[How To] Implementing Nordschleife in Featured Multiplayer (Forza GT)

Game Type: Featured Multiplayer
Category: Forza GT/Forza TC

Maintaining the current Featured Multiplayer structure, 40 Mins Practice including Qualifying and the race itself.


A pre-registration is required for the event. A Pre-Registration can be done in the menu, of course the registration should be linked with the players Gamertag. Players without Pre-registration will not be able to enter the lobby.

Every day, Nords will rotate 5 times in total, with permanent GMT/ET time. Any player can pre-register for the event. Lets say a permanent 8:00 PM / 20:00 PM (12H/24H) UK Time Lobby everyday and 4 other permanent time.

Assuming a lap of Nordschleife in a GT3/GTE car will take around 7:15 mins or less, so having calculated those:

Race Format

Practice: 1 hour Practice + Qualifying (Final 10 Minutes should be allocated for Qualifying, as 10 minute window can provide 1 Qualifying lap)
Race: 3-5 Lap Race
Mandatory Pitstop: 1 Mandatory Pitstop

Will have to adjust tyre/fuel wear matching race length.

If you have better suggestions feel free to comment.


One thing I thought of recently was something similar to the custom “ring lobbies” of Gran Turismo 6.

  • Current Featured Multiplayer structure, as a permanent Open Series
  • 1 lap of 24 hour layout per race
  • Events every 5 minutes
  • Open Series class based, with classes rotating every 30 minutes.

This seems theoretically easy enough to do since it’s using currently existing features as designed.

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Back when it was it in rotation in previous titles it was a sure fire lobby killler when we it came up. I was one of them who’d leave. Maybe they have made a data driven decision to exclude it. Now that would be a first .

I think it’s because (a) it’s longer than other tracks and (b) most people suck at it.

I think a Series that is only that track would bring out the true enjoyers though, similar to Daytona a while back.


Kinda makes me wonder how would it impact the quality of racing if lobbies were sorted by qualification times since driver ratings don’t work at all. Would go great with regisration system that @FRF_Sprinter mentioned. Although it won’t necessarily impact the cleanliness of racing (maybe a little), there are fast guys who don’t care about racing etiquette.

Btw 1 lap of Full Nur circuit is not enough for anything of A+ class in my opinion.

GT Sport did this, it helped.

You have your 20 minutes to qualify on your own, and when it’s race time it then matchmaked you into a room.

Forza does it the other way round, matchmaking first and then do practice/qualify.

Perhaps but could the current MP base handle further dilution? I haven’t played it in months so would t know

Does it really matter at this point, they should just put things back in the game that they took out. Im sure many players stopped playing because the game is either missing something they liked or continually cycles what they like in and out of the game. Their format for both single and multiplayer hasn’t and isnt working. Theyve failed at gaining as well as retaining players. Time to change it up.


This would be great an i am sure if you could race the nordschleife every day in multiplayer it would attract a lot more players to come. I think that is the main reason asseto corsa has still alot of multiplayer players! Please Implement that.

I feel like hardcore players tend to overestimate the popularity of the Nordschleiffe for racing. It’s a difficult track that anyone looking to challenge themselves will eventually find themselves trying to master. Yet it’s a difficult task to race on even for really good players. I know plenty of high level drivers willing to take on multiple hour races that groan at the mention of the Nordschleiffe coming up in private races.

Amongst the faithful, the Nordschleiffe is the end all be all for all racing. But for the vast majority of racers, especially the casual but even likely most at a high level, it’s a bit of a hard pass.

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I think the 1 hour of practice is overkill. 30m would be fine but honestly I’ll take it any way i can.