Game crashes

There’s so many different crashes on forza horizon 5 and I don’t know if there’s alway of stopping it,For example, when I’m out the garage and I click on change car I cannot see any of my cars and eventually I will be sent back to the xbox home screen or if I join a race I cannot see any of my cars and sends me to the xbox home screen,But that doesn’t always happen straight away it can happen at any time plus there’s more problems I’m having,But if anyone can help me.I would appreciate it.


some of us, have this problem since december update.


Sadly there’s nothing you can do about it, I’ve had exactly what you’re on about for so long that I’ve gone from being constantly annoyed by it to just an apathetic ‘here we go :roll_eyes:

4 biggest signs of it for me are are…

The one you’ve said when changing cars.
The one you’ve also said about when selecting cars for a race (their images will be absent).
The ‘my tunes’ taking an eternity to load.
Saving a tune and the above happening followed by the ‘You have too many saves of this file type’ message.

Had it dashboard me 4 times in just 32 minutes fairly recently.


Please use the Horizon Troubleshooting section of the forums for bug issues, and report crashing directly to Forza Support via ticket.

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