed out)


Yes but this one is bugged. Do a dirty lap and beat the rival for it to count.

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It seems like using eventlab/blueprints to complete weekly challenges no longer works. So you have to do 3 legit cross country races. Great solution from the devs to drive up player engagement time stats for Microsoft’s management.


Boosting engagement is their top priority. They keep adding modes like eliminator, arcade, and super 7 to the playlist to “force” people to participate. That then justifies the work they put into developing those modes. Unfortunately participation does not equal enjoyment.


Yes I know. Sad that video game design came to be this. This is why people no longer enjoy games and keep looking for fastest ways to progress, as if games were a job as well. On the other hand, from the business perspective, this is basically the best way game design could have went as it allows companies to have a more consistent income. Games are not made for the purpose of making people happy and have fun, but to earn money. Or at least make players have just about enough “fun” so that they keep playing the game and buy the DLCs and the next game. At least this game doesn’t have microtransactions, so I’ll kinda get over with this design approach in this case.


Games that are like this that don’t adapt to a play-to-earn model will get demolished.

This game feels grimy with all the ‘collecting’ one must do. I hate UNLV for putting out the type of people that understand the psychology of gaming. It has nearly spread everywhere.


So that was exploit they talked about in patch notes. Why you don’t want to do cross country?