Game crashing

Is anybody else’s game keep crashing? I’m on Xbox series x running on performance mode in FH5. It’s constantly crashing and having super long loading times for everything you do in game.
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No problems on my Series X. I’m sure you’ve tried solutions below but if not maybe try.

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I hate to ask the obvious but have you rebooted your box? It fixed some other persistent bugs for me previously in the game.

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Maybe u can reboot your xbox, or uninstall the game and install it again, you can also contact the support team

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I am having the same issue, I tried everything still now luck. Just glad I am not alone.


I assume this is still a hangover of the continual crashing problems of the Winter Wonderland update in December. This January series didn’t come with any update content to download, so I think the crashes and bugs that WW caused are still there.

There’s a thread with more info about it here:

I had a couple of crashes last week, but this week I’ve had several. I really hope they fix these crashes come the February series. The game was fine before Winter Wonderland, but then that update really did a number on it. There’s been loads of reports of repeated crashing, menu hangs etc.

I’m playing on Xbox Series S.


Same issue here been very frustrating since December on series S constant crashing and hanging up on car selection screen and resetting weekly progress. I’ve enjoyed this game since day one and had every weekly challenge car and every car in the game until Jan I just lost the patience to keep trying. Hopefully they fix it or this game is dead!


We’re also talking about these crashing issues over in this thread:

And I noticed something that at least gives a hint of whether or not the game is going to play nice with you.

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Hmmm, they want a list of gamertags in the above mentioned thread to further investigate the issue (why?), but the thread isn’t allowing anyone to reply to it. Eh?

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looks like another closed thread, next week its gonna have the monthly livestream, lets see if the problem will be solved.

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We can hope!

In the mean time, I’ve been finding the ‘auto save icon’ clue I mention above to be a pretty solid indicator. If it’s been good (i.e. just one rotation) then I’ve been able to crack on and play with practically no problems, but yeah, if that icon is rotating over and over then it’s just a mess - and it mostly seems to be in connection with aspects of the game where it has to communicate with the outside world, sending info back and forth.


I Keep Crashing too since Dec update…consistentantly so…can the Devs issue a hotfix…

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Just about had enough.

I’ve completed the trial 5 times but a later crash or auto save infinite circle has meant it’s still incomplete.

First attempt completed trial - entered tour crash on car selection screen.

Second attempt completed trial - completed tour - crash in menu afterwards.

Third attempt can’t quite remember

Fourth attempt completed trial - drove to festival site - massive unresponsive wait but could finally exit - really long auto save circle - tried to enter again and crash.

Fifth attempt, complete trial - do wheelspins and drive around for 5 minutes to see if it will save - massive long pause when I enter a menu then crash.

Series S console that has been restarted several times during this exercise.


This issue is a wonderful example how things are going wrong at PG:

Obviously all Forza games are developed from the game before in the series (regardless if one is “built from the ground up” - but that is another topic I do not want to touch today).

So it is even more important to achieve bug-free games. We are all helping them here.

When I look at the recent situation I am not so sure if our help is welcome.

One could think that the main reason to offer the “Troubleshooting Hub” is to only give us the impression of participation and engagement with us.

Real participation and engagement looks different - for sure.

Back to that issue at hand here.

In my opinion it is resulting from server side issues. It could be connected to the FM8 disaster. But for sure it also is a result from the tunings which are generally NON-manageable since ever. In contrast to Designs and Vinyl Shapes which can be deleted at a central place (“Creative Hub”) Tunings cannot. If you delete them at car level they are not reliably deleted (and unshared!). This is a known bug since game release.

Obviously with the bigger garage and more possible tunings and designs the issue got worse. Consoles with less resources (XSS) are much more affected than XSX (but it is happening with them as well).

I think that much more long-time and veteran players are affected than new-to-Forza players from game-pass - because of the tuning built-up over time.

So PG effectively drives out their player base who are playing the most hours and spending the most money. And FH6 will have the same issue - but worse.

Does that make sense to you?

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i agree especially this quote.

now the update its out, lets tested the game again.

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I agree - fingers crossed!

In the release notes “General performance and stability fixes” are mysteriously mentioned.

Hope dies last.

Playing on XSX.

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Still with the random crashes and ‘save icon circling’ problems, menu hangs etc. I wonder if they’re any closer on figuring out what on earth has been going on causing these issues?

It’s really annoying, too, because when the game is working you have to just blast as much of the weekly content as you can, and as you can’t rely on the game you can’t just hop in and out of it for a quick session (like you could pre-Winter Wonderland 2023 update) most of the time. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve booted up my Xbox to play FH5 only for the game to not be working (i.e. the save icon constantly circling), and then I have to go find something else to play or I just turn off the console entirely. :frowning:


My game crashed like crazy recently, just after a few minutes of starting it, bang, crash every time, but after i uninstalled a game, which was around 10 gb in size, the game seems to run fine again, at least so far, it may be that the hard drive is getting full, and that FH5 needs alot of space and power to run.
I play on Xbox one X and have used up around 70 % of hard drive space, most of it is taken up by FH5 actually.

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I think one can generally say that the crashing problem is getting worse with less system resources - meaning down from XSX to XSS to XOX to XOS to XONE - but obviously it is still happening on all editions of Xbox.

Sorry to hear!


i’m gonna ask, did you guys deleted all paints/tunes to test it if the game run back to normal? i’m asking because after i load a tune in my cars i deleted right after, and i notice that i don’t need anymore load 2 times the tune too get the proper stats of the tune.

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