Feb. 6 hotfix Version *634.818.0


Game crashing after update on series x , when trying to change car…

The anti-lag audio is still missing for the Lynk & Co 05+ and Hyundai Kona.

It’s still not displaying new followers in the creative hub.

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Did you try changing from or to one of the cars impacted by the hotfix? I’m on Series X as well and didn’t have a problem switching from the Hoonigan RS200 to the Rimac Conept Two.

Also on XSX and am able to change cars without an issue though I don’t have either that was updated. May want to try a reboot and remove the game from quick resume if it’s there.

I really, really, REALLY wish developers would stop putting in “NEW” bugs that end up taking their attention away from applying hotfixes for the “EXISTING” bugs. There are definitely some hotfixes that are about a year late so far.


Started game in hyundai kona , went to festival playlist , came out of playlist to change car to peugeot to do daily challenge ultimate burnout at stadium. Screen froze as I went to change car. Restarted, went to change car, froze again. Happened three times. Started again. This time went to rally expansion first, done seasonal championship went back to Mexico and seemed fine after that…

they broke the game to fix 2 issues nobody knew or cared about


Sound about normal :wink:

Has anyone else experienced this post update or is this just another unfortunate coincidence?

This latest update may have introduced these bugs for some people, but both the changing cars and one Bravo’s mentioned above are exactly what I’ve had to put up with for so long that I can’t even remember when it started anymore, it’s basically baked into the fabric of my experience with the game now.

Don’t worry about it saying you have too many saves, you don’t, it’s just one of the ways you know the bug has reared it’s ugly head along with the menu hanging/freezing then the game crashing when you try to change cars.

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After the fix was applied I had trouble leaving my house when the game started up. Five or six times when I tried to drive away, the screen went dark and I was driving right back to the house again. Eventually I was able to leave. I have never seen this one before.

I must have the only functional copy of this game in existence :crossed_fingers:t2:

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I had this happen for a short spell when I had too many unclaimed auction house cars. when I claimed one with a livery, I would get the “too many” error message, and it would show up in my garage stock, despite only having about 100 saved liveries

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Those issues aren’t stated to be fixed in the update

Surely there are more user impacting issues in the game. To rush a hotfix out for that these two is ridiculous, and looks as if it has made the player experience worse overall :frowning:


I mean, one of them got to double digits in Horizon Troubleshooting, so clearly people did feel pretty impacted by the issue, plus, i can’t really think of a recent issue that impacts a lot of users

No, mine works fine

so does mine, as I just said