Crash - Car selection screen sometimes failing to load at the start of races (3930195)

After the previous seasonal update before this one, the game started developing problems that did not happen before and the newest update made the crashes even worse to the point where I can’t play at all.

I am on an Xbox One S and the crashes happen after I do all of the loading and then try to leave the garage. In some instances, I get put outside and none of the controls work at all as if the game is still loading usually, it resumes function after a while but now the game just hard crashes.

I do not understand what directly is causing the issue but I know after the previous seasonal is when the frozen outside and occasional crash bug started, however, after this update, it made the issue far worse and it crashes every single time I try to leave the garage instantly or it allows me to leave the garage but I can’t move and then it crashes.

Can confirm. Game crashes a lot in the garage. I haven’t updated my graphics drivers yet because I heard there were huge performance problems with the latest Nvidia drivers. Maybe this is a result of the performance issue bugfix and it causes the old drivers to crash. I’ll test to confirm.


Platform: Xbox Series X

Issue: When I enter a race, including races that are part of weekly championships in the festival playlist, sometimes the car selection screen does not load and instead, I can just see the blurred screen that’s usually behind the car selection screen.

Frequency: Sometimes I can play for hours and it won’t happen. Other times, it will happen over and over again making the game borderline unplayable, as once I’m stuck on that blurred screen, all I can do is force close the game and restart it.

Video of the issue: -

More info and duplication: This didn’t happen before the most recent patch, however, the game was fine for a week or two after the patch was released, and the issue doesn’t happen every time I play. I can’t find any pattern as to why this happens, as it can happen with any race type, and it doesn’t seem to matter what type/class of car I’m in.

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Yeah, this is part of ongoing problems as a result of the Winter Wonderland update from December. These ‘menu hangs’ happen an awful lot and usually lead to crashes. Ever since that update went live the game has been incredibly unstable and crashing a lot for a whole bunch of players. :frowning:

More on this issue here: You cannot "close" it if you didn't "fix" it. FOR THE PEOPLE AT FORZA MOTORSPORT


the close topic to reference. Gameplay - New FH5 season repeatedly crashing and reloading winter every time I play it (3919667) - #95 by SlowJCWBuggy

and other topic related Game hangs when when entering my cars menu in different house - Horizon Troubleshooting / FH5 Report New Issues - Official Forza Community Forums

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still happening for me as well

the fact that the first thread about this was closed and marked ‘solved’ by a hotfix that did not solve it and the second was closed in a way that seemed borderline-confrontational is not filling me with a lot of confidence. i haven’t had much reason to complain about support before, they’ve generally done a good job, but this issue needs to be fixed and as far as i can tell they have no intention of even acknowledging that it is happening. series s players can just shove off seems to be their stance.

the thing i really don’t get is the inconsistency of the freezes. sometimes, like last week, i can do the whole playlist in one sitting, no problem. sometimes, like right now, i can’t do anything - i do one event, it freezes next time i load the garage and i need to redo the event because it doesn’t get counted as complete. it almost makes me think it is a server issue, except it seems to only affect series s players.

i just want this fixed, man. closing a thread and marking a still-extant issue as having been fixed over a month ago is really uncool.


we continued to show that we have an problem, like im quoting you, for me it looks like an passive-agressive way to say, we’re gonna escalate the problem, but im with you on that take.
and my comment about the close situation, its not an problem to closed the topic, if we had an proper answer, saying the problem is solve, after we’ve been saying multiple times since the update/hotfix about the crashes, pissed we all.



They close topics here using their visible forum name, but then you cannot contact them. And whether they are “community managers” (I guess buffers between complaints and the actual people who work for the company) or not, they just trot out the same old generic lists of why a problem of their own creation is somehow MY responsibility.

They are indifferent to customer service. As someone who plays Forza Horizon exclusively - a loyal player since the debut of FH1 - is this the norm for the video game industry?

Because I would lose my job if I displayed the indifference to my clients that they do.


I fully agree with you!

Let me add three points:

  1. It is happening with Series S far more often than with Series X. But it is happening with Series X as well. Could be therefore connected to any kind of memory / other specs which Series S has less than Series X.

  2. I agree that it could pretty well be a server issue nevertheless. To me it seems connected only to Tunings - maybe the replication to their server is somehow disturbed. Obviously they are working on their server setup (see wrongly changed friends order).

  3. Actually there are two different things mixed here which may or may not have the same aforementioned reasons:

A. In the car screen in my view this is not a crash. If you wait long enough FH5 gets available again and you can proceed. Still it is annoying and no fun to play that way!

B. FH5 is crashing far more often since the Winter-Winter-Winter-Winter update. But this is happening out of the blue. Just in Freeroam idling somewhere - not even toucing the controller. And bang - back to Xbox Desktop.

While I understand that this forum is not for crashes: It still looks helpless to close the single thread which is interesting to every player the most by redefining this bug as crash so it could be closed.

To say it diplomatic: It is generally not smart that players cannot play a game in the holidays - which usually is the time when a game is played the most.

Let us hope for Friday and some kind of announcement that this bug will be finally fixed next week.


On one or two occasions I found that pressing the Xbox button to bring up the side menu, then again to go back to FH5 can ‘unjam’ the menu hang - but that’s only worked a couple of times. More often doing that causes the game to crash.

I’ve also done as you say - waiting for it to stop hanging, but that literally takes 3 to 5 minutes - and on the occasions I’ve tried that, the car menu is usually bugged with most of the thumbnails missing. I’ll select a car and get racing, but then the game crashes randomly during the race. That never ever happened pre-Winter Wonderland.

Also, as you’ve said, I too have noticed the crashes are less common one week and then much more common the following week. This past week has been pretty darn bad with numerous crashes, but the week before I had one or maybe two crashes (which, prior to Winter Wonderland, would’ve been a very unusual amount of crashes as the game was pretty solid and reliable pre-WW). It’s kinda random - if the game’s being nice to me I’ll just try and bash through as much of the playlist as possible while the getting’s good. Then, returning a few hours later, it’s a whole different beast crashing a lot.

I managed to get both cars from the playlist this past week (albeit with a handful of crashes interrupting things), but then when I went to try and get some leftover Accolades I simply could not get the car selection screen to come up - the ‘menu hang’ issue.

Then the false ‘too many saves’ thing when saving a tune, even though you don’t have too many.

Playing on Series S.

As an aside, am I the only one who finds the ‘ticket’ thing confusing? What’s this forum for? Why is there a separate website? Can a forum post not be connected to this ticket thing? This forum is the easiest and most accessible way for players to search for issues and share their similar experiences, or for me at least. Just my two cents.


Same here Xbox Series S. Crashing and taking a long time loading the car list.
Like in another thread it started back in October some crashes before it was solid.
The Hotfix fixed issues related the Christmas update but this week out of nowhere, Again crashes and failed loading/saving
Been losing some progress and can’t barely string a couple Online races without all failing.
Very disappointed.


Today I played the Festival Playlist and the game slowed down twice during car selection:

Both times the game started normally and after one normal race it hang - without the too many saves message showing before. It did not crash. Waiting helped - the car thumbsnails were partially missing - the usual deal. I then completely restarted the Xbox (and the game of course). Complete repeat. Second time I only closed the game and restarted it. After this I could play the complete Festival Playlist without any more irregularities (and without taking any care for crashes).

Playing on XSX.

So I think the issue is with their servers - as I already assumed. Some are fine and some are buggy - just depending which session you get. Otherwise the game behaviour is not explainable. It definitely has nothing to do with your savegame or profile. So very good news for everybody who got this wrong, fearful information from the “support”! Let us hope that they are reliably able to fix this soon - maybe with the update tomorrow. In the Forza livestream and the news info regarding the update there only was silence. Very professional - like the case closing! Let´s call it the issue omerta!

Regarding what you wrote I think (without having any inside info) that these are just two different departments. One are doing the tickets and are hopelessly failing us since many years. The other is more like customer relations and should give us a somehow good feeling with some kind of participation.

Since release of Forza Motorsport with all its bugs and “features” now both departments are heavily strained and do not see any light at the end of the tunnel. So good luck to everybody!


new update, same issue. cool!


Yep. Same here.
There’s people on Reddit now talking about the same issues:

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this problem its gonna be bigger and bigger, manly because affects legacy players.
my ticket was closed last week this was the answer, reading it, i knew it wont be solved this month


Thank you for letting us know about the issue you are experiencing and providing information for it. We understand experiencing issues like this can be frustrating.

Unfortunately we do not have additional troubleshooting to share at this time. We are marking this ticket as “Solved” because we have collected your information to pass to the developers to investigate. Please note that even though this ticket is marked as “solved” this issue is still under investigation with the developers.


This seems to happen a lot to me when switching cars in free roam or garage and during the auctions (auction house loading bugs are another big issue)


Its happening to me as well on xbox series s. When i go to change my car in free roam or in the house, i get the ‘hanging’ screen. I click the xbox button to show the xbox menu for a few seconds then return to the game, and it fixes but instantly crashes right after. Same thing when i go to load a tune, in free roam or garage, i get the hanging screen and crashes. I got to the point where i don’t even want to play FH5 until this is fixed. Just sent my forza support ticket in to show my support in fixing this stupid bug.


The most infuriating part about this for me is the inconsistency. Sometimes it will only hang and crash once and am able to play all day, like last Thursday. But then theres days like today, where I’ve only been playing for 45 minutes and I’m on crash number 3. It seems to be at the whim of the game if it’ll work normally for the most part, or be borderline unplayable. There is no in-between. The problems didn’t start for me until around 2 weeks ago, but most people say it started after the Winter Wonderland update. Either i was lucky, or it was because i wasn’t playing forza much, so didn’t encounter the issues until this point. All i know for sure is that i hope it gets fixed soon, because knowing at any moment i could crash is killing my enjoyment of the game right now.

Edit: Forgot to mention, yes I also play on Series S.


I know what you mean about the inconsistency of the crashing and hanging. Last week I played between 4pm and 5pm (GMT) on Thursday and Friday (1st and 2nd of February 2024) and didn’t have one single crash.

However, come Sunday (Feb 4th) between 3pm and 4pm (the next time I played), I had three crashes (and/or menu hangs that caused a crash) in rapid succession - all within about twenty minutes - and just gave up even bothering to try and continue playing. On that particular day the crashes were mostly triggered by saving/menu hangs in relation to Tunes (the false ‘too many saves’ problem also occurring in tandem with it).

I’m with you, these crashes and hangs are just leaving a dark cloud lurking over the game, dampening the fun of it. Before the Winter Wonderland update went live the game was solid and reliable for me - the content for that update was even downloaded on Tuesday 5th December 2023 and the game still worked fine, but as soon as WW went live on Thursday 7th December 2023 it’s just been repeated crashes and hangs even since. :frowning:


The worst thing that this issue is fully ignored for months now. Unbelievable!

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