Failed to sign in - Not Connected error message

Bug info: i can’t sign in to the game. My game is unplayable! HELP ME!!!
Note: my game was working good before hotfix 7.1
device: Xbox series X
Mode: performance RT

yeah mine too on steam.

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Wait, really?! I thought it was just me because I’m sad that youtubers can play and stream but i can’t… :cry:

After Update 7 I started getting a file mismatch warning when starting the game. I told the systerm to ignore it. The game alwyas played until yesterday when (midgame) it lost connection and began failing. I think Update 7 is bugged. I’m going to uninstall the game and give it a fresh start. Thiis game has more bugs than any other I’ve played.

Report back if anything happend. :pray::blush:
Make sure to vote too.

It gives me a hdd warning before every start up…

Yeah mine’s not logging also.

You know this game requires SSD, right?

If you’re playing this game on Windows PC via the MS Store purchase like I am and you’re unable to log into the Forza Motorsport game servers in this current update, all you would have to do to resolve this is to log out of your Xbox Live account via the Xbox app, then boot up FM2023 as usual and then log back into your Xbox account. That should really refresh your network connection with the Forza Motorsport game servers and potentially eliminate all your accumulated network lag.

Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, I’m sorry, but i have xbox only. :smiling_face_with_tear:
Thank you anyway :blush:

Then how youtubers are posting multiplayer videos right now?!

i didn’t notice actually…is it?

Btw just tried fm23…it’s running good now.

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1- yes, minimum requirements for PC were released back then and said SSD REQUIRED
2-Happy for you, mine is still broken. :cry:

oh…sorry for u bro…

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WHY!!! :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Cause u cant play right now…

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Maybe if you log out of your Series X console and then log back in, it might reinitialize your Forza Motorsport game while it cleans out all that accumulated cache which may result in network lag.

BTW, are you using the disc version of FM2023? If so, you should consider buying the digital version of it from the MS store to complement it as you can also access it on a Windows 10 or 11 PC so long as you log your MS account into said computer.

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Quit the game and restart your Xbox. If that doesn’t help, sign out and back in on your home screen.

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All of my xbox games are digital, none of them are disc version.

Thank you @CitricTabbie & @LuculentPigeon8 ,but your troubleshooting tips didn’t help!