Featured Multiplayer - Make Start Times Consistent Week-on-Week

Hi there, just raising a small issue that has caused a little frustration within my little Forza Motorsport community.

One concern I have is that sometimes the start times are inconsistent from week to week.

  • My club meets up at 20.00 BST (12.00 PST) every Monday to race in specific Featured Multiplayer series each week (this week it was E, next week it’s the Ginetta G40 Junior). The racing is almost always very clean and lots of fun.

  • Normally, entry for a race closes at 20.05, with race start at 20.10

  • On some weeks, the race start would be at 20.00, which means everything needs to be shifted 10 minutes back.

  • Unless the entire club is in the game early, people are going to miss out on the first race (and 20 minutes).

  • There is no way to predict what the start time is going to be, plus my club has been running for 6 years and is conditioned to “show up at 8, get into voice/lobby, and then we queue up”.

  • I believe this inconsistency is an issue, hence me raising it as a bug.

  • I would like to see the times remain consistent from week to week so that it doesn’t inconvenience my community, as well as any others that like to meet up at set times for Featured Multiplayer.

For Short races, I think a good solution would be to have race start at the following times every hour:

  • xx.00

  • xx.20

  • xx.40

  • xx.00 and repeat

Please keep that consistent across all series that use Short race length.

Assuming Medium is a 30 minute cadence (we mostly race Short so I’m less familiar with timings there):

  • xx.00

  • xx.30

  • xx.00 and repeat

Long, we don’t see that in Featured Multiplayer currently so I can’t offer a good cadence.